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 ![Icinga Director](doc/screenshot/director/readme/director_main_screen.png)
-Learn more about the Director in the documentation:
+Read more about Icinga Director in our [Introduction](doc/01-Introduction.md) section.
+Afterwards, you should be ready for [getting started](doc/04-Getting-started.md).
-* [Introduction](doc/01-Introduction.md)
-* [Installation](doc/02-Installation.md)
-* [Automation](doc/03-Automation.md)
-* [Getting started](doc/04-Getting-started.md) 
-* [Import and Synchronization](doc/70-Import-and-Sync.md)
-* [CLI interface](doc/60-CLI.md)
-* [REST API](doc/70-REST-API.md) 
-* [FAQ](doc/80-FAQ.md)
+Please have a look at our [Installation instructions](doc/02-Installation.md)
+and our hints for how to apply [Upgrades](doc/05-Upgrading.md). We love automation
+and in case you also do so, the [Automation chapter](doc/03-Automation.md) could
+be worth a read. When upgrading, you should also have a look at our [Changelog](doc/82-Changelog.md).
+You could be interested in understanding how the [Director works](doc/10-How-it-works.md)
+internally. [Working with agents](24-Working-with-agents.md) is a topic that
+affects many Icinga administrators. Other interesting entry points might be
+[Import and Synchronization](doc/70-Import-and-Sync.md), our [CLI interface](doc/60-CLI.md),
+the [REST API](doc/70-REST-API.md) and last but not least our [FAQ](doc/80-FAQ.md).
+A complete list of all our documentation can be found in the [doc](doc/) directory.
+The following are to be considered community-supported modules, as they are not
+supported by the Icinga Team. At least not yet. But please give them a try if
+they fit your needs. They are being used in productive environments:
+* [AWS - Amazon Web Services](https://github.com/Thomas-Gelf/icingaweb2-module-aws):
+  provides an Import Source for Autoscaling Groups on AWS
+* [File-Shipper](https://github.com/Thomas-Gelf/icingaweb2-module-fileshipper):
+  allows Director to ship additional config files with manual config with it's
+  deployments
+* [PuppetDB](https://github.com/Thomas-Gelf/icingaweb2-module-puppetdb): provides
+  an Import Source dealing with your PuppetDB

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