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@@ -126,7 +126,10 @@ Navigate to [http://localhost:8005](http://localhost:8005)
 # Thanks
-[bodsch](https://github.com/Icinga/dashing-icinga2/pull/3) for the job rewrite and config file support.
+[tobiasvdk](https://github.com/tobiasvdk) for check stats widget and suggestions.
+[bodsch](https://github.com/Icinga/dashing-icinga2/pull/3) for the job rewrite and config file support inspiration.
+[spjmurray](https://github.com/spjmurray/dashing-icinga2/tree/1080p) for styling and 1080p resolution.
+[micke2k](https://github.com/Icinga/dashing-icinga2/pull/2) for proper time formatting.
 [roidelapliue](https://github.com/roidelapluie/dashing-scripts) for the Icinga 1.x dashing script.
 # Development

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