[icinga-checkins] icinga.org: icinga2/master: Fixed grammar mistake.

git at icinga.org git at icinga.org
Wed May 15 11:11:48 CEST 2013

Module: icinga2
Branch: master
Commit: 1013091c6248b5d1399883ee06596a7cf59c0e53
URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga2.git;a=commit;h=1013091c6248b5d1399883ee06596a7cf59c0e53

Author: Gunnar Beutner <gunnar.beutner at netways.de>
Date:   Wed May 15 11:11:21 2013 +0200

Fixed grammar mistake.


 docs/icinga2-tutorial.adoc |    2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/docs/icinga2-tutorial.adoc b/docs/icinga2-tutorial.adoc
index 4e59b30..a5e337e 100644
--- a/docs/icinga2-tutorial.adoc
+++ b/docs/icinga2-tutorial.adoc
@@ -224,7 +224,7 @@ After installing the CGIs you will need to update the following settings in your
 Depending on how you installed Icinga 2 some of those paths might be different.
-Verify that your Icinga 1.x CGIs work by browsing to your CGI's installation URL.
+Verify that your Icinga 1.x CGIs work by browsing to your CGIs' installation URL.
 Some More Templates

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