[icinga-checkins] icinga.org: icinga2/master: Update Doxygen file.

git at icinga.org git at icinga.org
Mon Mar 18 08:33:06 CET 2013

Module: icinga2
Branch: master
Commit: 2e8685c622985cd1e43f514634dcaa61ffb24480
URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga2.git;a=commit;h=2e8685c622985cd1e43f514634dcaa61ffb24480

Author: Gunnar Beutner <gunnar.beutner at netways.de>
Date:   Mon Mar 18 08:30:52 2013 +0100

Update Doxygen file.


 docs/Doxyfile.in |   14 +++++++-------
 1 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diff --git a/docs/Doxyfile.in b/docs/Doxyfile.in
index 2939d3b..1158546 100644
--- a/docs/Doxyfile.in
+++ b/docs/Doxyfile.in
@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@ LOOKUP_CACHE_SIZE      = 0
 # Private class members and static file members will be hidden unless
 # the EXTRACT_PRIVATE and EXTRACT_STATIC tags are set to YES
-EXTRACT_ALL            = NO
+EXTRACT_ALL            = YES
 # If the EXTRACT_PRIVATE tag is set to YES all private members of a class
 # will be included in the documentation.
@@ -544,7 +544,7 @@ SHOW_USED_FILES        = YES
 # then setting the SHOW_DIRECTORIES tag to YES will show the directory hierarchy
 # in the documentation. The default is NO.
 # Set the SHOW_FILES tag to NO to disable the generation of the Files page.
 # This will remove the Files entry from the Quick Index and from the
@@ -648,7 +648,7 @@ WARN_LOGFILE           =
 # directories like "/usr/src/myproject". Separate the files or directories
 # with spaces.
-INPUT                  = lib/base lib/config lib/icinga lib/remoting components icinga-app
+INPUT                  = lib/base lib/config lib/icinga lib/remoting lib/python components icinga-app
 # This tag can be used to specify the character encoding of the source files
 # that doxygen parses. Internally doxygen uses the UTF-8 encoding, which is
@@ -1129,7 +1129,7 @@ ENUM_VALUES_PER_LINE   = 4
 # By enabling USE_INLINE_TREES, doxygen will generate the Groups, Directories,
 # and Class Hierarchy pages using a tree view instead of an ordered list.
 # If the treeview is enabled (see GENERATE_TREEVIEW) then this tag can be
 # used to set the initial width (in pixels) of the frame in which the tree
@@ -1486,7 +1486,7 @@ SEARCH_INCLUDES        = YES
 # contain include files that are not input files but should be processed by
 # the preprocessor.
-INCLUDE_PATH           =
+INCLUDE_PATH           = lib components
 # You can use the INCLUDE_FILE_PATTERNS tag to specify one or more wildcard
 # patterns (like *.h and *.hpp) to filter out the header-files in the
@@ -1597,7 +1597,7 @@ HIDE_UNDOC_RELATIONS   = YES
 # toolkit from AT&T and Lucent Bell Labs. The other options in this section
 # have no effect if this option is set to NO (the default)
-HAVE_DOT               = NO
+HAVE_DOT               = YES
 # The DOT_NUM_THREADS specifies the number of dot invocations doxygen is
 # allowed to run in parallel. When set to 0 (the default) doxygen will
@@ -1677,7 +1677,7 @@ INCLUDED_BY_GRAPH      = YES
 # the time of a run. So in most cases it will be better to enable call graphs
 # for selected functions only using the \callgraph command.
-CALL_GRAPH             = NO
+CALL_GRAPH             = YES
 # If the CALLER_GRAPH and HAVE_DOT tags are set to YES then
 # doxygen will generate a caller dependency graph for every global function

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