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Sun Jun 26 21:26:14 CEST 2016

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=d750515c5049de16010c64d86fdb9df1a2053992
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 21:24:44 2016 +0200

    icinga2x: Ensure that Grafana setup restarts httpd once (Graphite Web Django issues)

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=8b38abcefb837a41c0e0921eae97caa3bee1fe22
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 20:26:17 2016 +0200

    icinga2x: Wait with Grafana setup until grafana-server is started

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=90de76ec5a0df62cd781faf0f221c4e5f9d26b1d
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 19:42:50 2016 +0200

    icinga2x: Update README.md for Dashing restart

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=5a3f4740125b1c18cb0490da5ac9a38ee116225b
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 19:42:15 2016 +0200

    icinga2x: Depend on grafana::service for finishing setup

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=53b736dc3ebf3a430209f8d5274883f0a8c95e18
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 19:02:47 2016 +0200

    icinga2x: Optimize Dashing installation

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=e9c7d4ccadeadefc0cad45efcd0fba9a0208ea03
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 17:20:39 2016 +0200

    icinga2x: Add icinga2-api-examples with clippy.js demo

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=333417631247dbc59b0ffbf08d5e71c28212ca3d
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 17:20:13 2016 +0200

    icinga2x: Fix Graphite changes from module pull

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=cfb87db1437eb1dd2cd7b64416033cf26601d8a2
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 17:19:22 2016 +0200

    icinga2x: Ensure that /usr/local/bin is in PATH, add htop package

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=a637e15111be8fedf8922685f871397e3c0a27b0
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 17:18:45 2016 +0200

    icinga2x: Fix duplicate SSL listen entries

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=15aa2052cbf54f9ae2f2399cc8702abee003f99f
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 17:17:59 2016 +0200

    icinga2x: Drop unusued postgresql-server

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=40d4a1a04c9e9a3879d98b41e401d96c61ac9cec
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 17:17:42 2016 +0200

    Add profile.d/env.sh

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=1587abdc0e38e47f92171905f56112ca52004fb7
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 17:15:39 2016 +0200

    Apply systemd-reload patch for Graphite module

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=2ec2b52806a56fa93af4d437456c9e7581d4ba3d
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 13:47:04 2016 +0200

    Update Parallels power consumption syntax w/ vagrant-parallels 1.6.x

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=d717b4ed79808e6f6e23a6e39b6000a1dc1b53a7
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 13:45:37 2016 +0200

    Add note for updating git subtree for puppet modules

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=9a335508892fd7e797a035c2bc8dd853254821be
Merge: 02f485a a394cd2
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:48:06 2016 +0200

    Merge commit 'a394cd20ee0d8313602650270c5fe562b4b5c4f5'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=a394cd20ee0d8313602650270c5fe562b4b5c4f5
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:48:06 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/graphite/' changes from 1d9dab5..4ae73cc
    4ae73cc Merge pull request #290 from echocat/develop
    471b896 Merge branch 'master' into develop
    184be34 Merge pull request #284 from icalvete/icalvete-01
    c4faf3b prepare release 6.0.4
    6e416da Merge pull request #286 from nytm/feature/fix-red-hat-restart
    59a6605 Remove extra dollar sign from pid_file to fix restart on RedHat systems
    9e4cf29 In order to avoid ==> default: Error: Could not find dependency Package[python-ldap] for Package[carbon]
    f9b3716 Merge pull request #282 from squarebracket/race-cond-ordering-fix
    b7763f2 Adding proper dependencies for race condition fix
    2b3364c Small fixes and improvements (#281)
    2f1578a use bfraser-grafana module as example
    01a8f32 Merge pull request #280 from echocat/develop
    4aaa8e5 prepare release 6.0.3
    a1881f9 add unit tests
    1f49faf add unit tests
    25cc096 simplify usage of service_provider
    6f7fb67 notify web service for local_settings.py and graphite_wsgi.py
    5e7ce00 properly parameterize gunicorn --chdir option on redhat
    e01e6bc ensure that graphiteweb_storage_dir is created
    1deb7f9 point Apache to the right WSGI file
    38693d6 add more unit tests
    edf2b3f set service_provider systemd for rh7
    3caf706 remove TODO tag
    737a16d set service_provider for rh7 to systemd
    3006789 Merge pull request #276 from solud/develop
    03d5aab updated README.md
    df3885c add rspec tests
    1aa40af patch graphite module to support UDP listener in [relay] section
    a48070a Merge branch 'develop' of ssh://github.com/echocat/puppet-graphite into develop
    5f2b327 more rspec tests
    7042ddf Merge pull request #275 from jpoittevin/develop_error_message
    792bf91 fix wrong variable in gunicorn setup
    7b8396f Update fail message when gr_web_server = none
    2e81de6 Merge pull request #271 from echocat/develop
    c5ce34f ffix variables in RedHat init scripts
    2967e8c prepare release 6.0.2
    4a0e2f7 fix unit test
    debfe5d remove parameter `gr_pid_dir` and use gr_storage_dir insead. close #269
    70498df remove deprecated metadata entry
    b7aa3b9 fix us of wrong variable
    15338af more unit tests for all supported OS
    5690e45 Merge pull request #266 from echocat/develop
    a78149e Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:echocat/puppet-graphite into develop
    f29f4ba prepare release 6.0.1
    21994cd Code coverage
    779db49 change tests to work with oolder puppet env
    8d3579e add more tests
    4047eb8 fix path in file function
    d58c21a update rspec tests
    e404529 Merge pull request #262 from echocat/cleanup-parameters
    32c331e fex tests for strict_variables test
    95397c7 fix variable name
    b9bc202 fix variable scope
    87e0e72 remove class parameter interpolation #259
    23ddea1 replace static log path by variable
    64b0ab4 add basic rspec for class config
    76921ed add travis chaeck for puppet 4.0
    3e4017f Merge pull request #260 from squarebracket/whitespace-fix
    fac4887 Removing Windows carriage returns
    a36fda8 Merge pull request #258 from echocat/develop
    3c6e487 fix rake version
    7d1fd55 prepare release 6.0.0
    216cb9d typo fix
    a26c07a adding gr_relay_diverse_replicas option, default to true
    d184ae9 fix source entry for forge api. close #257
    3deab02 Redhat: avoid raise condition on initd restart
    2e98eef Merge pull request #252 from CDLSoftware/addSupportForFHSPathsAsParams
    ea61612 add support for custom directory locations
    e781e43 Merge pull request #251 from charlesdunbar/gunicorn_new_django
    fbb6fd8 Update gunicorn to be compatible with new django
    14d782e Merge pull request #249 from covermymeds/set_rhel_svc_provider
    e388f9c reference service_provider variable from init
    bea7dcb Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into set_rhel_svc_provider
    68cc10a Merge pull request #247 from madAndroid/features/python2-crypto
    91e2234 python-crypto is obsoleted on RHEL7 - #243
    7e519ce python-crypto is obsoleted on RHEL7 - #243
    eaac570 set the service provider on red hat systems
    eec3669 Merge pull request #242 from erikanderson/fix_spacing
    eebaec3 Fix spacing
    574fc10 Merge pull request #241 from erikanderson/debian_relay_ulimit
    76fd05e Param name change
    0dd8606 Add param for carbon-relay init.d ulimit
    c7c2a96 prepare release 5.16.1
    75320ca prepare release 5.16.1
    9636c9c add missing parameter
    e0807a1 add missing parameter
    995cac5 Update init.pp
    bf7ed09 Merge pull request #237 from squarebracket/develop
    e1eec90 Merging in development changes
    3b780e0 Merging in development changes
    9c13e0d Merging in development changes
    dbbe6cd Merge pull request #234 from echocat/develop
    09291b6 prepare release 5.16.0
    aff108f Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/echocat/puppet-graphite into develop
    f0b4a39 prepare release 5.16.0
    f1587c2 fix test for gweb hack
    b8ea094 update default version to 0.9.15
    bdd7e2c add pyhton lib for timezones. Fix #223
    5f05fc5 Merge pull request #232 from vmfarms/twisted-ordering
    96f0a10 Reorder packages to avoid errors on CentOS 6.
    172976a Merge pull request #231 from vmfarms/manage-pip
    3c3f29d Add new gr_manage_python_packages option.
    a70b484 Merge pull request #228 from charlesdunbar/future_parser_dev
    b0cc8f4 Compatibility with future parser
    949bf14 Merge pull request #222 from echocat/develop
    85cc405 fix rpec tests for new RedHat 7 packages
    6daea41 prepare release 5.15.0
    4e56f69 prepare release 5.14.1
    61cfff3 ignore eclipse .project
    91f9d15 Merge pull request #220 from trenb/patch-1
    beba7ac Merge pull request #219 from brettswift/fix/develop/conditional_default_apache_port
    34dbc83 apache port is validated to integer, so it should compare integer
    8c50d69 Merge pull request #218 from abednarik/develop
    c59fd79 Fix function typo
    3a0226c Added check to validate Apache ports are integers and bumped stdlib version
    350a522 Merge pull request #216 from br0ch0n/set_rrd_dir
    0530963 Add option to change RRD_DIR for graphite web
    1117682 Update DEVELOP.md
    a69c769 Merge pull request #213 from echocat/feature/speed_up_rake
    c9b64b5 speed up manifest tests
    4ff1f67 Change font package installed on el7
    git-subtree-dir: modules/graphite
    git-subtree-split: 4ae73cc85cdbae5c7ba6407c5de4103ba00058fd

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=02f485a035d9ebbc1a4b144f2dddd4813ec9a3d4
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:46:21 2016 +0200

    Revert Graphite module patch for update

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=b23224259e7d2597407f346ee958fe12de3e15da
Merge: d72a9fc b8ceba6
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:42:42 2016 +0200

    Merge commit 'b8ceba63b1505c24c14531075f4acc2d8968b2e2'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=b8ceba63b1505c24c14531075f4acc2d8968b2e2
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:42:42 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/wget/' changes from 743d24f..4b305e0
    4b305e0 [blacksmith] Bump version to 1.7.4
    e4a6b73 Update gemfile lock
    3ac0de8 Merge pull request #66 from rvincentatprokarmadotcom/master
    5c6cb40 Update tests for puppet 4+
    ec636be Run modulesync
    e0af351 Merge pull request #63 from drewhemm/master
    32b91ee [blacksmith] Bump version to 1.7.3
    d92719d Update gems
    b48e733 Make compatible with strict variables.
    7b0af3b Changed fetch exec require from Class to Package
    git-subtree-dir: modules/wget
    git-subtree-split: 4b305e0b0ce598d0c924c740660b96d985918091

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=d72a9fc7f86cb185fbe5821baadd82b3476edd58
Merge: e6f24ff a9b9bd2
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:41:56 2016 +0200

    Merge commit 'a9b9bd231799b56f0e3badbff2fead32fef21074'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=a9b9bd231799b56f0e3badbff2fead32fef21074
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:41:56 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/yum/' changes from c54d3c4..28c3c00
    28c3c00 Release 0.9.8
    589e3a5 Typo
    1159ee0 Release 0.9.7
    fd36826 Updated changelog/readme
    8082af5 Change yum::localinstall to yum::install
    71d91db Merge branch 'johnzimm-zworking'
    41a2c2b Merge branch 'zworking' of git://github.com/johnzimm/xx-puppet-module-yum into johnzimm-zworking
    f3fcab9 Updated changelog/readme
    9407a89 Merge branch 'derekmceachern-yum-group-hidden'
    04e18c6 Merge branch 'yum-group-hidden' of git://github.com/derekmceachern/puppet-yum into derekmceachern-yum-group-hidden
    a4fe9a5 Updated year in license
    ae0bf93 Document yum::group timeout parameter
    d6d007b Merge pull request #11 from treydock/yum-group-timeout
    69e6e3b Updated changelog/readme.
    3fc9f65 Merge pull request #10 from mmckinst/stdlib_requirement
    0af3940 Updated CHANGELOG, added deprecation note into README.
    8b81a64 YUM plugin fix for 5.x shouldn't be limited on CentOS only.
    55ffce1 Merge pull request #9 from ekini/master
    9f8c0a4 Adding hidden option to grouplist command
    59679b3 Add ability to use 'yum localinstall packagename'.
    7462211 Add timeout parameter to yum::group
    6faccdf increase stdlib requirement to 4.2.0
    59cd4d4 Fixed package prefix for CentOS 5
    git-subtree-dir: modules/yum
    git-subtree-split: 28c3c00a5120ae1a8ac1ab0a84b8fbe2f4a76cb8

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=e6f24ff07191d69ec2202c1b71243687a3982e17
Merge: 88d072c 34ab655
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:41:22 2016 +0200

    Merge commit '34ab655ce3ef2277ce7e6639dc6b42bd672ede57'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=34ab655ce3ef2277ce7e6639dc6b42bd672ede57
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:41:22 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/java/' changes from abd490d..a5c137d
    a5c137d Merge pull request #177 from puppetlabs/release
    72a801c Merge pull request #176 from jbondpdx/release
    e038a13 minor edit on new text
    ff158b6 Merge pull request #175 from HelenCampbell/release
    addb6e0 1.6.0 Release Prep
    124abf1 Merge pull request #173 from edge-records/patch-1
    a45aee2 Merge pull request #174 from edge-records/patch-2
    a74be5a Also support RedHat for Oracle Java
    4f700ca custom archive type needs extract_path
    519e2d7 Merge pull request #171 from jonnytpuppet/tylerjl/sles-11.4-java
    4b5cbc4 Update java package for SLES 11.4
    f4d218a Merge pull request #170 from gerhardsam/fix_doc_typo
    3d8d4d7 Fix typo in documentation for class oracle
    829b8d6 Merge pull request #169 from puppetlabs/update-msync
    aafb208 Update to newest modulesync_configs [9ca280f]
    de4dfde Merge pull request #168 from tphoney/fix_strict_vars
    3fa562a Merge pull request #166 from alexharv074/fix_rspec_deprecation_warnings
    b9a864e (maint) fix test to run under strict variables
    bc8bed2 Merge pull request #167 from puppetlabs/1.5.x
    4775718 Fix up rspec deprecation warnings.
    1165f3a Merge pull request #165 from alexharv074/fix_typo_in_readme
    3f2825c Fix typo in README.markdown
    8e0c06c Merge pull request #164 from s12v/master
    0e47d95 Merge pull request #162 from npwalker/add_example_for_java_8
    9d43ed0 Merge pull request #163 from HelenCampbell/1.5.0
    afcb95b Add Ubuntu 16.04
    15aff36 Release prep for 1.5.0
    7ab4bc1 Add an example for installing java 8
    749a735 Merge pull request #159 from mmarseglia/master
    2bc036e fix syntax error in metadata.json
    07767f0 update README with java::oracle usage, notes. removed puppet/archive as dependency since it is only required for java::oracle.
    b2c073e Merge pull request #160 from jyaworski/rhel71_java8
    c8e46b5 Use java 8 as the default on RHEL > 7.0
    06aecdb Add support for official Oracle Java SE jdk and jre packages for CentOS
    a2e4898 Merge pull request #158 from DavidS/debian-8-support
    1c3dd32 Update metadata to note Debian 8 support
    7b073c5 Merge pull request #157 from DavidS/fm-4046-update-msync
    7f4f864 (FM-4046) Update to current msync configs [006831f]
    9a0fc64 Merge pull request #156 from joerayme/allow-tildes-in-version
    e6a026d Merge branch 'master' into allow-tildes-in-version
    3bb3f32 Allow tildes in version to support webupd8team's packages
    5152c9c Merge pull request #151 from tux-o-matic/master
    3842d6f Added possibility to pass options to package
    d69eedd Merge pull request #154 from DavidS/fm-4049-update-msync
    3b8bba0 (FM-4049) Update to current msync configs [2c99161]
    aee0f6b Merge pull request #153 from petems/MODULES-2928-add_freebsd_support
    f1f2b83 (MODULES-2928) Adds FreeBSD Support
    59a24e9 Merge pull request #152 from thomasodus/master
    3a7ed12 Added support for oracle-j2re1.8 and oracle-j2sdk1.8
    5b6470a Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/1.4.x'
    4764484 Merge pull request #117 from ccin2p3/f/libjvm_fact
    9c15489 add two facts: java_libjvm_path java_default_home
    a65d69a Merge pull request #148 from tphoney/release_1.4.3
    1c1d0b6 1.4.3 release prep
    4f0ee5a Merge pull request #147 from oc243/patch-2
    ca21710 Add support for Ubuntu 15.10
    1236d9e Merge pull request #145 from bmjen/git-fixtures
    de05057 update fixtures.yml to use git instead of http
    faede8c Fix fixtures
    a9198d2 Merge pull request #144 from hunner/release_1.4.2
    c47711e Release 1.4.2
    65476bd Merge pull request #143 from puppetlabs/master
    8eee08c Merge pull request #142 from DavidS/MODULES-2637-java_version_on_OSX
    dadc7a6 (MODULES-2637) Checks java actually installed
    3645364 (MAINT) declare an exclusion filter for the tests using with_env on facter 1.6
    913a810 Merge pull request #141 from vrtdev/feature/fix_spec_deprecation_warnings
    8bef423 Fix rspec deprecation warnings. .should -> expect().to
    git-subtree-dir: modules/java
    git-subtree-split: a5c137d73526a4e271ca70bf1dddeafa7e43e306

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=88d072cfae5c572f550a4523e670c21f4a6b0161
Merge: ea8ddbd b299351
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:40:41 2016 +0200

    Merge commit 'b299351adc11fd7384f56804662edc9ce30bcd9d'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=b299351adc11fd7384f56804662edc9ce30bcd9d
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:40:41 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/php/' changes from 12f0d04..f40f46c
    f40f46c Release 1.2.0
    d32210c Include facts reporting php_version, php_majversion and php_minversion
    8882c9a Add realpath_cache_* parameters (#63, @wwhurley)
    e999cf8 Add pcre_* parameters (#70, @crashcover)
    801ea76 Add session_cookie_secure parameter (#71, @kronos-pbrideau)
    d1df260 Fix project_page and update CHANGELOG
    1a36076 Merge pull request #72 from kronos-pbrideau/patch-fpm
    83f3779 Merge pull request #69 from heskymatic/php-conf-dir
    a48a486 Use /etc/php5/mods-available as php_conf_dir, adding compatibility to Debian 8
    0f57f34 Do not notify FPM if php::fpm::daemon::ensure == absent
    a32e8d5 Set owner for php-fpm log dir to undef to avoid ping-pong with rpm update
    git-subtree-dir: modules/php
    git-subtree-split: f40f46cb74f35387c46821cb53e93effae6d6ce6

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=ea8ddbd7974c1ede89a85ca2a11bd013cfa658cf
Merge: b1cb580 85c6b10
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:40:12 2016 +0200

    Merge commit '85c6b107cb01efad47bdaa4519021ce26c0f0477'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=85c6b107cb01efad47bdaa4519021ce26c0f0477
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:40:12 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/epel/' changes from 7322b80..292ff33
    292ff33 Merge pull request #52 from tosmi/readme
    db2b4d6 Update README.md
    477c375 Merge pull request #50 from stahnma/metadata
    7cee494 Update project url and source to use HTTPS
    724e02d Add dep on stdlib
    b473570 Ready for 1.2.1
    1b9951f Merge pull request #47 from rstory/master
    3bb8a46 Merge pull request #48 from rnelson0/strictvars
    ce18bc6 To pass strict variable checks with the future parser, facts are quoted so when not available they resolve to the empty string instead of undef.
    94bfb3f support for facter 1.6 (used in epel 6 puppet)
    bd06e97 Whitespace in the README
    5f2413f Merge pull request #46 from rnelson0/lint
    3b813bc Clear errors left over from PR42   Ignore lint warning about selector.   Two rspec rubocop errors.
    65bd741 Readying READE and metadata.json for 1.2.0
    fbc6635 Removes mirrorlist when baseurl is specified
    8c6481c Merge branch 'number33'
    d5e090e Force GPG key id to be short during rpm check
    62a33f1 Merge pull request #45 from rnelson0/updatedchecks
    8427310 Further Travis CI tweaks:   Use sudo: false to enable the new container infrastructure via Travis CI   Replace 'ruby-head' with '2.1.0' as ruby-head has dependency issues with Travis CI   Enable bundler caching   Exclude ruby 2.1.0 and puppet < 3.5.0 in the matrix
    e822bc3 Ensure all tests pass
    1986921 Import puppet-module-skeleton files
    8f257ed Merge pull request #44 from rnelson0/travisversions
    5ddf395 Fix split errors
    e214c56 (GH43) Update Travis CI to test newer Puppet versions   Update the matrix   Filter out more files in .gitignore
    52ecd5d Readying for 1.1.1
    d9aa54a Force GPG key id to be short during rpm check
    370922e Ready metadata for 1.1.0 release
    5d010a0 (maint) Fix up spec tests to expect https by default
    eb1b79f Merge branch 'master' of github.com:stahnma/puppet-module-epel
    8d72e0f Merge pull request #35 from mcanevet/feature/exclude_includepkgs
    9b43197 Readying README for 1.1.0
    9953560 Fix up whitespace in some specs
    b8d79a5 Add https to default urls
    919dd47 Add exclude and includepkgs to every repo
    a41412e Add exclude and includepkgs to every repo
    git-subtree-dir: modules/epel
    git-subtree-split: 292ff3311d5348a2449a53f8643dd20e43be52f1

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=b1cb5806541b16423c343adc1b497eaa8240746b
Merge: 9e59a46 1ec8956
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:39:31 2016 +0200

    Merge commit '1ec895614c95913225e78e13e30081bddd7e1a16'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=1ec895614c95913225e78e13e30081bddd7e1a16
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:39:31 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/vcsrepo/' changes from 231f711..51c8303
    51c8303 Merge pull request #287 from puppetlabs/update-msync
    bd4e29a Update to newest modulesync_configs [9ca280f]
    81d5cff Merge pull request #284 from lazyfrosch/stderr
    6262d04 Merge pull request #286 from DavidS/debian-8-support
    16e52ed Update metadata to note Debian 8 support
    885e234 Merge pull request #285 from DavidS/fm-4046-update-msync
    4e0338b (FM-4046) Update to current msync configs [006831f]
    7fbbf25 Bring stderr output to the Puppet visible output
    818734c Merge pull request #282 from Strech/master
    d7197aa Merge pull request #283 from DavidS/fm-4049-update-msync
    20736ba (FM-4049) Update to current msync configs [2c99161]
    b8f25ce Add mirror option for git cloning
    268e599 Merge pull request #277 from godlikeachilles/master
    4b90902 Merge pull request #281 from puppetlabs/1.3.x
    f98e8f0 Merge pull request #280 from bmjen/fix-changelog
    3085339 (maint) Another update to the CHANGELOG
    1b4e6b2 Merge pull request #278 from bmjen/fix-changelog
    b14c268 (maint) Update ordering in CHANGELOG
    7fe9cb2 fix branch existence determintaion functionality
    fa87f66 Merge pull request #276 from HelenCampbell/release1.3.2
    24eda08 Ankeny release for 1.3.2
    99e8b2e Merge pull request #273 from hunner/fix_trustcert
    bf0f40a Fix :false to be default value
    279be07 Merge pull request #262 from webfactory/autorequire-hg
    276af8b Merge pull request #272 from tphoney/dos2unix_readme
    9a9f343 dos2unix the readme
    f0d087a Merge pull request #269 from monai/develop
    7758331 Add feature depth and param trust_server_cert to svn
    a39349a Merge pull request #257 from alexmv/master
    9a0cca8 Merge pull request #266 from puppet-by-examples/example-shallow-clone-with-just-one-commit
    dc1f92f Example how to create a shallow clone with just one commit
    181e448 Merge pull request #265 from mhaskel/MODULES-1232
    ba9d0cf MODULES-1232 Make sure HOME is set correctly
    d196a2a Remove 2.7 from travis matrix
    ac6e22e Merge pull request #264 from hunner/fix_hang
    965f657 Fix acceptance hang The ssh-keygen is waiting for a 'y' to confirm overwrite, and the test hangs.
    dd4b638 Merge pull request #263 from mhaskel/MODULES-2326
    f385df1 MODULES-2326 - Run Regexp.escape on the source URL
    6b01539 Autorequire Package['mercurial']
    d7534d7 Merge pull request #261 from mhaskel/MODULES-2125
    14c05f5 MODULES-2125 - Allow revision to be passed without source
    5ef1b47 Merge pull request #260 from mhaskel/MODULES-1800
    d68402d MODULES-1800 - fix case where ensure => latest and no revision specified
    266b205 Merge pull request #259 from mhaskel/merge_1.3.x_to_master
    56d55ee Merge pull request #258 from mhaskel/1.3.1-prep
    03ceba7 1.3.1 prep
    2a498ae Explitly unset SSH_AUTH_SOCK; it is preferred to the -i flag
    git-subtree-dir: modules/vcsrepo
    git-subtree-split: 51c8303f29d3dac4f723a2e94b15a12405525d76

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=9e59a46fe94a46790d3649273e0b5ca0e4e42fa1
Merge: aee67c7 b4d51ce
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:38:16 2016 +0200

    Merge commit 'b4d51ce30bd33f780fb9e5eb6ed3f89e4d15e465'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=b4d51ce30bd33f780fb9e5eb6ed3f89e4d15e465
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:38:16 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/postgresql/' changes from 7cb4b9d..69e61d1
    69e61d1 Merge pull request #767 from wkalt/maint/fix-broken-links-in-readme
    aa314dc Merge pull request #766 from domcleal/ticket/3416-fedora-24
    5115e2d Merge pull request #772 from buzzdeee/master
    2c535d4 Merge pull request #773 from micah-uber/master
    c214412 Merge pull request #769 from bastelfreak/fixtemplate
    63ee3a5 Update config_entry.pp add ability to set log_min_duration_statement
    cfd6692 Let the module handle OpenBSD 6.x versions as well, and bump default postgresql version here to 9.5
    b1900b0 (MODULES-3416) Add Fedora 24 with PostgreSQL 9.5
    4791011 Merge pull request #771 from domcleal/ticket/3442-extension-tests
    9c2a99b (MODULES-3442) Use empty array for missing resource relationships
    79050c1 don't create empty lines in recovery template
    2187434 (maint) fix broken links in readme
    f040dd2 Merge pull request #761 from janfabry/MODULES-3311-environment-duplication
    ec086e4 Merge pull request #760 from blackknight36/master
    47ab296 Don't overwrite or calculate the environment twice
    291dbd9 Fix validation script to work with FreeBSD.
    275e6f9 Merge pull request #759 from puppetlabs/update-msync
    cf51407 Update to newest modulesync_configs [9ca280f]
    ec56d2e Merge pull request #758 from hunner/fix_f23
    5ddafca (MODULES-3241) Add fedora 23
    bccb77d Merge pull request #754 from xprazak2/timestamps
    b2cb2df Adds timestamps into logs by default
    2527dc2 Minor Fixes on the Documentation
    8018e56 Merge pull request #755 from DavidS/fix-strict-vars
    31914f3 (maint) fix test to run under strict variables
    107af3c Merge pull request #749 from buzzdeee/master
    d73b4f2 Do not leak the DB password when overriding environment variable NEWPGPASSWD
    d834e9a Merge pull request #748 from hunner/small_changes
    35bfae5 Remove unused variable and update template comment
    f1bd5a9 Merge pull request #747 from cyberious/default_connect_settings
    740c0b3 Update `postgresql::globals::default_connect_settings` and default to {}
    1f2638d Merge pull request #746 from mmoll/ubuntu_systemd
    ef94a2c Ubuntu/vidid and newer use systemd
    76321c7 Merge pull request #745 from puppetlabs/4.7.x
    2a8ffef Merge pull request #744 from hunner/quote_addr
    f6dd7ca Update quoting because addresses are not floats
    fea6aa8 Merge pull request #743 from bmjen/4.7.1_prep
    0d4e932 Release prep for 4.7.1.
    8464e33 Merge pull request #738 from icetrain/master
    88a9a04 Merge pull request #742 from puppetlabs/revert-720-postgresql_version_fact
    e06fc02 Revert "Add postgresql_version fact"
    5f4b995 Merge pull request #741 from DavidS/fm-4046-update-msync
    8ce25cc (FM-4046) Update to current msync configs [006831f]
    0b24b26 Merge pull request #734 from gfokkema/master
    abd6c6f Add missing onlyif_function to sequence grant code
    577299f Merge pull request #731 from shawn-sterling/amazon-version-workaround
    64c1e45 Merge pull request #737 from jbondpdx/master
    cddfd66 correcting formatting error in README
    1dd7806 Merge pull request #736 from Aselinux/patch-1
    a690089 postgres server init script naming on amazon linux ami
    4659b46 Merge pull request #735 from antaflos/patch-3
    8db810e $service_provider statement doesn't seem to do anything.
    dc62d48 Correctly set $service_provider
    ba1fcba Merge pull request #732 from martijn/master
    58f3f13 Fix markdown error in README
    feb7f05 amazon linux defaults to postgresql92 now, this workaround will let it install
    9f1cf29 Merge pull request #730 from puppetlabs/4.7.x
    a997fe3 Merge pull request #725 from squarit/square
    d1b7be8 Merge pull request #720 from jyaworski/postgresql_version_fact
    6f5002a Merge pull request #719 from matonb/psql_port
    baa90be Allow puppetlabs-concat 2.x
    10ed203 Merge pull request #729 from hunner/fix_quote
    7e27a98 Fix quoting
    3d5a1cf Merge pull request #726 from infopro-digital/fix_password_escape
    810448a Escape case where password ends with '$'.
    f7dfa26 Merge pull request #727 from supercow/quote_owner
    5354d0f (MODULES-3024) Quote database objects when creating databases
    cfdeee8 Merge pull request #724 from HelenCampbell/4.7.0
    9004ad5 Changelog, metadata and nodeset update for 4.7.0
    d71e3f7 Fix password change failing
    ea26486 Merge pull request #722 from erikanderson/apt_update
    4cddd80 Schedule apt update after install of repo
    fc4eede Merge pull request #723 from hunner/rm_swp
    3553769 Whoops
    02ae476 Merge pull request #718 from jbondpdx/master
    cd2a548 FM-4657: postgresql edit pass
    e67abfe Merge pull request #721 from hunner/allow_floats
    e183428 (MODULES-2960) Allow float postgresql_conf values
    edc8d3c Add postgresql_version fact
    30060af Merge pull request #717 from gerhardsam/acceptance/desc-fixes
    2a78c47 Fix postgresql::server acceptance test descriptions
    8a84929 Merge pull request #716 from hunner/fix_95
    a6ccfb2 (MODULES-2968) Add default postgis version for 9.5
    3e8ca93 Merge pull request #715 from DavidS/fm-4049-update-msync
    6e6d242 (FM-4049) Update to current msync configs [2c99161]
    6120869 Merge pull request #714 from jtappa/readme-edits
    5aac739 DOC-1496: README re-write.
    aab6921 Merge pull request #712 from buzzdeee/master
    aa044ba OpenBSD 5.9 will also ship a PostgreSQL 9.4 version
    f0d52e6 Merge pull request #711 from phervieux/15.10
    3a942f4 Merge pull request #709 from jessereynolds/doc_updates
    1dbfff0 Merge pull request #710 from puppetlabs/4.6.x
    a687299 postgresql::server::db is a defined type not a class
    1ee2af1 Merge pull request #708 from exelab/master
    bd44f66 Merge pull request #707 from tphoney/release_4.6.1
    95aa691 fix quote around locale options
    123f829 4.6.1 release prep
    721c162 Merge pull request #704 from downsj2/master
    9f0141f Fix paths to work on Amazon Linux, update unit test
    8074400 Merge pull request #679 from vicinus/master
    44b420a Merge pull request #703 from karyon/fix_line_endings
    b4b4cd9 Merge pull request #706 from bmjen/update-travis
    9590de9 (maint) removes ruby 1.8.7 and puppet 2.7 from travis-ci jobs
    40c8e3f Merge pull request #705 from oriold/ticket/MODULES-2810_openbsd_version
    244097c OpenBSD version is now 9.4
    f59899b Merge pull request #702 from skyscrapers/quote_dbname
    df03ea7 Maintain line endings for .rb files as well
    e53d799 Added .gitattributes to maintain line endings for .sh files
    2f9cf7b Add support for Ubuntu 15.10
    2f46f6f Use double qoutes around database name.
    ade352b Merge pull request #701 from smortex/patch-1
    c7c8393 Merge pull request #700 from BobVanB/master
    10b5e3e Merge pull request #699 from researchgate/master
    e8c661e Added parameter description in README, before-relation if restart_on_change is false, and unit tests for both conditions of the parameter
    186cd2d Remove extra blanks and backslashes.
    fad4c16 syntax error near UTF8
    626433a Added parameter to disable automatic service restarts on config changes
    ea9203d Added parameter to disable automatic service restarts on config changes
    46291c3 Merge pull request #698 from nibalizer/new_684
    56b119f fedora 22 postgresql version 9.4
    0ffbcc0 Merge pull request #693 from frconil/master
    c1f4530 Fixes MODULES_2059 - adds extension argument
    73c4e66 Merge pull request #695 from Danie/master
    c29570a Merge pull request #694 from jbehrends/MODULES-2525
    b9b6795 Change apt::pin to apt_postgresql_org to prevent error message "wrong file extension".
    dbcb359 updated systemd-override to support fedora and CentOS paths for systemd
    09ff794 Merge pull request #692 from puppetlabs/4.6.x
    39f095c Merge pull request #691 from bmjen/fix-metadata
    03da5f1 updates metadata.json to match Puppet 4.x PMT output
    e42d787 Merge pull request #677 from cavaliercoder/master
    b12f532 Merge pull request #689 from DavidS/do-not-run-multi-node-tests
    8ce98ad (MAINT) do not run the multi-node tests by default
    405630a Merge pull request #688 from DavidS/remote-postgres-control
    6a29636 (MODULES-661) Remote DB support
    43fd0e8 Merge pull request #682 from tphoney/release_prep_4_6_0
    622b690 4_6_0 release prep
    750a8b6 merge 4.5.0 release branch Conflicts: 	CHANGELOG.md
    1507123 removed inherits postgresql::params
    213bb75 Merge pull request #672 from GoozeyX/addproxyoption
    1eb45d0 adding proxy option for yum repositories
    4b93634 Merge pull request #678 from npwalker/modules_2321_improve_pg_hba_rule
    25c1bae Decouple pg_hba_rule from postgresql::server
    7981b09 Merge pull request #671 from sanoma-technology/master
    0ccf2b6 Merge pull request #674 from ckaenzig/fix-postgis-pkg-name
    f929cad (MODULES-2211) Fixed systemd-override for RedHat systems with unmanaged Yum repos
    c168e06 Merge pull request #676 from hunner/prep_4.5.0
    584e3c9 Prep 4.5.0
    1956881 Fix postgis default package name on RedHat
    cda13df Allow for undefined PostGIS version.
    git-subtree-dir: modules/postgresql
    git-subtree-split: 69e61d10167abf908fc95e8396e7bc875d548213

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=aee67c7a785f85645c721313600b2a52145928f4
Merge: 7be321e e2b2014
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:37:46 2016 +0200

    Merge commit 'e2b201419629bdd522cfe1e6954752ae8a9a020c'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=e2b201419629bdd522cfe1e6954752ae8a9a020c
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:37:46 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/mysql/' changes from fd03318..ce892fb
    ce892fb Merge pull request #856 from cfasnacht/ticket/6404-new_maxallowedpacket_parameter
    e733df7 add new backup dump parameter maxallowedpacket
    2928c66 Merge pull request #859 from tphoney/user_unit_test_fix
    f183e49 fixing the failing unit tests for mysql_user
    7370716 Merge pull request #858 from rnelson0/patch-1
    5290b0a Support for puppet/staging 2.0.0
    5bd4975 Merge pull request #853 from ragonlan/patch-1
    86a51fd Merge pull request #852 from jtopper/use_fact_for_mysqld_version
    ec5450e Use facts for mysqld version discovery
    6146d93 Merge pull request #840 from aperto/master
    bff5bdf Resource fails when fqdn is not set.
    52477c0 Merge pull request #851 from puppetlabs/3.8.x
    7cd9dda Merge pull request #850 from jbondpdx/3.8.x
    16f1056 edits on Percona usage example
    b812ae3 Merge pull request #849 from bmjen/rel-prep
    b40d533 Release prep for 3.8.0
    269c913 Merge pull request #848 from bmjen/fix-backup
    e2fad83 Skips mysqlbackup.sh tests on MySQL 5.7+
    1e8a537 (maint) Switches nanliu-staging dependency to puppet-staging
    9fc34d4 Merge pull request #847 from DavidS/revert-mariadb-defaults
    7f59070 Revert "Use mariadb by default for Debian Jessie (#845)"
    a563fcb Merge pull request #846 from puppetlabs/3.7.x
    af85cf7 Use mariadb by default for Debian Jessie (#845)
    bbe8f22 Merge pull request #842 from jjagodzinski/patch-3
    7d2ab4e  Find MySQL 5.5 installation on CentOS #832
    6cac038 Fix global parameter usage in backup script
    e71e712 Merge pull request #829 from vicinus/master
    352d078 moving mysqld.log resource to installdb.pp (#833)
    f8ef652 Merge pull request #838 from glorpen/scripts
    cb0b0a6 Merge pull request #837 from megianni/master
    41e4753 Support mysql_install_db script on Gentoo
    5a7e34b Fixed an issue with Amazon linux major release 4 that would make the module exit with and error message
    d5d2de7 Merge pull request #836 from fschndr/master
    cffc883 default group for logfiles on Debian/Ubuntu should be adm
    3e3cd55 Merge pull request #830 from fvanboven/module-2111-replication
    13a8d80 Merge pull request #828 from s-t-e-v-e-n-k/mysql-type-xenial
    2cf6000 Merge pull request #834 from jonnytpuppet/alwiesner/master
    06fe1f9 Check that /var/lib/mysql actually contains files.
    9801483 Merge pull request #831 from fraenki/freebsd_mysqld
    e52a669 make sure we find mysql commands on FreeBSD
    b8d3015 (MODULES-2111) Add the system database to user related tables.
    c63e318 Remove mysql regex when checking type
    2603411 Merge pull request #824 from ih84ds/patch-1
    c3820ec Merge pull request #827 from lcrisci/master
    cda93b8 Using ensure_packages instead of package
    0ad4f71 Added bzip2 package support on mysqldump backup
    3c9f8ae Merge pull request #819 from aerostitch/fix_percona_centos
    8caf42e Merge pull request #818 from hubspotdevops/percona
    d472d5b Use defaults_extra_file first; add debug messages
    ff39b73 Adding documentation on the specific case of Percona server on Centos
    9bc20bd Merge pull request #823 from puppetlabs/update-msync
    04fb127 Update to newest modulesync_configs [9ca280f]
    5695cef Default mysqld_type should be "mysql"
    f8ae5bf (FM-5050) Configure the configfile's location for mariadb
    ee51d4c Merge pull request #821 from DavidS/fix-debian-failures
    232ef18 (FM-5050) Configure the base of includedir
    696aff6 Merge pull request #820 from hunner/fix_opensuse
    67ea1c4 (MODULES-1256) Fix parameters on OpenSUSE 12
    9fe8534 removed erroneous dependencies
    2069c89 Merge pull request #817 from DavidS/install-staging-acceptance
    9aadceb (maint) Add missing nanliu/staging module
    9501649 Merge pull request #815 from puppetlabs/remove_function
    b41dc6f Merge pull request #813 from tomkrouper/config-before-install
    906f99e Merge pull request #811 from pashamesh/fix-mysqlbackup-globals-ignored
    f4fe313 Remove mysql_table_exists() function
    2ff7b3d Merge pull request #816 from hunner/fix_dump
    d8206aa Allow mysql::backup::mysqldump to access root_group in tests
    8b366fe Move config install before package install
    1835ea8 Merge pull request #812 from koubas/fix_debian_mariadb_detection
    1a67c38 Loosen MariaDB recognition to fix it on Debian 8
    8a38fe9 Fixed global parameters skipped
    d58a100 Merge pull request #810 from occelebi/backupdir
    1bd7b7b Ensure backup directory exist
    9d61110 Merge pull request #808 from mmalchuk/master
    61619f6 Use mysql_install_db only with uniq defaults-extra-file
    5a933c0 Merge pull request #806 from HelenCampbell/releaseprep3.7.0
    005ffd6 3.7.0 Prep
    a3d0de3 Merge pull request #805 from jbondpdx/master
    35b5f1c FM-3333: moved a puppet
    cd7c912 Merge pull request #804 from jbondpdx/master
    f06e126 FM-3333: tuning up mysql readme
    a204435 Merge pull request #801 from holser/my_cnf
    4faa3f1 Generate .my.cnf for all sections
    7a92634 Merge pull request #800 from DavidS/debian-8-support
    37abc3a Update metadata to note Debian 8 support
    d795799 Merge pull request #799 from DavidS/fm-4046-update-msync
    f99a3fa (FM-4046) Update to current msync configs [006831f]
    e6c3f53 Merge pull request #797 from mmoll/xenial
    05ba436 mark Ubuntu xenial as supported
    6598be8 Merge pull request #796 from jhriggs/ticket/3028-fix_grants_with_ANSI_QUOTES
    31c17b0 (#3028) Fix mysql_grant with MySQL ANSI_QUOTES mode
    aa29170 Merge pull request #795 from DavidS/fm-4049-update-msync
    7889a85 (FM-4049) Update to current msync configs [2c99161]
    bc1c44a Merge pull request #794 from DavidS/fm-4563-share-tmpdir
    95841d3 (FM-4563) fix tmpdir to be shared across examples
    ecff1f3 Merge pull request #793 from DavidS/fm-4563-workaround-pup-5016
    d89062f (FM-4563) skip idempotency tests on test cells that do have PUP-5016 unfixed
    2de4597 (maint) refactor main acceptance suite
    a261a3d (maint) fix logic for choosing rspec version
    23672ca Merge pull request #779 from jmcclell/patch-1
    1bad8ae Fixes edge-case with dropping pre-existing users with grants
    0b3e310 Merge pull request #791 from roidelapluie/empty-string-as-parameter
    e30e0bc Re-Add the ability to set a empty string as option parameter
    1cfddec3 Merge pull request #790 from cadeauthom/service-unmanaged
    b33f9c6 Move all dependencies to not have them in case of service unmanaged
    5e7b999 Merge pull request #784 from vicinus/master
    3a49209 ensure if service restart to wait till mysql is up
    58a55ad Merge pull request #789 from elconas/fix_mysql576_pull_rebase3
    7efc93c Fixed new mysql_datadir provider on CentOS for MySQl 5.7.6 compatibility
    45419fd Merge pull request #787 from obi11235/master
    c353259 Merge pull request #769 from gabriel403/master
    681d4f8 Ubuntu vivid should use systemd not upstart
    3a29c5e Fixing error when disabling service management and the service does not exist
    51950bf Merge pull request #786 from DavidS/fix-576-rebase-of-763
    bdf4d0f Fixed MySQL 5.7.6++ compatibility
    60393f7 Merge branch '3.6.x' into 'master'
    f06cc12 Merge pull request #572 from sharumpe/ticket/MODULES-1337-MariaDB_for_OpenSuSE_13.1
    85e4916 Merge pull request #780 from tphoney/release_3.6.2
    9e2de7f 3.6.2 release prep
    7daa297 Merge pull request #781 from bmjen/ruby187
    608801c Fix Gemfile to work with ruby 1.8.7
    8ae775f Merge pull request #770 from emahags/2702-password_hash
    61058b7 Don't hash passwords that are already hashed
    3a6a6c6 Checking major release instead of specific release per @cmurphy.
    47c1eb7 Merging with upstream changes from https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-mysql.git
    2f144b3 Merge pull request #778 from mentat/acceptance-fix
    0149481 Use temp cnf file instead of env variable which creates acceptance test failures.
    d1f1601 Merge pull request #777 from pondohva/mysql_table_exists_fix
    27323f7 (MODULES-2767) fix mysql_table_exists: add check for args.size, fix rspec test
    63e0768 Merge pull request #776 from pondohva/mysql_table_exists
    cafbc80 (MODULES-2767) early return after fail
    e518abd (MODULES-2767) allow to check if table exists before grant
    c40b533 Merge pull request #775 from abednarik/fix/master/backUp_script_password_env
    055b450 (MODULES-2605) Use MYSQL_PWD to avoid mysqldump warnings.
    9d9c78f Merge pull request #773 from liaoishere/bug
    34ba0b5 Merge pull request #774 from puppetlabs/fix_sol
    2ae614f Solaris is not supported by PE
    3694ae2 (MODULES-2787) Fixes for future parser
    b91630d Merge pull request #767 from jmk61/MODULES-2675
    87b7e4d Merge pull request #766 from DavidS/modules-2683-fix-root-password-hiding
    5f49c45 (MODULES-2683) fix version compare to properly suppress show_diff for root password
    6527a3a (MAINT) switch to rspec-puppet-facts
    5e6db0b Merge pull request #768 from DavidS/modules-2490-fix-daemon_dev_package_name-mariadb
    ad204cb (MODULES-2490) correct the daemon_dev_package_name for mariadb on redhat
    96c9d6d Fixes unique server_id within my.cnf, The issue was that the entire mac address was not being read in to generate the id.
    2a86934 Merge pull request #760 from roman-mueller/MODULES/2650_add_support_for_authentication_string
    afddc3f Fix fetching the mysql_user password for MySQL >=5.7.6
    1823c7c Merge pull request #759 from mhaskel/merge_3.6.x
    e1f4b83 Update changelog
    97b8200 Improved user validation and munging
    5795678 updates to 3.6.1 prep
    1f57506 3.6.1 prep
    d095721 Update changelog
    c17c465 Merge pull request #751 from mcanevet/patch-1
    6228846 Fix when not managing config file
    542c43e Improved user validation and munging
    1d82477 Merge pull request #756 from bmjen/3.6.1_prep
    f63b7d1 updates to 3.6.1 prep
    58bb3b9 Merge pull request #755 from mhaskel/3.6.1-prep
    f4b49f2 3.6.1 prep
    daa4b62 Merge pull request #754 from mhaskel/ff_to_master
    d6bdd4c Compatibility with PE 3.3
    9d5816a Fixes improper use of function 'warn' in backup manifest of server.
    8b36568 Merge pull request #753 from mhaskel/compat_with_pe_3.3
    3e8e032 Compatibility with PE 3.3
    2fd0b9c Merge pull request #749 from Herr-Herner/fixImproperUseOfFctWarn
    7681c13 Merge pull request #750 from puppetlabs/3.6.x
    ff4ce8c Fixes improper use of function 'warn' in backup manifest of server.
    afc1567 Merge pull request #748 from jbondpdx/3.6.x
    bfcba98 DOCS: minor tuneups on README
    8dae90d Merge pull request #747 from hunner/prep_3.6.0
    f1f47f4 Prep 3.6.0
    5f17b94 Merge pull request #746 from hunner/fix_dep
    603a02d (PUP-5021) depend on package title, not name
    ced1a08 Merge pull request #682 from eems-leo/process-secret-file
    4049258 Merge pull request #745 from jonnytpuppet/2030-only-establish-service-depencency-when-managed
    6924dea #2030 Only establish dependency between service and package if package is managed.
    2c8a822 Merge pull request #744 from danzilio/xtrabackup_enhancements
    a7a5c66 Add support for postscript for xtrabackup provider
    8dcb82c Merge pull request #743 from michaeltchapman/showdiff
    0dffab2 Fix show_diff already set on .my.cnf
    c7de520 Merge pull request #742 from redhat-cip/idempotent-config
    ba52d1d Ensure idempotency between Puppet runs
    d6942fb Merge pull request #740 from puppetlabs/3.5.x
    f0a064a Merge pull request #739 from hunner/dont_print_root
    e3c9932 Merge pull request #736 from igalic/no_server
    f44830c autorequire mysql::server in types
    23a4a36 [#puppethack] use of mysql::db without mysql::server
    d8728eb Merge pull request #735 from DavidS/solaris-11-workaround
    502bdc9 (maint) workaround PUP-3450 on Solaris 11
    c9e9f40 Merge pull request #734 from DavidS/release-prep
    91c44c2 Release prep for 3.5.0
    253f749 (maint) fix spec formatting
    c2e4b9f (maint) update to current modulesync configs
    845b151 Merge pull request #733 from hunner/remove_sles10
    d0800c5 Remove sles 10 from metadata.json
    f935962 Merge pull request #732 from DavidS/dont_print_root
    8f628b8 (maint) don't print diff root password in diff
    d2b33b5 dont print diff root password in diff
    a26b80d Remove default install root password if set
    5454032 Using mariadb in OpenSuSE >= 13.1.
    git-subtree-dir: modules/mysql
    git-subtree-split: ce892fb01f8d789650c1912de864fcad357edf77

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=7be321ed022e1dcb7fc949cea828065ec11db63b
Merge: 3b76fd9 5cec988
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:37:16 2016 +0200

    Merge commit '5cec9888f11ad644fdd95715ad70245249c40791'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=5cec9888f11ad644fdd95715ad70245249c40791
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sun Jun 26 12:37:16 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/apache/' changes from 48a72ea..3d3f02f
    3d3f02f Merge pull request #1488 from jonnytdevops/modules-3476
    a38324b MODULES-3476 - Updated regex in apache_version custom fact to work with EL5.
    6cebe98 Add wsgi script aliases match (#1485)
    729d09b Merge pull request #1484 from tphoney/update_block.rb
    355702b Merge pull request #1443 from synyx/additional_AuthLDAP__directories_options
    de2326a Merge pull request #1483 from roidelapluie/FixatypoinCHANGELOG
    dbd04c0 Update _block.erb
    a0da029 (maint) Fix a typo in CHANGELOG: compatibilty
    ddad362 Merge pull request #1482 from roidelapluie/FixatypoinCHANGELOGformatting
    6105515 Merge pull request #1436 from pcfens/auth_cas_updates
    03ddd21 (maint) Fix a typo in CHANGELOG formatting
    e9852b1 Fix PassengerRoot under Debian stretch (#1478)
    86b2df3 Support the newer mod_auth_cas config options
    8764090 Merge pull request #1477 from tphoney/xenial_fixes
    08bdf03 variety of xenial fixes
    6b1ce94 Merge pull request #1473 from lotjuh/master
    a74bdea Added support for apache 2.4 on Amazon Linux
    2098216 Merge pull request #1469 from DavidS/fix-tests
    6842f5c Update tests to pass with puppet 4.5 and test properly
    0e87316 Merge pull request #1468 from smoeding/feature-root_directory_secured
    18d88f8 Merge pull request #1466 from aperto/master
    9a5d4c6 Merge pull request #1442 from synyx/mod_prefork_as_prequisite_of_mpm_itk
    c2374f4 Merge pull request #1465 from DavidS/proxy_wstunnel
    338f777 Manage default root directory access rights
    7deaad2 fix and make 2.4 require docu more readable
    1145e08 Merge pull request #1463 from traylenator/balancepath
    7fd334b apache::balancer now respects apache::confd_dir
    7fb558f Add minimal testing for proxy_wstunnel
    8658360 Merge pull request #1461 from mindclickuk/ticket/MODULES-3388-mpm_module
    8aa2fd1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'puppetlabs/1.10.x'
    f6824d1 Merge pull request #1458 from domcleal/shib2-duplicate
    cc7bda1 (MODULES-3388) Include mpm_module classes instead of class declaration
    f5a20d7 Add apache::mod::proxy_wstunnel
    1a251b2 Merge pull request #1450 from gerhardsam/vhosts
    f604996 Add class apache::vhosts to create apache::vhost resources
    410309f Merge pull request #1460 from bmjen/proxy_html
    1eb9f9e (maint) Skip proxy_html tests due to missing pkgs
    ebcf1e2 Merge pull request #1459 from bmjen/skip-lucid
    18a7602 (maint) Update README to warn about Pagespeed's evolving reqs
    cf95d51 (maint) Skip pagespeed tests on Ubuntu lucid too
    a6e3fcc Merge pull request #1455 from timogoebel/feature_event_params_optional
    dea8471 Merge pull request #1452 from buzzdeee/sslcompression
    ece0003 Remove duplicate shib2 hash element
    a846210 Merge pull request #1457 from bmjen/fix-debian7
    3209a5e (maint) Disables mod_pagespeed tests for Debian 7
    8190e96 mod_event: parameters can be unset
    d01d248 Merge pull request #1456 from bmjen/rel-prep
    cd3ff13 Release Prep for 1.10.0
    b044e59 Only set SSLCompression when it is set to true.
    00db1f9 add additional directories options for LDAP Auth
    0a08026 Merge pull request #1453 from jonnytpuppet/mod_cluster
    16104a4 Merge pull request #1454 from jonnytpuppet/smoeding/feature-dav
    5bcf4f3 Merge pull request #1445 from timogoebel/fix-double-settings-mod-event
    4af3cbf Merge pull request #1448 from opus-codium/freebsd-verify_command
    9995c24 Set DAV parameters in a directory block
    3f4e1cf Add support for mod_cluster, an httpd-based load balancer.
    ebfe4fb Merge pull request #1447 from antaflos/keepalive-vhost-options
    bc28f98 Merge pull request #1444 from synyx/no_more_location_block_in_proxy
    400f363 Merge pull request #1446 from antaflos/revert-mod-rpaf-changes
    ffcde8d Merge pull request #1429 from pingtux/suse_trailing_slash
    510562e Set actual path to apachectl on FreeBSD.
    192d894 Allow setting KeepAlive related options per vhost
    9f779b4 Revert "changed rpaf Configuration Directives: RPAF -> RPAF_"
    9f3c2a0 Add simple <Limit> support + ProxyAddHeaders (#1427)
    ee14e6f mod_event: do not set parameters twice
    4cd01b3 Revert "MODULES-2956: Enable options within location block on proxy_match"
    cc3b34f Merge pull request #1430 from sathieu/php7
    b27225e dont fail if mpm_module is itk, apache_version >= 2.4  and class apache::mod::prefork is not defined
    2e0bad6 Update _block.erb
    58eb0bb Merge pull request #1438 from puppetlabs/1.9.x
    edee67e Merge pull request #1437 from bmjen/1.9.x_reprep
    0a75a48 Updates CHANGELOG with newly added features and bugfix
    b0bd3ed Release prep 1.9.0
    bb65dcb Merge pull request #1435 from DavidS/fix-default-mods-tests
    d67afde (maint) update apache::default_mods tests to work on debian 7
    c0c3e4a MODULES-2890: Fix mod_php SetHandler and cleanup
    f7f519c MODULES-2890: Fix PHP on Debian stretch and Ubuntu Xenial
    9121dff MODULES-2890: mod::php: Explicit test on jessie
    e051bbf MODULES-2890: Allow php_version != 5
    8243e3f Merge pull request #1433 from cmurphy/verify_config
    f6a82f4 Merge pull request #1432 from DavidS/modules-3140-use-hasrestart
    6df5d41 Expose verify_config in apache::vhost::custom
    9aedb04 (MODULES-3140) explicitly rely on hasrestart if no restart command is passed
    a271707 Merge pull request #1431 from DavidS/mod-info-path
    40ac3cf Merge pull request #1426 from puppetlabs/update-msync
    4b9f6d3 (MODULES-3274) mod-info: specify the info_path
    111247c Update to newest modulesync_configs [9ca280f]
    b6a552c Merge pull request #1404 from FlatKey/ModSec-CRSSeverityLevels
    1329e0e Fixed trailing slash in lib_path on Suse
    20c8551 Configurability of Collaborative Detection Severity Levels for OWASP Core Rule Set
    9e57528 Merge pull request #1421 from MG2R/master
    138c5db Add/improve documentation for mod_proxy, mod_ldap, mod_authnz_ldap
    410fc35 Allow package names to be specified for mod_proxy, mod_ldap, and mod_authnz_ldap
    859b178 Merge pull request #1408 from witjoh/MODULES-1352
    1a2e229 Merge pull request #1407 from FlatKey/ModSec-SecRuleRemoveBy-Tag-and-Msg
    9fbbf1d Merge pull request #1405 from FlatKey/ModSec-CRSThresholdLevels
    86ca018 Merge pull request #1401 from sathieu/proxy_html24
    c55a04c Merge pull request #1399 from noris-network/fastcgi-idle-timeout
    71cb730 add support for fcgi (#1387)
    ccd49ca fix incorrect use of .join() with newlines (#1425)
    b992643 Load mod_xml2enc on Apache >= 2.4 on Debian
    f6c2e39 Merge pull request #1402 from jlambert121/modules-2179
    cbd2c26 Configurability of Collaborative Detection Threshold Levels for OWASP Core Rule Set
    8e74af7 Allow for pagespeed mod to automatically be updated to the latest version (#1422)
    1f77ba0 Merge pull request #1411 from FlatKey/ModSec-AnomalyScoreBlocking
    a43cd35 allow include in vhost directory (#1366)
    1f174bc Configurability of Collaborative Detection Blocking for OWASP Core Rule Set
    7c384f3 Merge pull request #1416 from pixelpark/bugfix/apache_version
    b97be96 Add spec test for apache_version with an empty OS
    46d19c5 Merge pull request #1420 from samuelb/master
    32303d4 Merge pull request #1419 from timogoebel/passenger_vhost_high_performance
    a78e7ce Merge pull request #1418 from jasonhancock/ssl_check_proxy_expire
    ba777b3 Merge pull request #1417 from pixelpark/bugfix/ssl_compression
    71958f2 Added vhost option fastcgi_idle_timeout
    323b601 Add parameter passanger_log_level
    a291574 Merge pull request #1410 from jlambert121/modules_3212
    9cb02df Merge pull request #1403 from FlatKey/ModSec-SecDefaultAction
    6a5df06 add passenger_high_performance on the vhost level
    b14c238 Merge pull request #1412 from pyther/authmerging
    b93680b Fixing copy/paste errors in README for sslproxy directives
    0b568a9 Adding SSLProxyCheckPeerExpire support
    10632d8 (MODULES-3218) add auth_merging for directory enteries
    5739a20 Fix in custom fact "apache_version" for OracleLinux.
    1d2fe55 SSLCompression only available with apache 2.4.3
    800c7ce Added vhost option SecRuleRemoveByMsg
    8082d2a Added vhost option SecRuleRemoveByTag
    d26761c aligned hash rocket within widest attribute of the parameter block ( remaining parameters aligned in #1404 )
    837a088 Configurability of SecDefaultAction for OWASP Core Rule Set
    95e6dcd MODULES-1352: adding support for apache 2.4 require directives. Includes doc and rspec
    e0638ca Merge pull request #1414 from jonnytpuppet/modules_3211
    6b662e4 MODULES-3212: add parallel_spec option
    3d86460 MODULES-3211: fix broken strict_variable tests
    0cbb9c7 MODULES-2179: Implement SetEnvIfNoCase
    11806ca Merge pull request #1409 from jlambert121/modules_3211
    4449536 MODULES-3211: fix broken strict_variable tests
    3bdf98f Merge pull request #1400 from cgca/master
    3ccd329 Take igalic's suggestion to use bool2httpd
    534e3aa Merge pull request #1398 from cgca/master
    281da58 1. Fix MODULES-3158 (any string interpreted as SSLCompression on) 2. Convert ssl_honorcipherorder to boolean, backport strings 'on' or 'off' 3. Update documentation accordingly
    726d77a Merge pull request #1396 from domcleal/concat-deprecations
    a2f6362 Move all ensure parameters from concat::fragment to concat
    a13b564 Merge pull request #1394 from sathieu/patch-4
    fc8fee7 mod_ssl requires mod_mime for AddType directives
    8a70b4f Merge pull request #1391 from pixelpark/feature/master/passenger_user
    723eb0b Merge pull request #1357 from emahags/verifyServerCert
    f786980 Merge pull request #1393 from hunner/enable_multiverse
    06498f2 Use valid parameter name
    d2f64a7 Enable multiverse on all Ubuntu hosts
    26aecf9 Merge pull request #1392 from stig/configurable-SecAuditLogParts
    aae41ae Merge pull request #1390 from saimonn/SSLProxyProtocol
    9ac6064 Document mod_security's audit_log_parts parameter in README
    50d7795 add tests for SSLProxyProtocol
    e252bd0 make ssl_proxy_protocol consistent with ssl_protocol usage
    946be7e add doc for ssl_proxy_protocol
    3f69da5 Merge pull request #1384 from smoeding/feature-jk_mounts
    1e3bf14 Merge pull request #1389 from jokajak/add_mellon_sp_metadata_file_param
    583aa5d Merge pull request #1388 from cmurphy/fix_modules
    3d5aa16 Move default value outside the redhat-specific section
    388ab4b Use regular expression rather than exact string match
    78ee594 Fix parameter name
    d2699d1 Add SecAuditLogParts tests for Debian-based systems
    7212175 Allow configuring mod_security's SecAuditLogParts
    fcc9bc5 (#3139) Add support for PassengerUser
    d1e9d46 add support for SSLProxyProtocol directive
    d26c4bb Add mellon_sp_metadata_file parameter for directory entries
    68362b5 Manage mod dir before things that depend on mods
    8552994 Merge pull request #1383 from ghoneycutt/remove_SSLv3
    60f83d4 Merge pull request #1386 from roidelapluie/balancertarget
    b2bc76f apache::balancer: Add a target parameter to write to a custom path
    cbe4c46 Merge pull request #1385 from roidelapluie/typo
    7022328 (doc) Fix a typo: specifc -> specific
    e6a1775 Add JkMount/JkUnmount directives to vhost
    bef1617 Remove insecure SSLv3 from mod_nss
    811e63c Remove SSLv3 from the example as we do not want to encourage its usage.
    0fca822 Merge pull request #1368 from janschumann/fcgi_server_support_socket
    42a591a support socket communication
    d3d1929 added test
    2dcfd13 Merge pull request #1370 from janschumann/support_pass_header
    b07c049 add documentation
    aeb1ea1 Merge pull request #1380 from tphoney/include_apache_parsing
    7450d81 include apache, so parsing works
    8150ee1 better readable template
    960bcb4 Merge pull request #1382 from chris-reeves/shib_doc_fix
    20440e5 Fix typo in README for shib_request_settings vhost param
    33d42d4 Merge pull request #1381 from tphoney/passenger_vhost_fix
    779e040 only run the passenger tests on non redhat
    2800f34 Merge pull request #1379 from kaihowl/modules-1628
    15950ea [MODULES-1628] Fix mod rewrite typo in examples
    ba2f386 Merge pull request #1378 from jasonhancock/bug-el7-modulefile
    328cb96 Ensure module packages are installed before evaluating conf.d dir
    240dff7 Merge pull request #1377 from tphoney/include_apache
    61774eb Merge pull request #1361 from gvdb1967/fix_mod_rpaf
    1fef317 include apache, so parsing works.
    0d021a7 Merge pull request #1376 from hunner/pending_rack
    4da0664 Move rack test to pending block
    c091b17 Merge pull request #1236 from damonconway/deflatebug
    1ee2475 Merge pull request #1364 from mmoll/xenial
    4d573d6 Merge pull request #1375 from fgeek/fix-typo
    dd3b4cf Fix syntax typo in documentation.
    984e0d5 Missed an end
    ffbc072 Merge pull request #1371 from daenney/ssl-mutex-config
    da16e92 mod/ssl: Add option to configure SSL mutex This allows the end user to explicitly define or override what the `SSLMutex` or `Mutex` configuration for Apache will be as the platform default might not always be desirable.
    2c9dbc9 Merge pull request #1374 from hunner/disable_passenger_more
    e4272b3 Disable passenger testing on el7 due to outdated packages
    816db10 Merge pull request #1373 from DavidS/fm-4046-update-msync
    fc9ca12 (FM-4046) Update to current msync configs [006831f]
    939db2a Merge pull request #1369 from gerhardsam/fix_doc_links
    4cd7472 support pass-header option in apache::fastcgi::server
    cbdd187 Fix broken internal link for virtual hosts configuration
    842c437 Merge pull request #1367 from hunner/disable_passenger
    72cb702 Disable passenger tests on redhatish 6
    1f71ea5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/1.8.x'
    7f2b6b8 Merge pull request #1331 from sathieu/fcgid-Debian
    c376776 support Ubuntu xenial (16.04)
    6c0579d Fix fcgid.conf load on Debian family
    d76699a Merge pull request #1362 from bmjen/prep_1.8.1
    d441dd4 Merge pull request #1360 from rvincentatprokarmadotcom/master
    0806e59 Release Prep for 1.8.1
    c1d4e26 Merge pull request #1358 from gguillotte/18x-readme
    28e0f3e Edit and restyle the README.
    5c7cb2b Merge pull request #1349 from jlambert121/php_values_strings
    f1ea11b Fix in custom fact "apache_version" for RHEL.
    65f41c0 quote php_values when the value is a string
    8ca7a66 changed rpaf Configuration Directives: RPAF -> RPAF_
    de1bee7 Merge pull request #1359 from hunner/fix_passenger_spec
    8871f0b Disable passenger tests other than vhost
    c9b73f0 Merge pull request #1340 from SlavaValAl/master
    d8c59a4 Merge pull request #1339 from timogoebel/feature_root_directory_options
    a85588a add parameter root_directory_options
    7e57138 Merge pull request #1355 from BigAl/MODULES-3017
    c1e70c9 Merge pull request #1338 from timogoebel/feature_more_file_mode
    5a1fdd3 Merge pull request #1347 from jyaworski/add_apache_version_fact
    595a55c Merge pull request #1356 from hunner/fix_pagespeed_spec
    fe1dae9 Need to know where mod_dir is
    b1f60c7 allow status code on redirect match to be optional and not a requirement   as per apache documentation   http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_alias.html#redirectmatch
    c1ba7e6 Merge pull request #1354 from hunner/fix_passenger
    9996cb2 Fix passenger on redhat systems
    5150b35 Merge pull request #1296 from whotwagner/master
    4c4ddaa Merge pull request #1350 from rvincentatprokarmadotcom/master
    2f78dab Bugfix: require concat, not file
    f077061 Merge pull request #1352 from tphoney/ldap_parameters
    ed74be3 adding docs and tests for ldap parameter additions
    9fa1dd7 Added support cache related options to apache::mod::ldap
    3d34f69 Merge pull request #1351 from tphoney/threadlimit-order
    f0a9223 Merge pull request #1322 from BigAl/bug/MODULES-2958
    a91d9d7 ThreadLimit needs to be above MaxClients or it is ignored. https://bz.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=46113
    07cc69b Merge pull request #1348 from bmjen/modules-3018
    e96a933 (MODULES-3018) Fixes Apache to work correctly with Concat.
    4b0cd61 Removes pinning of concat dependency to <2.0.0
    5e43127 Add apache_version fact
    081bdc4 Merge pull request #1344 from fbarbeira/patch-1
    4d0c2b9 Merge pull request #1345 from domcleal/1.8.x-13405-passengerroot-el7
    ecc2909 Preserve /etc/httpd/conf.d/passenger.conf on EL7
    44f5231 Merge pull request #1343 from DavidS/fm-4049-update-msync
    c748b45 (FM-4049) Update to current msync configs [2c99161]
    5532bd0 Remove white space.
    ce48f57 Release Prep 1.8.0
    2c54785 Specify owning permissions for logroot directory
    95694e6 Merge pull request #1337 from derdanne/gentoo-fix-modules
    fc3bea1 add file_mode to mod manifests
    2c6a22a Merge pull request #1333 from timogoebel/filemode
    2c67206 Merge pull request #1335 from timogoebel/fix_wildcard_ip
    f2fc48e Merge pull request #1336 from tphoney/fm-3801
    6d4fcd8 work around pup_5016, debian8 2015.2 service fault
    dbfc384 update module handling for gentoo when used apache 2.4 add module authnz_external as external package in gentoo
    7b17dad fix vhosts listen to wildcard ip
    0f01b59 add paramter to set config file permissions
    5a27716 Merge pull request #1332 from tphoney/fm-3801
    ee47dcb install epel for RH in acceptance. clean itk test
    6f14e7d Merge pull request #1330 from tphoney/fm-3801
    80fb727 fixing apache_parameters_spec.rb
    050fee3 Merge pull request #1329 from tphoney/fm-3801
    42bf228 modify tests for debian 8 and add tests
    5442a98 Merge pull request #1327 from tphoney/proxy_test_fix
    4a82110 a path is needed for ProxyPassReverse
    ff8ebaf Merge pull request #1326 from igalic/proxy-pass-no-location
    99add11 proxy: remove workaround for old broken clients
    ac31d2e MODULES-2958 : correct CustomLog syslog entry
    9507b9e Merge pull request #1323 from traylenator/pass_max_queue_size
    a2c49b0 Merge pull request #1324 from tphoney/redhat_itk_test_fix
    d4fb48a itk tests on redhat need epel
    2a979d2 Merge pull request #1321 from ryno75/master
    bd6239c (MODULES-2964) Enable PassengerMaxRequestQueueSize to be set
    b1d2004 Add some mod::passenger documentation.
    d9034ac Fixing error in Amazon $operatingsystem comparison
    1f3c7b9 Merge pull request #1320 from mpolenchuk/master
    cf92e83 Update docs for predefined LogFormats
    4c078b7 Merge pull request #1317 from jlambert121/proxy_pass_options
    15fc656 Merge pull request #1319 from tphoney/redhat_mod_security_fix
    9dd474b fix ordering of catalogue for redhat 7
    ca432ee Merge pull request #1292 from cholyoak/shib2_debian
    4ae775a Fix paths and packages for the shib2 module on Debian pre Jessie
    8a350af Merge pull request #1316 from MiamiOH/master
    db5b0bf MODULES-2956: Enable options within location block on proxy_match
    2e6cd7a Support itk on redhat
    2b43798 Merge pull request #1315 from pxsloot/ticket/2948-proxypass_parameters_ensure_order
    19e3ee6 (#2948) ensure order of ProxyPass and ProxyPassMatch parameters
    a78617b Merge pull request #1308 from mpolenchuk/master
    ca5e7e5 Merge pull request #1311 from occelebi/ssl
    5ab89d9 Merge pull request #1313 from jewjitsu/fix_indent
    bb456f1 Merge pull request #1310 from occelebi/proxy
    12b695a the custom fragment needs to be indented two spaces so that it lines up with the rest of the configuration
    a389184 Merge pull request #1309 from occelebi/domain
    2a60859 Merge pull request #1305 from jasonhancock/bug-el7-module-dir
    e825422 EL7 uses conf.modules.d directory for modules.
    0ab0e39 Support the mod_ssl SSLProxyVerify directive
    7db484a Add ProxyPreserveHost off mode explicitly
    f001dfb Support ProxPassReverseCookieDomain directive (mod_proxy)
    05437c0 Merge pull request #1306 from quixoten/request_headers_order
    6b8aa3a Put headers and request headers before proxy
    cf84e97 Merge pull request #1304 from roidelapluie/vhost-directory-proxy-provider
    1dfc02d 	Added support for modsecurity parameter SecPcreMatchLimit and SecPcreMatchLimitRecursion
    5ed3dbe Merge pull request #1301 from timogoebel/fix_rewrite_validation
    e6837d8 Add X-Forwarded-For into log_formats defaults
    57d1890 Merge pull request #1307 from bmjen/fix-fastcgi
    e90496f (maint) fixes fastcgi tests on ubuntu lucid
    407af7b Support proxy provider for vhost directories
    704b3e1 Merge pull request #1303 from bmjen/fix-fastcgi
    2e15018 (maint) fixes the fastcgi test for debian and older ubuntu releases
    791c20f Merge pull request #1302 from pabelanger/temp/testing
    aae1a66 Limit fastcgi testing to Debian osfamily
    963597d Merge pull request #1300 from pabelanger/temp/pcci-centos
    530adf4 Skip fastcgi acceptance testing for Centos 7
    924511e fix validation error when empty array is passed as rewrites parameter
    cdd81db Merge pull request #1299 from pabelanger/temp/typo
    af214ea Fix syntax error with versioncmp
    13797da Merge pull request #1298 from pabelanger/temp/pcci
    6bd03a7 Add note about fastcgi usage
    baa803c Merge pull request #1297 from pabelanger/snake-oil
    11104d6 Merge pull request #1271 from pabelanger/temp/vhost_custom
    6a0ddfa Merge pull request #1293 from KlavsKlavsen/master
    4a24c1c Make sure snake-oil certs are installed for beaker
    b9f630a Add ::apache::vhost::custom
    cdf86c7 Merge pull request #1295 from DavidS/main-fix-itk-tests-for-apache22
    751fc24 (MAINT) fix "typo" in last commit
    e321acb Merge pull request #1294 from DavidS/main-fix-itk-tests-for-apache22
    893e02d (MAINT) fixup ITK tests for older debian-based releases
    e0f6eb0 remove vhost LimitRequestFieldSize option and add rspec test for new option.
    c9f6606 enable setting LimitRequestFieldSize globally as it does not actually work to increase it, inside a vhost
    657dbd6 Merge pull request #1291 from DavidS/fix-itk-idempotency
    cd37e61 (MAINT) depend on the right mod dir to restore idempotency
    35ee50c Merge pull request #1289 from DavidS/itk-ci-fix-da-capo
    878157f (MAINT) fixup another edge-case of ITK installation found by CI
    64d3985 Merge pull request #1288 from bmjen/DavidS-fix-mpm-itk
    c341d8a Fixes ITK validation for Gentoo.
    89b7caa (MODULES-2865) fix $mpm_module logic for 'false'
    a6c6f10 (MODULES-2200) fix itk configuration on Ubuntu
    080f64f Merge pull request #1274 from ckaenzig/sslproxy-without-sslengine
    1fb2b8a Set SSLProxy directives even if ssl is false
    61fe6ad Merge pull request #1268 from traylenator/sslopts
    02229e5 Merge pull request #1283 from rexcze/patch-1
    cff91ab Merge pull request #1286 from bmjen/fix-ci
    776d32e (MAINT) Fix conditional flag on mod_fcgid test.
    a8a00cc Merge pull request #1285 from DavidS/maint-fix-syntax-and-logic-errors
    4c386e4 (MAINT) fix syntax errors and the filter config
    411b59b Merge pull request #1282 from DavidS/maint-remove-mergeback-conflicts
    2392dd5 changed typo
    a8cd52b (MAINT) sort out IPv6 tests that doen't apply to old Ubuntu systems
    32b70e6 (MAINT) rip out unused UNSUPPORTED_PLATFORMS test flagging
    7465f0f (MAINT) remove merge conflicts from mergeback
    6892b62 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/1.7.x'
    4aee8d9 Merge pull request #1280 from DavidS/fm-3919-more-filesmatch
    574b74f (MODULES-2682, FM-3919) Use more FilesMatch
    f794650 Merge pull request #1273 from HelenCampbell/release1.7.1
    8398acb Merge pull request #1276 from DavidS/modules-2703-allow-array-in-mod-pagespeed
    7909ac8 Merge pull request #1278 from DavidS/modules-2773-fix-duplicate-hash-keys
    4f5a6b4 (MODULES-2773) Duplicate Entries in Spec Files
    fc0692b Merge pull request #1277 from DavidS/modules-2682-fix-php-configuration
    ddb6e4f (MODULES-2682) Update Apache Configuration to use FilesMatch instead of AddHandler for PHP Files.
    50b8ffe (MAINT) whitespace cleanup
    d51a86a (MODULES-2703) Allow mod pagespeed to take an array of lines as additional_configuration
    bf86436 Merge pull request #1262 from lukebigum/master
    9c2aa42 Improved changelog
    8389dc8 Merge pull request #1272 from HelenCampbell/release1.7.1
    eb3f397 1.7.1 release
    13b79e2 Merge pull request #1270 from karmix/master
    064aeb6 Added support for LDAPTrustedGlobalCert option to apache::mod::ldap
    962f142 Merge pull request #1269 from bmjen/mergeback
    ea1202f (docs) Fix issues with the 1.7.0 readme.
    57d995d 1.7.0 release prep
    9ff42c1 updating the test to use ipv4 addresses
    eb6f4a0 removing redhat passenger tests, for now
    f98838a removing an over complicated test case
    57c0a18 Merge pull request #1267 from robertvargason/require_unmanaged
    da972b9 (MODULES-2834) Support SSLProxyCheckPeerCN and SSLProxyCheckPeerName settings
    f35a65d Leave require directive unmanaged
    3d5bb63 Merge pull request #1265 from gguillotte/170-readme-fixes
    8dc87f9 (docs) Fix issues with the 1.7.0 readme.
    a0c22e4 Merge pull request #1243 from tphoney/1_7_0_release_prep
    bfcf6cc 1.7.0 release prep
    a0c9f8b Merge pull request #1264 from tphoney/multiple_ip_vhost_test
    b9b9565 updating the test to use ipv4 addresses
    0419bb9 Merge pull request #1194 from igalic/passenger_log
    aadfffb Merge pull request #1261 from tphoney/remove_passenger_test
    a9bf898 removing redhat passenger tests, for now
    26d8aee Merge pull request #1256 from alexharv074/ticket/2811-missing_require_lines
    40035f5 Merge pull request #1257 from alexharv074/ticket/2812-fix_deprecation_warning
    bc8632e Merge pull request #1258 from alexharv074/ticket/2813-fix_deprecation_warning
    0eb4355 Merge pull request #1260 from rexcze/master
    1bfb809 Add support for changing mod_nss listen port
    00b39f0 Merge pull request #1248 from Benedikt1992/ticket/2764-Enclose_IPv6_addresses_in_square_brackets
    678c02a (MODULES-2813) Fix deprecation warning in spec_helper.rb
    b74fdf5 (MODULES-2812) Fix deprecation warning in service_spec.rb
    0fe7588 (MODULES-2811) Add missing helper lines to spec files
    e783e8d Merge pull request #1255 from olivierHa/krb_add_params
    0feea4f Add missing parameters in mod_auth_kerb
    57dbbf4 Merge pull request #1254 from olivierHa/master
    e54b1ad Fix typo about dynamic AddHandler/AddType
    846b77b Ruby 2.0 introduces IPAddr::InvalidAddressError
    8d1fdfb Merge pull request #1251 from tphoney/remove_passenger_test
    cc443e9 removing an over complicated test case
    55cc3b4 (MODULES-2764) Enclose IPv6 addresses in square brackets
    0e9b153 Merge pull request #1232 from prabin5/dynamic_mime_template
    cc3e55a Update mime.conf.erb to support dynamic AddHandler AddType AddOutputFilter
    20fc4c9 Merge pull request #1237 from damonconway/modules-2757
    b63ea4c (MODULES-2757) Adding if around ServerName in template
    633f10d add ability to overide file name generation in custom_config
    2ca3ea9 Merge pull request #1235 from abednarik/fix/master/default_docroot_update_debian
    6fde679 (MODULES-2651) Default document root update for Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian 8
    08ead35 Merge pull request #1229 from Benedikt1992/ticket/2544-Multiple_ip_addresses_per_vhost_are_not_possible
    eb660a6 (MODULES-2756) Adding include ::apache so mkdir exec works properly
    c492b2b Allow multiple IP addresses per vhost
    fcc4d43 (MODULES-2651) Default document root update for Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian 8
    8c546b2 Merge pull request #1231 from tphoney/custom_config_test_fix
    a686d99 reduce constraints on regex to fix pe tests
    6a59421 Merge pull request #1230 from MasonM/fix-ordering-issues-with-ports-file
    e226ba8 Fix ordering issue with conf_file and ports_file
    f515778 Merge pull request #1228 from wickedOne/rewritelock
    d38cc4d added rewrite lock tests and doc
    f10e309 RewriteLock support
    9c1047d Merge pull request #1226 from DavidS/MODULES-2655-fix-sslprotocol-test
    72df6f3 (MODULES-2655) Fix acceptance testing for SSLProtocol behaviour for real
    3c953de Merge pull request #1225 from DavidS/multiple-fixes
    1d46f7b (MODULES-2655) fix acceptance tests to correctly detect SELinux
    94b2f0f (MODULES-2680) fix default nodeset to actually work
    a2a6395 Merge pull request #1218 from damonconway/2673
    680f3a9 (MODULES-2673) Adding dev_packages to apache class. Allows use of httpd24u-devel from the IUS repo.
    6124598 Merge pull request #1224 from DavidS/allow_no_docroot
    b63aac2 (MAINT) add a small test for no-docroot-mode
    3a1a4e4 Merge pull request #1216 from bmfurtado/MODULES-2655
    bb5b27e Added tests and updated docs for string and array support on ssl_protocol for apache::vhost.
    22ed027 Merge pull request #1221 from mpdude/custom-config-requires-basic-setup
    9d8efec Install all modules before adding custom configs
    f57f7f7 (MODULES-2120) Allow empty docroot
    b4885f2 Merge pull request #1223 from DavidS/add-vhost-enable-pattern
    4c87d22 Add option to configure the include pattern for the vhost_enable dir
    932f0d0 Merge pull request #1220 from tobixen/ssl_cipher_rc4_deprecated
    445d436 RC4 is deprecated, ref https://community.qualys.com/blogs/securitylabs/2013/09/17/updated-ssltls-deployment-best-practices-deprecate-rc4 - usage will downgrade the SSL rating from A to B on their rating service at https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/
    d57816b Added support for both string and array on ssl_protocol for apache::vhost
    383bca7 Merge pull request #1215 from orthographic-pedant/spell_check/accommodate
    8447589 Change SSLProtocol in apache::vhost to be space separated
    e500a55 Fixed typographical error, changed accomodate to accommodate in README.
    3df2a4f Merge pull request #1213 from traylenator/mod_ext_filter
    a59015b (MODULES-2647) Optinally set parameters for mod_ext_filter module
    d5265ea Merge pull request #1214 from traylenator/setoutputfilter
    1a981c7 (MODULES-2649) Allow SetOutputFilter to be set on a directory.
    b68b6ae the passenger documentation has moved. follow it.
    2ad38d9 Add an option to configure PassengerLogFile
    4037a84 Merge pull request #1211 from jeffcoat/master
    1518b08 Merge pull request #1210 from jlambert121/modsec_uploaddir
    e2b6bcf Correct typo in default_vhost => false example.
    2730154 Merge pull request #1208 from traylenator/lrfs
    7a67ab1 add SecUploadDir parameter to support file uploads with mod_security
    13b0803 Merge pull request #1207 from snarlistic/MODULES-2613
    10d632b (MODULES-2616) Optionally set LimitRequestFieldSize on an apache::vhost
    9fd8ac4 Merge pull request #1205 from synyx/mod_authn_alias_in_debian_pre_2.4
    99daf49 MODULES-2613 Small style cleanup to templates/vhost/_additional_includes.erb
    2097596 Merge pull request #1206 from aduitsis/patch-1
    2ab1046 Fix erroneous example in README.md
    05613d7 also install mod_authn_alias as default mod in debian for apache < 2.4
    346c0e7 Merge pull request #1152 from aronymous/feature/master/passengerbaseuri
    84bb0fe Merge pull request #1200 from edmundcraske/fix-freebsd-mpm_prefork
    3e1f0c5 Merge pull request #1183 from traylenator/kerb
    bf948c0 (MODULES-2419) - Add mod_auth_kerb parameters to vhost.
    49fed02 Fix typo of MPM_PREFORK
    9367580 (MODULES-2188) Add support for PassengerBaseURI in Apache This adds a varaible and template block for using PassengerBaseURI in the vhost
    ec5c0e5 Merge pull request #1198 from leopoiroux/patch-2
    f11f5f7 Added application/json on default DEFLATE configuration
    a221fdc Deflate "application/json" by default
    894b3be Merge pull request #1197 from traylenator/format
    2311945 Fix mellon docs formatting
    1d7a3a4 Merge pull request #1188 from holtwilkins/support-reverse-proxy-client-auth
    5fbc078 Merge pull request #1193 from mpdude/no-mod-authz-default-in-2.4
    abcdc9f Merge pull request #1195 from ngrossmann/modules-2513_mod_ssl_fails_on_sles
    be08985 MODULES-2513 mod::ssl fails on SLES
    6e05f67 Add support for the Apache SSLProxyMachineCertificateFile directive which allows the apache reverse proxy to use a client certificate to authenticate to its upstream
    00b0da7 Merge pull request #1180 from roidelapluie/ProxyPassReverseCookiePath
    7cf4b96 Support the mod_proxy ProxyPassReverseCookiePath directive
    059b92b Catch that mod_authz_default has been removed in Apache 2.4
    4a2b0db Merge pull request #1189 from traylenator/melon
    c78ff52 Merge pull request #1190 from mhaskel/MODULES-2439
    3b5e4db MODULES-2439 - ProxyPassMatch parameters were ending up on a newline
    8600f3e Merge pull request #1184 from mpdude/patch-1
    b2f842c (MODULES-2458) Support for mod_auth_mellon.
    a34f171 Merge pull request #1185 from mwhahaha/ticket/2432-worker_listenbacklog
    d245182 Add ListenBacklog for mod worker (MODULES-2432)
    ea54cf0 The purge_vhost_configs parameter is actually called purge_vhost_dir
    8ef4ee5 Merge pull request #1182 from bmjen/fix-ci
    d4dbc72 corrects mod_cgid worker/event defaults
    c137d26 Merge pull request #1159 from vamegh/master
    cd1102b Add support for user modifiable installation of mod_systemd and pidfile locations.
    3449663 Merge pull request #1181 from bmjen/fix-ci
    3ff15a5 fixes conditional in vhost aliases
    fbf0eff Merge pull request #1178 from jewjitsu/fcgid_loadfile_name
    1bf0aba load unixd before fcgid on all operating systems (see #879)
    5a2730e Merge pull request #1155 from pcfens/mod_alias
    7f8dfb3 Merge pull request #1146 from Gamesparks-OSS/ticket/1410-mod_disk_cache
    7e4c6bc Adding support to mod_disk_cache for >= 2.4
    e504da6 mod::alias should be included when the aliases parameter is used (even without scriptaliases)
    3ef6c41 Merge pull request #1175 from MasonM/fix-cgid-with-event-mpm
    eb022c6 Update README.md
    a40e097 Merge pull request #1154 from pcfens/userdir_fix
    30f6d16 Merge pull request #1148 from olivierHa/master
    7fffc48 Merge pull request #1158 from wubr/feature/mod_passenger_spawnmethod
    2d4723f mod_passenger: allow setting PassengerSpawnMethod
    db2eabd Merge pull request #1162 from cropalato/master
    62e1370 DOC-1493: Resolve broken links.
    7b6fd26 Merge pull request #1176 from mhaskel/readme
    660dda1 Apache readme reorganization.
    cd5090b Merge pull request #1156 from dconry/master
    20e7abe Merge pull request #1170 from bmjen/remove_187
    fb4aa9b Removes ruby 1.8.7 from the travisci test matrix
    cb81fd4 Merge pull request #1169 from mhaskel/merge_1.6.x_to_master
    11b1bd8 Added documentation for ForceType directive (MODULES-2152)
    4daaa34 Adding ability to enable/disable the secruleengine through a parameter
    90c4bef we also want to have groups with '-' like vhost-users
    f87394e add possibility to set icons_path to false so no alias will be set for it
    634fc00 Merge pull request #1167 from bmurtagh/fix/MODULES-2152
    9b7bde9 Added documentation for ForceType directive (MODULES-2152)
    ddb76e4 Merge pull request #1168 from igalic/secrule_engine
    5b03bef Merge pull request #1166 from noris-network/suexec_group
    fa56b56 Merge pull request #1160 from AntagonistHQ/no-icons-alias
    9f0c303 Adding ability to enable/disable the secruleengine through a parameter
    883ca3a Merge pull request #1165 from bmjen/fix-rhel-aio
    4646f7b we also want to have groups with '-' like vhost-users
    4cca48f fixes timing of mod_security tests for aio
    8b2e700 Fix apache::mod::cgid so it can be used with the event MPM
    b1a3cc1 Include full path for UserDir directive
    855415d Merge pull request #1164 from bmjen/fix-changelog
    a403853 update to CHANGELOG
    a791a72 Merge pull request #1163 from mhaskel/1.6.0-prep
    bbbe604 1.6.0 prep
    8b00664 Adding use_optional_includes parameter to vhost define.
    2605c76 Merge pull request #1161 from bmjen/deb7-fix
    eaa0044 fixes ordering of mod_security tests to pass on debian7
    f3e861e add possibility to set icons_path to false so no alias will be set for it
    15d5134 Fix _proxy.erb to put multiple SetEnv
    f0810d2 Fix: missing package for mod_geoip on Debian systems
    git-subtree-dir: modules/apache
    git-subtree-split: 3d3f02f9b1f753ae11c892c28916be3fd86b9e15

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=3b76fd9e224d865dba069537ffa4ec9de6be748b
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 20:21:15 2016 +0200

    Update README.md

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=d8501002f29a15f60311ef6bafdf63855fec7781
Merge: e8c3aa2 c629f42
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 20:20:39 2016 +0200

    Merge commit 'c629f42c1af7129e73e6729b9811ef5f8fec7ac6' as 'modules/datacat'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=c629f42c1af7129e73e6729b9811ef5f8fec7ac6
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 20:20:39 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/datacat/' content from commit 10f6dde
    git-subtree-dir: modules/datacat
    git-subtree-split: 10f6dde9a3c3c47c06a6322d22d7723685d9976a

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=e8c3aa288ec21ae3f3ba5066b2241205e95d0cff
Merge: 744aa99 69ab0f8
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 20:19:14 2016 +0200

    Merge commit '69ab0f8e10d5c53749e635a6c549bf10bb059d4f'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=69ab0f8e10d5c53749e635a6c549bf10bb059d4f
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 20:19:14 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/concat/' changes from d336ea0..37c4f8a
    37c4f8a Merge pull request #402 from bmjen/fix-metaparams
    dd88b1a (MODULES-3463) Properly passes metaparams to generated resource
    83c6003 Merge pull request #401 from puppetlabs/2.1.x
    8f135ad Merge pull request #400 from hdeheer/patch-1
    a00bfa0 Correct target validation
    f3c541c Merge pull request #398 from bmjen/fix-readme
    713db23 (maint) Updates README to reflect new fragment target description.
    faba9bb Merge pull request #397 from puppetlabs/binford2k-patch-1
    aad8b96 Correct the acceptance test
    43b79e9 Correct the path validation.
    48576d8 Merge pull request #396 from dalen/master
    3573450 Neiter ~ or + are allowed in tag names
    928f319 Merge pull request #395 from puppetlabs/update-msync
    bdec0d4 Update to newest modulesync_configs [9ca280f]
    a866804 Merge pull request #394 from vicinus/master
    3e73cd1 MODULES-3156: propagate the validate_cmd to the file resource
    e790bf0 Merge pull request #393 from hunner/patch_helper
    fa1d588 This is wrong.
    b033974 Merge pull request #392 from bmjen/fix-sort
    f422260 (MODULES-3097) Re-fix fragment sorting by alpha
    09da928 Merge pull request #391 from rettier/fix_sort
    05cdeb5 Alphanumerical sorting now takes into account the order parameter aswell as the name as stated in the docs
    28fcecd Merge pull request #386 from xa4a/master
    b141a6f Merge pull request #390 from DavidS/debian-8-support
    f12dbf8 Update metadata to note Debian 8 support
    a488022 Merge pull request #389 from hunner/fix_helper
    23d739d Fix helper on host command
    1caa43c Merge pull request #388 from DavidS/fm-4046-update-msync
    ba882c1 (FM-4046) Update to current msync configs [006831f]
    f5d76c0 Merge pull request #387 from bmjen/modules-3027
    582968b (MODULES-3027) Fixes escaping the '*' character in tag creation.
    7d954e8 Fix the minimum required stdlib version to 4.2.0.
    55cf935 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/2.1.x'
    f3de395 Merge pull request #380 from DavidS/fm-4049-update-msync
    69e1a8c (FM-4049) Update to current msync configs [2c99161]
    8d479b3 Merge pull request #384 from bmjen/docs
    96454a8 (maint) Minor fix in README
    77dfe3c Merge pull request #383 from bmjen/2.1.0_prep
    0bf6119 (maint) Updates to CHANGELOG.
    8f5d9e6 Merge pull request #382 from bmjen/2.1.0_prep
    83555da (FM-4565) Release Prep for 2.1.0
    fa008ec Merge pull request #381 from bmjen/fix-dir-deps
    76d3c85 Fixes missing directory environment failure
    7a91504 Merge branch 'mergeup' into 2.0.x
    7d35d56 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mergeup
    f4241b5 (MODULES-2998) Re-sync concat to 2.0.x version
    ca98a14 Merge pull request #377 from puppetlabs/1.2.x
    a999bf2 Merge pull request #376 from HelenCampbell/release1.2.5
    b77fa84 Release 1.2.5
    b87f155 Merge pull request #375 from hunner/fix_crlf
    6aebec5 (maint) Fix line endings
    685cc74 Merge pull request #368 from jdkindy/MODULES-1678
    a7789fa MODULES-1678: Add show_diff functionality to concat and concat::fragment
    53d5950 Merge pull request #373 from karyon/fix_line_endings
    f527236 Fix line endings on windows
    0298431 Merge pull request #371 from bmjen/un-tableflip
    ada9cef added tests to verify pup_1963 fix
    e120bac add .swp to the gitignore
    bb31f28 Merge pull request #370 from bmjen/fix-pr369
    4faf847 fixes resource reference in concat_file eval_generate return
    a10097a Merge pull request #369 from sfu-rcg/2.0.x
    5c5aa40 Should fix require, refresh dependencies
    c307bee Merge pull request #366 from thrnio/fix_spec_vagrant
    8484bc5 Merge pull request #367 from thrnio/allow_integer_owner
    a6ebae9 Allow integer UID/GID for $owner/$group
    5efd30a (MODULES-2572) Fix acceptance test vagrant URLs
    fd4f1e2 Merge pull request #361 from jhoblitt/feature/selinux
    60051ae add log/ to .gitignore
    ff1e65a (MODULES-2303) add selinux related params to concat type
    e250a26 Merge pull request #364 from bmjen/fix-frag-backup
    ca58571 (MODULES-1700) Re-factored original fix, to not default to backing up fragments.
    370e38a Merge pull request #363 from jhoblitt/fix-broken-backup
    b6f1ac1 (MODULES-1700) remove all reliance on resource defaults
    fede246 Never backup fragments, no matter what $backup for concat resource is used
    65a7cf2 Merge pull request #360
    a2afcb1 Merge pull request #362 from puppetlabs/revert-359-fix-broken-backup
    6ba6cd2 Revert "Backup option breaks concat"
    ac28069 Merge pull request #358 from buzzdeee/master
    7c13aae Merge pull request #359 from j-vizcaino/fix-broken-backup
    ded2316 Never backup fragments, no matter what $backup for concat resource is used
    d5c305c Recent OpenBSD changed to ruby22 as default interpreter, that now is also used by Puppet, so adapt to that.
    b957bb9 Merge pull request #357 from mhaskel/revert-sol12
    05426bb Revert "Add support for Solaris 12"
    fb022ee Merge pull request #355 from mhaskel/1.2.4-prep
    db914f1 1.2.4 prep
    89fceb4 Merge pull request #354 from bmjen/merge-master
    git-subtree-dir: modules/concat
    git-subtree-split: 37c4f8a40d9fc208c299b7a73ac0aba33cb90cc1

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=744aa996456a174d6b0d4cdb02a3fb8de0ece073
Merge: 5857f37 05c09cc
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 20:17:53 2016 +0200

    Merge commit '05c09cc8b511d4befa0679822ca776547a24e4a8'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=05c09cc8b511d4befa0679822ca776547a24e4a8
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 20:17:53 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/stdlib/' changes from dca8bdb..b7e1f89
    b7e1f89 Merge pull request #605 from jyaworski/delete_optional_param
    dd71c02 Add a delete_regex function
    ecfdbb2 Merge pull request #600 from dmitryilyin/master
    7a008a7 Merge pull request #606 from stbenjam/MODULES-3354
    1b00c3b Merge pull request #604 from rjw1/patch-1
    f47df3b (MODULES-3354) Use 1.8.7 hash in validate_email_address function
    8f1efda Add a missing s in the ensure_packages hash example
    b2165df Merge pull request #601 from petems/MODULES-1439-any2bool_added
    f46c9fd Merge pull request #592 from jyaworski/fix_delete
    540546b Use reject instead of delete_if
    f48747b Merge pull request #603 from puppetlabs/4.12.x
    420f76d (MODULES-1439) Adds any2bool function
    9e1f74f Expose the functions of ruby's built-in Shellwords module (#580)
    2a75ed0 Merge pull request #602 from hunner/unbreakline
    db6e2f8 Remove hard linebreaks
    870a272 Add the default value to the "loadyaml" function
    fc18517 Merge pull request #599 from hunner/fix_delete
    19752a7 Remove todo for delete() and update spec
    232de13 Revert "Add support for regular expressions to delete"
    24797bb Merge pull request #593 from puppetlabs/update-msync
    ee6413b Update to newest modulesync_configs [9ca280f]
    27236a7 Merge pull request #598 from DavidS/MODULES-3271-legacy-ruby
    79c8713 (MODULES-3271) Ensure that is_email_address works on unsupported rubies
    768b6ce Merge pull request #596 from tphoney/4.12.0_release_prep
    cf171a7 4.12.0 release prep
    d9f6538 Merge pull request #595 from tphoney/4.12.0_release
    085035d (FM-5000) Release prep for 4.12.0.
    7335086 Merge pull request #591 from jyaworski/delete_regex
    0d46515 Add support for regular expressions to delete
    e3a6e2c Merge pull request #590 from alext/fix_concat_with_hash
    60864fd Merge pull request #583 from jyaworski/validate_email_address
    bfe6cf6 Add validate_email_address function
    44596e7 (MODULES-3246) Fix concat with Hash arguments.
    be1ff3f Merge pull request #585 from jearls/MODULES-2370-update-validate-to-not-require-line-when-matching-for-absence
    6248d24 Merge pull request #582 from derekmceachern/bug/master/spec_test_typo
    0624c3f Merge pull request #589 from puppetlabs/modulesync-update
    5639828 (maint) also catch Psych::SyntaxError
    3860512 (maint) remove failing test
    27458af (maint) Update to current modulesync_configs [953280c]
    c5486ab Merge pull request #586 from ffrank/dont_catch_exception
    2996121 Merge pull request #587 from bmjen/4.12.0_prep
    e6a3436 (FM-5000) Release prep for 4.12.0.
    0cea94a catch StandardError rather than the gratuitous Exception
    7e408ca [MODULES-2370] file_line.rb: Fix `line` attribute validation
    b63849c Merge pull request #579 from sulaweyo/patch-2
    eca43f4 Fixed typo 'absense' to 'absence'
    db2a321 Merge pull request #581 from vicinus/master
    85ff2a2 improve suffix function to support the same feature set as prefix
    b6383d2 Merge pull request #576 from yadavnikhil/master
    be6d4d2 Add check if Gem is defined
    52f6af3 Merge pull request #578 from bmjen/fqdn-rand-fix
    7943b25 (maint) Fixes fqdn_rand_string tests
    72f6e37 Merge pull request #577 from EmilienM/enclose_ipv6
    0da9ca7 Add ensure_resources() function
    0378336 Add enclose_ipv6 function
    69ca8d0 Merge pull request #570 from gfidente/master
    2c3beac Merge pull request #575 from guessi/extend_base64_function_support
    dc64e72 Extend Base64() function support
    e2206fd Merge pull request #573 from Yelp/pl-dig
    c83a70e Merge pull request #574 from DavidS/fm-4046-update-msync
    8f037d2 (FM-4046) Update to current msync configs [006831f]
    3169a43 Add dig() function
    990e1d7 Merge pull request #569 from DavidS/fm-4049-update-msync
    7ff944d (FM-4049) Update to current msync configs [2c99161]
    d85aec4 Add is_ipv4_address and is_ipv6_address functions
    2a51016 Merge pull request #568 from mattbostock/fix_docs
    b7df76c Fix reference to validate_bool in function
    e5be901 Merge pull request #567 from alechenninger/add-test-for-basename-with-scheme
    1659d47 Add test for basename on path with scheme
    4eba936 Merge pull request #566 from puppetlabs/4.11.x
    f875770 Merge pull request #552 from mattbostock/add_x509_rsa_key_pair
    41f9319 Change order of tests to be more logical
    4acba73 Test certificate and key with a truncated middle
    97320ab Add a function to validate an x509 RSA key pair
    fdf3f22 Merge pull request #565 from tphoney/4.11.0_tweak
    33b79f3 minor tweak to 4.11.0 adding debian 8 to metadata
    9cce930 Merge pull request #545 from mpolenchuk/master
    39644a6 Merge pull request #564 from tphoney/4.11.0_prep
    2778224 Add clamp function
    0097303 4.11.0 prep
    0073c6d Merge pull request #553 from logicminds/absolute_path
    1c6ae47 Merge pull request #561 from DavidS/fix-package_provider
    35b5d6b Allow package_provider fact to resolve on PE 3.x
    8ea26c4 Merge pull request #559 from DavidS/fm-3802-fix-ensure_resource-test
    02965b8 (FM-3802) make ensure_resource test of packages
    1da820e refactors the validate_absolute_path to utilize the is_absolute_path
    1b048ff adds new parser called is_absolute_path
    d2ae00c Merge pull request #558 from puppetlabs/4.10.x
    0b4822b Merge pull request #557 from jbondpdx/4.10.x
    8fcefcf more carriage returns
    802e3ad more carriage returns, no
    d00bccc removing mid-line carriage returns
    4abc6e6 edits to README
    9a1d8be Merge pull request #556 from HelenCampbell/4.10.0_prep
    964e24a Changelog and versionbump for 4.10.0
    93600e4 Merge pull request #554 from kjetilho/ticket/2886-seeded_rand
    7a745de Merge pull request #555 from puppetlabs/4.9.x
    8aecd63 (#2886) seeded_rand: new function
    88a9a31 Merge pull request #546 from jdevesa/validate_ip
    fe23e01 Add validator for any IP address
    f684fb8 Merge pull request #550 from tphoney/release_4.9.1
    01c42d5 4.9.1 release prep
    06b2cfb Merge pull request #551 from mattbostock/fix_ipv4_doc
    7b06878 Fix reference to validate_bool in IP4 function
    ef0c13b Merge pull request #548 from bmjen/ruby187
    c439246 Fix Gemfile to work with ruby 1.8.7
    0d20200 Merge pull request #543 from ghoneycutt/patch-2
    13e307b Merge pull request #547 from reidmv/fm_3773
    13e5d46 (FM-3773) Fix root_home fact on AIX 5.x
    61333cf Merge pull request #544 from HelenCampbell/readmeaddition
    99db982 pick_default addition to readme
    dc9b81d Use absolute class name in example
    5d8a5ac Merge pull request #542 from greg0ire/patch-1
    7fdc312 use properly encoded characters
    45ec648 Merge pull request #541 from mattflaschen/patch-1
    1421aa4 Fix capitalize docs
    143d4aa Merge pull request #540 from marrero984/update_str2bool_readme
    2c3c6fd (#2183) updated str2bool readme wording
    2db7440 Merge pull request #538 from mmckinst/bool2str_enhance
    6de1a6e add functionality to bool2str to return strings of your choice for a boolean
    39126a7 Merge pull request #539 from mentat/MODULES-2696
    6aa7f2d Add check to ensure regex does not throw for none type.
    57a8485 Merge pull request #537 from cmurphy/fix_load_module_metadata
    25410c4 Let load_module_metadata succeed on empty file
    0f8df10 Rename load_module_metadata test path
    5b3c623 Merge pull request #536 from DavidS/improve-file_line-docs
    ad173f2 (MODULES-2421) improve description of file_line
    4e62223 Merge pull request #535 from martinpfeifer/package_provider_fact
    d73fd3c prevent deprecation warning about the allow_virtual parameter
    e1a9bf5 Merge pull request #534 from asasfu/feature/package_provider_fact
    76db981 Merge pull request #533 from HelenCampbell/MODULES-2614-Improved
    c7c4d41 Added acceptance test and updated readme
    6f1d164 Check for numeric values as empty fails on those
    48b658f Merge pull request #532 from DavidS/fix-is_a-readme
    bfa21ed (FM-3701) Update README for is_a
    39e81aa Merge pull request #531 from asasfu/improvement/service_provider_fact
    440245d fixup-PR#506 Speed improvements in facter resolution
    ce6e867 Add package_provider fact
    4d1bca3 Merge pull request #506 from binford2k/feature/service_provider_fact
    6bb1c27 Merge pull request #530 from HelenCampbell/MODULES-2614
    92b068a Adding update to empty function readme
    cebb9f3 Merge pull request #528 from mhaskel/is_a_fixes
    b20239e Update is_a acceptance tests to only run on puppet4
    97bd656 Merge pull request #527 from mhaskel/511_compatibility
    799c38e Fix backwards compatibility from #511
    9b1932c Merge pull request #526 from DavidS/improve-validate_re-docs
    55ece78 (MAINT) validate_re: Clarify docs and error message
    399ce03 Merge pull request #524 from binford2k/docs/intersection_truthiness
    169f8af Clarify what an empty intersection looks like.
    0ea0e40 Merge pull request #523 from DavidS/modules-2516-is_a
    c0df819 Merge pull request #511 from dmitryilyin/parseyaml_default
    00c881d (MODULES-2516) Adds an is_a() function
    2a7a93f Merge pull request #518 from logicminds/case_insensitive
    00b11c2 Merge pull request #519 from dmitryilyin/fetch
    411978d [MAINT] Improve 'try_get_value' readme
    f2f2db4 accept any case of boolean strings
    05c6587 Release Prep 4.9.0
    6a1afae Merge pull request #517 from DavidS/try_get_value-acceptance
    5ef5c66 (MAINT) fix up try_get_value acceptance test
    64267eb Merge pull request #513 from dmitryilyin/fetch
    823a352 Add a new function "try_get_value"
    9352db7 Merge pull request #515 from jfautley/ticket/MODULES-2478-support_root_home_fact_on_AIX
    6c2a003 (MODULES-2478) Support root_home fact on AIX through "lsuser" command
    b109787 Merge pull request #514 from DavidS/add-convert_base
    2d4f5aa Adds a convert_base function, which can convert numbers between bases
    eb948c4 [MODULES-2462] Improve parseyaml function
    1bed010 Merge pull request #512 from Jetroid/consistentreadme
    ba345ab Add consistent *Type* information
    da0e063 Merge pull request #510 from DavidS/base64-unit-tests
    aa23894 (MAINT) improve base64 unit tests
    24e57b5 Merge pull request #507 from Jetroid/mod2456
    1d9189d (MODULE-2456) Modify union to accept more than two arrays
    66e118a Add a service_provider fact
    1d89df9 Merge pull request #505 from gibbsoft/dos2unix
    4cbe846 (MODULES-2410) Add new functions dos2unix and unix2dos
    e84090d Merge pull request #499 from jearls/2370-use-match-for-ensure-absent
    605fffd Merge pull request #503 from puppetlabs/4.8.x
    5727506 Add puppet_version back to spec_helper
    a72918f Merge pull request #502 from hunner/fix_after
    9baca7f Sometimes this exits 1
    cf5d4ff Merge pull request #501 from hunner/bug_helper
    0a58b93 Fix extraneous end
    a56e119 Merge pull request #500 from hunner/prep_4.8.0
    dfa98b8 Prep 4.8.0
    9bacf14 allow `match` parameter to influence `ensure => absent` behavior.
    061d0c2 Merge pull request #497 from domcleal/tickets/master/MODULES-2316
    a7adcda (MODULES-2316) Change file_type boolean parameter to symbols
    e815da5 Merge pull request #483 from nibalizer/load_metadata_json
    f411ee7 Add load_metadata_json function
    d1f6c5c Merge pull request #496 from pizzaops/master
    aca2912 Remove colorful language from module.
    ebf7348 Merge pull request #494 from CENGN/fix/master/file_line_replace
    41a7297 Merge pull request #495 from puppetlabs/4.7.x
    35e9264 (MODULES-2024) Adding replace attribute to file_line
    956c329 Merge pull request #493 from DavidS/fixup-acceptance-testing
    44c4bad (maint) use puppet's utility function instead of API that's not available on all rubies
    ac0b096 Merge pull request #492 from DavidS/fixup-acceptance-testing
    4d889cb Merge pull request #491 from ekohl/style-fixes
    c7403a4 Style fixes
    a8d7563 (main) clean up fqdn_rand acceptance tests to work on windows
    24b1cd7 (maint) Remove failing acceptance test for ensure_packages
    f996a38 Merge pull request #490 from hunner/fix_specifier
    6152279 disable pw_hash test on sles, as it only supports md5
    git-subtree-dir: modules/stdlib
    git-subtree-split: b7e1f8974b0e7ed494a79bbde27214099108aac6

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=5857f3718b06dcd6fdc8c7f4545db78a174f6842
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 20:15:44 2016 +0200

    Update README.mde for file_concat

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=bc6691ffbe350e9f6e050b59f8365f27efd9ce5c
Merge: 4bad2a3 18aeb85
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 20:14:12 2016 +0200

    Merge commit '18aeb8524066f5fd1244df08de489e2905778918' as 'modules/file_concat'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=18aeb8524066f5fd1244df08de489e2905778918
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 20:14:12 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/file_concat/' content from commit 813132b
    git-subtree-dir: modules/file_concat
    git-subtree-split: 813132b5d776204e1da169a93e4bc6a1e253f75c

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=4bad2a389c4a7cb0d0af2a49c23302dd17e59e25
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 19:53:00 2016 +0200

    Add puppet modules to README.md

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=01135acadc1426c5702eb2af78b4539b6f5e5029
Merge: 62004c6 ec170e5
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 19:51:09 2016 +0200

    Merge commit 'ec170e54a4ea93c0d4c95f94b89c85e297874fec'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=ec170e54a4ea93c0d4c95f94b89c85e297874fec
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 19:51:09 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/elasticsearch/' changes from 76da724..ccb59c6
    ccb59c6 Merge pull request #639 from AshtonDavis/master
    454ba76 Merge pull request #651 from bdashrad/spec_typo
    b618141 fixed typo in bootstrap.mlockall setting
    8498edb testing: fix caching and make bundler faster
    b679664 testing: stick to non-broken specinfra version, 2.59.1 is garbage
    18f4594 Merge pull request #644 from sathieu/mask-default-unit
    ed3b0c9 Mask default unit (from package)
    437ce72 testing: remove ruby dev pkg reqs from updated opensuse 13 image
    c488e0e testing: update opensuse ruby devel packages in acceptance bootstrap
    599844f travis: permit SLES 12 PE failures for now, Docker is borked
    bb0998e Merge pull request #645 from sathieu/yml-eol
    730144d Ensure elasticsearch.yml ends with a newline
    aedeafe Killed install_options with extreme prejudice.
    9e8dd9c Merge pull request #635 from 1n/bug/array_of_hashes
    f4ec8ab Merge branch 'release/0.11.0'
    d6b6efb docs: update CHANGELOG and related files for 0.11.0
    c06347b sort hash with PuppetX::Elastic::Hash
    0e1628d Merge remote-tracking branch 'elastic/master' into bug/array_of_hashes
    6d13724 Merge pull request #638 from tylerjl/bugfix/shield-roles-yaml-order
    2915db9 testing: explicitly test for yaml provider to_yaml ordering
    357620a lib: fix ordering in yaml-based providers for all versions of Puppet/ruby
    8df95f2 docs: update README to more clearly explain role definition formatting
    1fa12c0 lib: fix ZAML to_yaml ordering to enforce sorted key output
    86f6a8f Merge pull request #609 from tylerjl/testing/sles
    44659c3 changed rspec template tests to compare resulting data for equivalency rather than string comparison removed any modifications to yaml strings after to_yaml in Puppet 3
    a0dee8f testing: bump up retry count to 4
    0ab6397 testing: add PE sles-12 acceptance testing
    96f71b4 Merge branch 'master' into testing/sles
    4e04523 testing: add `which` to centos:6.7 packages
    f51c067 testing: restore total spec coverage for shield defined types
    09bf810 travis: fast-finish matrix builds
    a2724b9 testing: add tar to list of packages to install for centos 6.7
    12a05b5 testing: bump centos 6 nodeset release to 6.7
    557cfec params: remove SLES 11 java package variable
    5b5c695 testing: alter sles-12 image for SP0 package requirements
    2b2fc4d handle different puppet YAML implementaion in rspec and validate YAML
    235bab6 puppet versions YAML implementation deviations
    5aec71f replace recursive_hash_to_yml_string with native puppet to_yaml
    bcb5dc4 Merge pull request #630 from tylerjl/feature/merge_qualified_configs
    8f425f9 instance: fully-qualify all shield config parameters
    53c4f5b Merge branch 'master' into feature/merge_qualified_configs
    7da94eb README: remove SLES 11 from supported list
    a7d7dfb remove SLES 11 from supported OSes and test matrix
    90e7b53 Merge branch 'master' into testing/sles
    995c1a9 Merge pull request #624 from tylerjl/feature/shield-esusers
    6e7ca39 testing: add iproute package to centos-7 image for ss (serverspect port resource)
    e3c5711 testing: add failing conflicting hash key test
    50034b6 testing: add unit tests for elasticsearch.yml.erb template
    848e961 testing: fix infrataster problems by correctly waiting for ports
    4c782ae testing: rework shield tests with higher-level HTTP abstractions
    d0f993a template: try to fix qualified key conflicts in hash merge
    20e53c7 README: add additional Shield docs re: mappings and 2.3.x config
    70443f3 shield: syntax fix for old ruby versions
    0544e1a shield: add parsed provider for user to enable hashed password control
    c553707 testing: fix wrong options on apply_manifest idempotency tests
    cbcbd5d testing: cleaner indenting on shield acceptance tests
    135b4fa testing: user catch_changes option on idempotent apply_manifest shield tests
    d76ac58 testing: clearer indentation on shield unit test cases
    5377cbc shield: fix to_yaml formatting in Puppet >= 4
    f54b63d providers: fix puppet 4 exception w.r.t. mk_resource_methods
    246ea40 shield: [testing] use less error-prone cluster op role priv test
    54b17be shield: fix undefined ensure error on roles
    d5a0dbe shield: refactor roles and add role mapping control
    1eb5e1f revert combined privilege/mapping role provider experiments
    a11365a WIP: shield roles - try using roles without parsed parent provider
    5947f1a WIP: almost-working parsed file version of roles and mappings
    287d3b7 shield: cleanup role and init.pp development artifacts
    f42b2fd Merge branch 'master' into feature/shield-esusers
    9ae610f testing: [shield] use latest rather than hardcoded ver
    c1f70ed shield: rename `file` users provider to `esusers`
    2365742 shield: add basic documentation to the README
    ebf12de shield: [testing] use latest license/shield versions for ES 1.4
    9ed201b shield: implement refresh logic for password changes
    75cf9fa shield: [user] fix user list parsing for long names
    275ba72 testing: get rid of unused param
    0f2a85d shield: [user] set esusers conf path using cross-version flag
    95ba9e7 shield: [role] cleaner newvalue method to validate role names
    20411ff shield: documentation fixes for instance and role
    23de8c0 testing: add user and role define rspec tests
    f1a2e94 plugin: [tests] fix rspec test expects with plugin conf argument
    fdc5cc3 shield: [testing] add coverage for shield dirs in class/define specs
    cc53764 shield: [role] fix linting error re: quoted name variable
    68d39c6 shield: fix role provider constructor for older ruby versions
    89274cb WIP shield: [testing] first pass at post-testing purge section
    e49960f shield: [testing] bump version to use test_settings
    c51a213 shield: manage users/roles through homedir
    2bebe1d testing: move version to 1.4 for minimum shield compatability
    b69e16c shield: [roles] fix name validation bug
    443f4d2 shield: [testing] add role unit tests and fix empty yaml bug
    cdc2b65 shield: add native users feature detection for >= 2.3 users provider
    ab16c37 shield: [tests] add instance tests for file provider
    57bc29d shield: [testing] basic unit tests for elasticsearch_shield_user
    67ec019 shield: [testing] acceptance tests for TLS clustering
    5174d45 shield: [testing] refactor tls generation for >1 client certs
    7e6fea3 shield: [users] constrain provider contingent upon es exe
    2d842f6 Merge pull request #614 from tylerjl/testing/travis-test-matrix
    8dacc2b shield: add HTTPS acceptance tests (single-node)
    faf3b3e shield: test role permissioning with more specific privileges
    b3d1bba README: clarify repo_version strings for versions >= 2
    34ef575 Merge branch 'master' into testing/travis-test-matrix
    4681dcf Merge pull request #577 from dansajner/support_ssl
    6b918b3 shield: validate role naming requirements
    3a634da shield: first draft for shield TLS support
    1da2b44 Merge branch 'master' into testing/travis-test-matrix
    d4300a9 Merge pull request #613 from tylerjl/testing/oracle
    15f1315 Merge branch 'master' into support_ssl
    67566c1 shield: get rid of unused param
    a432482 WIP: [shield] test using curl_with_retries, unfortunately
    673aa7f WIP: [shield] PoC using infrataster, may not work
    6094745 Merge branch 'master' into testing/travis-test-matrix
    290b84a Merge branch 'master' into testing/oracle
    1f720d8 Merge pull request #615 from tosmi/proxy
    f8c44f1 Add a lint ingore on a valid empty string assignment.
    fdbba4c Merge branch 'master' into support_ssl
    1a2eb5e WIP: [shield] try approach using yaml ParsedFile to handle roles.yml
    61308c4 shield: [roles] first draft implementing role defined type
    e01067c shield: [user] catch undefined roles in user parsing output
    a4daac3 WIP: [shield] control the /shield config directory explicitly
    660eb05 WIP: [shield] first draft of centralized users and managed shield directory
    29eaa36 WIP: failed shield experiment to reference singular esusers files
    3d4e754 WIP: shield esusers provider and type prototype; define draft
    381b019 Merge branch 'master' into testing/travis-test-matrix
    ab8dd8b Merge branch 'master' into testing/oracle
    a7a3abb added support for a repository proxy
    dbb1e40 testing: [travis] remove problematic older PE distro incompatibilities
    35c2575 Merge pull request #612 from tylerjl/testing/strict-vars
    db176bf testing: super hacky workaround to travis output timeouts
    faa0d0e testing: test for strict variables and fix undefined vars
    99d282a testing: [nodesets] generate en_US.UTF-8 locales on ubuntu for PE 2016.x
    471e8a8 testing: [travis] add complete set of PE versions to test to matrix
    d185712 metadata.json: add SLES 12sp1 to supported list
    a6112f3 testing: [travis] add oracle linux 6 to test matrix
    10018ad testing: add multiple PE versions to text matrix
    7142f6a Merge branch 'master' into testing/travis-test-matrix
    319205c testing: remove puppet version matrix for now
    3e5c911 testing: [oracle-6] add oracle 6 nodeset
    5f7a6b9 testing: [oracle-7] fix pegged agetty process
    2de3301 Merge branch 'jenkins-compat'
    491cb5b travis: disallow centos (6|7) failures now that perf is fixed
    698985c testing: remove getty/udev to avoid getty CPU spiking in Docker
    a20931c testing: WIP supporting tests of multiple puppet versions
    e01c0f7 Merge branch 'testing/rake-tasks'
    e9aa6cd testing: [nodesets] nuke overly-verbose debug logging
    3754901 testing: revert back to 3.8.0 PE for now
    3790b37 Fix typo from the rebase.
    72513c1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'elasticsearch/master' into support_ssl
    619154e testing: only test *_spec.rb tests
    549d638 make/rake: tweak env var presence to fix some rspec tasks
    130648d travis: enable SLES 11/12 testing
    2f861a5 init: expose java_package, and set default for SLES 11
    7cac4c4 repo: permit for SLES 11 by falling back to rpm --import
    f024789 testing: enforce gem installation at the rspec level; purge docker image
    846b6cc Update Gemfile for requisite specinfra SLES functionality
    17990af testing: breakout PE downloads to avoid massive delays
    da08f7a github: add issue template
    dec5ff6 github: add pull request template
    945ca11 Merge pull request #590 from buzzdeee/OpenBSD
    61a52fb Other attempt to call Facter from provider/elasticsearch_plugin/plugin.rb to find out 'osfamily'
    fa3635c testing: proper puppet install skipping on SLES hosts
    3f5931a metadata.json: SLES 11sp3 is EOL, drive compatability for sp4
    9d1396f params: distinct settings for OpenSuSE versus SLES
    bdf59bb Merge remote-tracking branch 'buzzdee/SLES' into testing/sles
    f8c94f1 Merge pull request #605 from tylerjl/testing/opensuse
    a0a1a0f testing: correctly failing tests for sles 11
    45add5a testing: sles dependencies
    7174f11 Merge remote-tracking branch 'digitalmediacenter/add_sles_support' into testing/sles
    c0da6d3 Merge branch 'testing/opensuse' into testing/sles
    029c402 testing: update systemd paths to be compatible with impending SLES
    f4ca047 testing: clean up leftover hiera configs
    ce8e5b2 repo: explicitly refresh zypper on repo updates
    0eba3c6 Merge branch 'master' into testing/opensuse
    4e82cf0 testing: add sles 12 nodeset
    c846ed7 testing: first pass at SLES tests
    57039d4 README: add travis build status badge
    e8881b6 travis: add slack integration
    8791494 testing: first pass at testing oracle linux 7
    bd8f7bf testing: update opensuse tests to reflect systemd/packaging updates
    16d3ba2 nodesets: ensure wget is install on opensuse image
    ed940b7 Merge branch 'master' into testing/opensuse
    c3702f8 Merge pull request #604 from tylerjl/testing/pe-ng
    686fd0c travis: remove opensuse-13 from list of acceptable failures
    12eb923 systemd: fix special-case systemd root path in opensuse 13
    3dd6314 package: settle for absent on opensuse package removal
    536bb1b travis: update artifacts install step and mark temporary PE failures
    efe974a testing: fix some make/rake targets for artifact handling
    ae72437 testing: [nodesets] set older OS's to debug logging
    e53080b testing: fix PE testing on several platforms
    709a8d7 testing: change makefile to build ubuntu by default
    9b9118f Merge pull request #595 from tylerjl/cleanup-ci
    b0914ca travis: enable builds on master branch
    78e4a0e nodesets: leave in broken /lib path, is an actual failure
    f68bee6 travis: allow centos-6 to fail for now due to timeouts
    76d1c8d travis: add failing opensuse tests
    c82390f Testing: change bundler makefile testing scheme
    09cd56a travis: be explicit about several caching dirs
    2ea4bb1 Testing: break apart test suites a bit further
    0d55548 nodesets: get rid of sles node def
    cd09dc5 add minimal SLES support
    4477ded acceptance helper: try to speed up build by skipping system update
    f073c4f Remove now-unused Vagrantfile and cloud-config.
    e56e2c5 travis: add ubuntu 12.04 LTS to test matrix
    ed2313c Makefile: add targets for intake and more full-scale tests
    a856483 Merge branch 'travis-poc' into cleanup-ci
    6c53602 CONTRIBUTING.md: clarify new Docker setup prerequisites
    98e8b3a nodesets: remove end-of-life debian 6
    233cb56 nodesets: working ubuntu definitions for all LTS releases
    5eef1a1 Merge branch 'cleanup-ci' into travis-poc
    a6f3301 nodesets: get debian 8 to work on generic docker hosts
    80bdef6 travis: test out other distributions with integration tests
    9a7545f Fix wrong distro env var
    adb802d Makefile: default to ubuntu instead
    14adcb3 nodesets: remove opensuse 12 for now, very old and no available images
    6476102 testing: functional opensuse-13 testing, with legitimate failures
    8cbbbad .travis.yml: add integration docker test to build steps
    8555d1d Merge branch 'cleanup-ci' into travis-poc
    467e058 Optional rm on makefile
    2667198 Trigger travis build
    fb1706b Try out travis for docker CI build
    8e3d6ee nodesets: fix missing wget in centos docker images
    5b4e762 Update dev workflow with make/vagrant/docker
    ff345ed Add archive formats to gitignore
    53027d7 Add beaker config to throwaway ssh known_hosts
    a345faf Add README note directing to CONTRIBUTING.md
    e4a5d75 Update ubuntu nodesets to draw from generic ubuntu docker images
    6d00f1f Fix missing snapshot_package name for integration tests
    2b337ea Re-worked node set definitions for debian and centos
    69f2625 Add artifact retrieval tasks to rake spec prep and teardown
    416b2af Update fixture remotes and host module installation approach
    9ac9edd General style boyscouting
    7b17be1 Merge pull request #587 from philipwigg/java_doco
    e554853 Add puppetlabs-java to requirements.
    36409ea Merge pull request #583 from electrical/release/0.10.3
    f76597e Update files for release
    e3a1f53 Merge pull request #582 from electrical/missing_doc
    5d8402b Add missing documentation
    da7b6a5 Merge pull request #579 from electrical/integration_fixing
    e5edaa8 Switch back to use community plugin
    03b9769 Merge pull request #578 from electrical/fix_integration
    4c5e8da Add support for SSL auth on api calls.
    efff777 Fix unit test
    df26140 Fix integration testing
    d13b78f Merge pull request #574 from electrical/plugin_source
    cbbbdbd Add before relation to the source file
    ff3ccb4 Merge pull request #569 from electrical/plugin_batch
    1dcdb39 Add batch flag and install_options param to plugin
    dbb6c52 Merge pull request #566 from electrical/logdir
    44c099e Add support for custom log directory
    5ef100d Merge pull request #491 from buzzdeee/OpenBSD
    8dcc61d Merge pull request #564 from electrical/package_upgrade
    2890d76 Ensure we notify the services if we upgrade the package
    6974f86 Merge pull request #563 from electrical/remove_plugin_dir
    902ed05 Remove plugin dir when the package changes
    cc1e6b9 pass plugindir parameter value from the main elasticsearch class down to the native plugins type. That's necessary for installations in non-default locations.
    a2888ff Some changes to support OpenBSD:
    e36fc4a Merge pull request #560 from electrical/release/0.10.2
    4691ec2 Update for release
    0a66ed4 Merge pull request #559 from derdanne/master
    b684479 add Gentoo support
    dbceae8 Merge pull request #554 from electrical/unmanaged
    2427fcf Merge pull request #555 from electrical/doc_init_defaults
    fd8cb06 Improve readme about init_defaults
    327747f Still create init script when status is unmanaged
    c195339 Merge pull request #552 from elastic/commonupdate
    7ed5ae1 update common files
    ae7d561 Merge pull request #551 from electrical/init_template
    b23ae04 Expose init_template variable correctly
    97bcb1c Merge pull request #544 from electrical/no_data_recursive
    4c47089 Merge pull request #545 from electrical/plugin_provider
    5cf2df4 Merge pull request #550 from electrical/plugin_retry
    89b2522 Add simple retry to plugin installation
    eb6af3c Make sure we remove the directory after everything else
    2ce21a3 Add Support for SLES.
    8091347 Fix unit tests
    558346b Solve issues with ES being run
    1101967 Remove recurse option on data dir
    665b4dc Merge pull request #539 from ntent-ashton/master
    b183f76 Added ES_GC_LOG_FILE export in init files Per the official distribution init.d files which contain this line
    785afdc Merge pull request #527 from electrical/release/0.10.1
    ef5395f Release 0.10.1
    9d5d465 Merge pull request #526 from electrical/proxy_fix
    65ccaa5 Update unit test
    f07408c Fix for proxy handling in plugin provider
    171a4a4 Merge pull request #520 from electrical/pmtignore
    20de5fe Update .pmtignore file to exclude a bit more
    0ebe2ed Merge pull request #519 from electrical/release/0.10.0
    d331a69 Update files for release
    e676121 Merge pull request #518 from electrical/minor_mods
    1ac809c Minor modifications for tests
    c5f5933 Merge pull request #502 from x3dfxjunkie/master
    7926080 Merge pull request #507 from electrical/plugin_tp
    e09b3dd Be consistent with return
    9763bea Refactor package dir creation for temp plugin location
    4b7a4d6 Update spec tests
    7e1a68b Modify path where plugins are placed temporary
    617311b Some improvements after review
    0093b1e Remove commented file resource
    9a37776 Limit is2x? function to be 2.x and above but below 3.x
    0aa805a Merge pull request #508 from rhoml/fix_elasticsearch_init
    af08d3e Export es_include
    7a352bd Update unit tests
    b86e05e Make provider work on ruby 1.8.7 and up
    91d9255 Merge branch 'master' into master
    df3047f Plugin Type & Provider
    b930ab8 Merge pull request #489 from queeno/remove_package_provider
    939c99e Proper context name and expected override key source URL
    9bf60c2 Improper type naming in spec for apt key / key_source
    a9e562e rspec tests for gpg key params
    b611cf0 cleaned trailing space
    7ca831c merging change 4ca0556 from cotocisternas
    702e0f6 Merge pull request #497 from ryreitsma/add_sbin_directories
    5db4b3f Add sbin directories to executable path for plugins
    b201133 Merge pull request #496 from pickypg/awaits-es-2.0
    568974f Update README to note it is not ready for ES 2.0
    4ca0556 repo_key_id to param
    ee28496 Merge pull request #490 from elastic/revert-477-plugin-deinst
    0db2320 Revert "allow installation of plugins on 2.x"
    7f87b18 Use package resource defaults rather than setting provider and source
    a26ea89 Merge pull request #470 from abednarik/master
    10c165a Merge pull request #484 from electrical/bump_pl-apt
    9135e4f Bump pl-apt dependency to < 3.0.0
    749c7ad Do not force puppet:/// schema resource
    127b160 Merge pull request #477 from igalic/plugin-deinst
    4a90ec3 allow installation of plugins on 2.x
    d54dc1a Merge pull request #481 from electrical/acceptance/integration
    76ccf5d Add new url for all 2.x stable releases
    333277f Merge pull request #452 from pcfens/apt_cleanup
    7ce03ec Merge pull request #474 from electrical/spec/acceptance/integration
    058ec4d Fix integration testing to account for package naming change
    35e8390 Use the short key to maintain support for PE 3.3
    91c018b Remove apt conditional block, and require apt::update before packages are installed
    57e47fc Merge pull request #468 from elastic/commonupdate
    ff1b5ce update common files
    c87d107 Merge pull request #467 from electrical/bundler_issue
    026f056 Pin beaker version to latest available
    26ab3ad Merge pull request #463 from electrical/es2.0
    194a2af Fix init/systemd files for 2.x
    0925714 Merge pull request #460 from orthographic-pedant/spell_check/across
    f2d9300 Merge pull request #459 from bsvingen/readme-fixes
    16aac71 Fixed typographical error, changed accross to across in README.
    371b148 README.md details
    418a074 Merge pull request #458 from andrewkroh/add-dep-to-readme
    17ca563 Adding datacat requirement to README.md.
    3f02a39 Merge pull request #447 from electrical/datacat
    3974aa7 Fix tests for new feature
    3ffe1e2 Initial commit for implementing datacat
    b24bafa Merge pull request #446 from electrical/master
    53c127a Update Gemfile
    c315bb8 Merge pull request #443 from electrical/improve_spec
    3ae577f Shorten spec run by only looping over specific parts
    4b74107 Merge pull request #442 from electrical/release/0.9.9
    cae95f0 Merge pull request #440 from electrical/extra_acceptance
    74cb582 Merge pull request #441 from electrical/doc
    fdd30d9 New release
    d8f75cb Add missing dependency in doc
    ccdb7f3 Add extra acceptance test for restart_on_change validation
    94396f6 Merge pull request #438 from electrical/master
    99b23ab Use own fork of specinfra for now
    931d50a Merge pull request #318 from AddOnline/master
    b421974 Merge pull request #434 from electrical/fix_plugin_def
    b7b0b8a Merge pull request #435 from electrical/yum_update
    95572c6 Merge pull request #427 from benpillet/bug/yml_is_a
    15f0fed Do yum update
    d255854 Fix small bug causing type error
    01501f8 Merge pull request #432 from Akanoa/master
    0d152d5 fix regex retrieving proxy port while downloading plugin issue: if url is 'http://my_proxy.domain.tld:3128 your regexp will return "312" instead of "3128"
    f8044d4 Merge pull request #431 from electrical/systemd_fix
    389ca07 Fix systemd template for better variable handling
    f05a73e Merge pull request #430 from electrical/integration_fixes
    bcffd18 Make selecting the package for integation testing easier
    ecef407 Merge pull request #425 from electrical/fix_template
    d9ec265 Merge pull request #428 from electrical/integration
    2fe31fb Merge pull request #426 from electrical/hiera_plugin
    5fcd0e6 Change plugin for ES 2.0 integration testing
    6e62af7 Missed some references
    eac317b Use absolute class names incase someone creates a different Hash/Array class in a different namespace
    d8ef32b Fix template define
    428a904 Add missing hiera plugin install test
    294bc36 Merge pull request #420 from electrical/fix_integration_master
    a28d44b Fix rpm package name
    a511fd9 Merge pull request #419 from electrical/plugin/offline_doc
    7953827 Add inline doc for offline plugin install
    8c50ec4 Merge pull request #418 from electrical/fix_gemfile
    ecf2b1f Pin stdlib to latest released branch
    1fc8c83 Pin puppet-rspec to 2.2.0
    25d63a8 Merge pull request #417 from jakommo/master
    e48d095 Fixed URL for scripting to point to /current/ instead of missing /1.x/
    8b7c631 Merge pull request #408 from philipwigg/init-fix
    798ab88 Merge pull request #410 from electrical/plugin/offline_install
    74cae1b Add offline plugin installation
    7f85888 Merge pull request #411 from electrical/es20/plugin
    77e6912 Add missing changes
    bf2e6eb Fix ES 2.0 plugin installation
    c33618e Export JAVA_HOME in the Redhat init script.
    5a4ee4c Add JAVA 8 support in Debian init script.
    git-subtree-dir: modules/elasticsearch
    git-subtree-split: ccb59c6233790f23fbc15e59e9c841578a31c89d

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=62004c64d71b2c388c5331b00b4c269a9ba84574
Merge: 3c1c454 db804ed
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 19:50:26 2016 +0200

    Merge commit 'db804edf4087a2a4a179757365314f7d11e73046' as 'modules/kibana4'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=db804edf4087a2a4a179757365314f7d11e73046
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 19:50:26 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/kibana4/' content from commit a33274d
    git-subtree-dir: modules/kibana4
    git-subtree-split: a33274d2cde2852781b87436a6627543dc821b59

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=3c1c454c13e037c21b0bfac59b1a57df9e21add1
Merge: b023c9a 58b41e9
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 19:46:56 2016 +0200

    Merge commit '58b41e9a8131d9e32019862efd2d82f3ca4d1902' as 'modules/logstash'

URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=58b41e9a8131d9e32019862efd2d82f3ca4d1902
Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at netways.de>
Date:   Sat Jun 25 19:46:56 2016 +0200

    Squashed 'modules/logstash/' content from commit 5ce3a79
    git-subtree-dir: modules/logstash
    git-subtree-split: 5ce3a792e3343a09c7442fadc4903c6bee252991

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