[icinga-checkins] icinga.org: puppet-icinga2/master: Merge branch 'cropalato-7218'

git at icinga.org git at icinga.org
Mon Nov 17 06:37:38 CET 2014

Module: puppet-icinga2
Branch: master
Commit: 89b2ad293106bd9b28109ada4dd3d44adaffb500
URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=puppet-icinga2.git;a=commit;h=89b2ad293106bd9b28109ada4dd3d44adaffb500

Author: Nick Chappell <nick at intronic.org>
Date:   Sun Nov 16 21:07:18 2014 -0800

Merge branch 'cropalato-7218'

Merging branch for this pull request: https://github.com/Icinga/puppet-icinga2/pull/38

Since there were merge conflicts in the README that `git apply` and the `patch` command couldn't handle, I pulled the PR's code to a local branch and fixed them locally. I'm just merging that branch back into master.

refs#7218: https://dev.icinga.org/issues/7218


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