[icinga-checkins] icinga.org: icinga-web/r1.7: * Added some hints for database creation ( refs #2584)

git at icinga.org git at icinga.org
Mon Jun 18 13:30:20 CEST 2012

Module: icinga-web
Branch: r1.7
Commit: b29d187df64beacd935386c1a84bfcdc5b8d4c4b
URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-web.git;a=commit;h=b29d187df64beacd935386c1a84bfcdc5b8d4c4b

Author: Jannis Mosshammer <jannis.mosshammer at netways.de>
Date:   Fri May 11 15:43:36 2012 +0200

* Added some hints for database creation (refs #2584)


 Makefile.in |    5 ++++-
 doc/INSTALL |    7 +++++--
 2 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Makefile.in b/Makefile.in
index dc167d5..1a9d3bb 100644
--- a/Makefile.in
+++ b/Makefile.in
@@ -250,7 +250,10 @@ install-done:
 	@printf "You can install it simply by invoking 'make install-apache-config'.\n"
 	@printf "\n"
 	@printf "If you don't want this you can restore its old behavior by\n"
-	@printf "typing 'make install-javascript'. This will install the old symlinks\n"
+	@printf "typing 'make install-javascript'. This will install the old symlinks.\n"
+	@printf "\n"
+	@printf "If you want to setup your database manually, you can find the scripts \n"
+	@printf "at etc/schema, otherwise use make initialize-db.  \n"	
 	@printf "\n"
 	@printf "Have fun!\n\n"
diff --git a/doc/INSTALL b/doc/INSTALL
index 929bf35..477389c 100644
--- a/doc/INSTALL
+++ b/doc/INSTALL
@@ -1,3 +1,6 @@
-Please goto:
+Icinga web is installed via ./configure and make install.
+Database install and upgrade schemas can be found under etc/schema
\ No newline at end of file
+For a quickstart guide please goto:

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