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+Icinga Director is very Upgrade-friendly. Drop the new version to your Icinga
+Web 2 module folder and you're all done. Eventually refresh the page in your
+browser<sup>[[1]](#footnote1)</sup>, and you are ready to go. Should there any
+other actions be required, you will be told so in your frontend.
+Read more about:
+* [How to work with the latest GIT master](#...)
+* [Upgrading to 1.1.0](#...)
+* [Database schema upgrades](#...)
+Work with the latest GIT master
+Icinga Director is still a very young project. Lot's of changes are going on,
+a lot of improvements, bug fixes and new features are still being added every
+month. People living on the bleeding edge might prefer to use all of them as
+soon as possible.
+So here is the good news: this is no problem at all. It's absolutely legal and
+encouraged to run Director as a pure GIT clone, installed as such:
+Don't worry about schema upgrades. Once they made it into our GIT master there
+will always be a clean upgrade path for you, no manual interaction should ever
+be required. Like every human being, we are not infallible. So, while our strict
+policy says that the master should never break, this might of course happen.
+In that case, please [let us know](https://dev.icinga.org/projects/icingaweb2-module-director/issues)
+We'll try to fix your issue as soon as possible. 
+Upgrading to 1.1.0
+There is nothing special to take care of. In case you are running 1.0.0 or any
+GIT master since then, all you need is to replace the Director module folder with
+the new one. Or to run `git checkout v1.1.0` in case you installed Director from
+Database schema upgrade
+In case there are any DB schema upgrades (and that's still often the case) this
+is no problem at all. They will pop up on your Director Dashboard and can be
+applied with a single click. And if your Director is deployed automatically by
+and automation tool like Puppet, also schema upgrades can easily be handled
+that way. Just follow the [related examples](03-Automation.md) in our documentation.
+<a name="footnote1">[1]</a>:
+Future Icinga Web 2 version will also take care of this step. We want to be
+able to have the latest JavaScript and CSS for any active module to be shipped
+silently without manual interaction to any connected browser within less then
+15 seconds after the latest module has been installed, enabled or upgraded.

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