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 # Icinga Web 2
-## Table of Contents
+![Icinga Logo](https://www.icinga.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/icinga_logo.png)
-0. [About](#about)
-1. [Installation](#installation)
-2. [Support](#support)
+1. [About](#about)
+2. [License](#license)
+3. [Installation](#installation)
+4. [Documentation](#documentation)
+5. [Support](#support)
+6. [Contributing](#contributing)
 ## About
@@ -14,14 +17,28 @@ Icinga Core and any other monitoring backend compatible with the IDO database.
 ![Icinga Web 2](https://www.icinga.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Screen-Shot-2015-10-02-at-00.12.26.png "Icinga Web 2")
+## License
+Icinga Web 2 and the Icinga Web 2 documentation are licensed under the terms of the GNU
+General Public License Version 2, you will find a copy of this license in the
+COPYING file included in the source package.
 ## Installation
 For installing Icinga Web 2 please read [doc/02-Installation.md](doc/02-Installation.md).
+## Documentation
+The documentation is located in the [doc/](doc/) directory.
 ## Support
-If you come across problems at some time, the [community support channels](https://support.icinga.org/) 
-are good places to ask for advice from other users and give some in return.
+Check the project website at https://www.icinga.com for status updates. Join the
+[community channels](https://www.icinga.com/community/get-involved/) for questions
+or ask an Icinga partner for [professional support](https://www.icinga.com/services/support/).
+## Contributing
-For status updates check the [Icinga website](https://www.icinga.org/) and the
-[Icinga Web 2 development roadmap](https://dev.icinga.org/projects/icingaweb2/roadmap).
+There are many ways to contribute to Icinga -- whether it be creating pull requests on
+[GitHub](https://github.com/Icinga/icingaweb2), sending patches, testing, reporting bugs,
+or reviewing and updating the documentation. Every contribution is appreciated.

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