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Thu Nov 3 18:03:08 CET 2016

Module: icingaweb2-module-director
Branch: master
Commit: cf6a0703be662150c63871a6d78acdc35cb0fd93
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Author: Thomas Gelf <thomas at gelf.net>
Date:   Thu Nov  3 17:48:44 2016 +0100

Prepare release v1.2.0


 doc/05-Upgrading.md |    9 +++++++
 doc/82-Changelog.md |   70 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 module.info         |    2 +-
 3 files changed, 80 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/doc/05-Upgrading.md b/doc/05-Upgrading.md
index 16cf422..ea013bd 100644
--- a/doc/05-Upgrading.md
+++ b/doc/05-Upgrading.md
@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ Should there any other actions be required, you will be told so in your frontend
 Read more about:
 * [How to work with the latest GIT master](#git-master)
+* [Upgrading to 1.2.0](#upgrade-to-1.2.0)
 * [Upgrading to 1.1.0](#upgrade-to-1.1.0)
 * [Database schema upgrades](#schema-migrations)
 * [Job Runner restart](#restart-jobrunner)
@@ -42,6 +43,14 @@ policy says that the master should never break, this might of course happen.
 In that case, please [let us know](https://dev.icinga.org/projects/icingaweb2-module-director/issues)
 We'll try to fix your issue as soon as possible. 
+<a name="upgrade-to-1.2.0"></a>Upgrading to 1.2.0
+There is nothing special to take care of. In case you are running 1.1.0 or any
+GIT master since then, all you need is to replace the Director module folder with
+the new one. Or to run `git checkout v1.2.0` in case you installed Director from
 <a name="upgrade-to-1.1.0"></a>Upgrading to 1.1.0
diff --git a/doc/82-Changelog.md b/doc/82-Changelog.md
index 5c7d53d..d0033d1 100644
--- a/doc/82-Changelog.md
+++ b/doc/82-Changelog.md
@@ -1,6 +1,76 @@
 <a id="Changelog"></a>Changelog
+### Fixed a lot of issues and related features
+* You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our
+  [roadmap](https://dev.icinga.org/versions/310)
+### Permissions and restrictions
+* Permissions are now enforced. Please check your role definitions, permission
+  names have changed and are now enforced everywhere
+* Configuration preview, Inspect action, Deployment and others can be granted
+  independently
+### Auditing
+* Director provides a nice activity log. Now it is also possible to additionally
+  log to Syslog or File in case you want to archive all actions elsewhere. Access
+  to the audit log in the Director can be controlled with a new permission
+### Configuration kickstart
+* Now imports also existing notification commands
+* Kickstart can be re-triggered on demand at any time
+### Performance
+* Config rendering got a huge performance boost. In large environments we
+  managed it to deploy a real-world configuration 5 times as fast as before
+### Import / Sync
+* Various improvements have been applied, mostly hidden small features that should
+  make work easier. Better form field descriptions, more possibilities when it
+  goes to syncing special fields like "imports"
+* Property modifiers can now generate new modified columns at import time
+* New property modifiers are available. There is a pretty flexible DNS lookup, you
+  can cast to Integer or Boolean, JSON decoding and more is offered
+* Datalist entries can now be imported and synchronized, this was broken in 1.1
+### Configiuration possibilities
+* You can now define assign rules nested as deep as you want, based on all host
+  and/or service properties
+* Improved Icinga 2 DSL support in commands, implicit support for skip\_key
+* More and more developers are contributing code. We therefore simplified the
+  way to launch our unit tests and provided related documentation
+* Other objects can be referred as a dropdown or similar in custom variables
+### GUI and usability
+* Form error handling got a lot of tweaking, eventual exceptions are caught in
+  various places and presented in a readable way
+* The deployment button is now easier to find
+* Configuration preview has been improved and allows a full config diff even
+  before deploying the configuration
+* Inheritance loops are now shown in a nice way and can be resolved in the GUI
+* A new hidden gem is the multiedit functionality. Press SHIFT/CTRL while
+  selecting multiple hosts and modify imports, custom vars and other properties
+  for all of them at once
+* Errors or warnings in all historic startup logs now link directly to the
+  related config file at the time being, pointing to the referred line
+### Agent setup
+* The Windows kickstart script got some small improvements and now enables all
+  related ITL commands per default
+### CLI
+* You can find a few new commands, with the ability to list or fetch all hosts
+  at once in various ways being the most prominent one
+### Related modules
+* There are now more additional modules implementing Director Hooks. AWS import
+  for EC2 instances, ELBs and Autoscaling Groups. File import for CSV, JSON,
+  YAML and XML. We heard from various successful Import source implementations
+  in custom projects and would love to see more of those being publicly available!
diff --git a/module.info b/module.info
index d22fb7b..08f6a91 100644
--- a/module.info
+++ b/module.info
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 Name: Icinga Director
-Version: 1.1.0
+Version: 1.2.0
 Depends: monitoring
 Description: Director - Config tool for Icinga 2
  Icinga Director is a configuration tool that has been designed to make

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