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Mon Nov 28 20:02:44 CET 2016

Module: icinga-vagrant
Branch: master
Commit: 633ed5062e26789e74655cf05e5b3b6635ebee09
URL:    https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commit;h=633ed5062e26789e74655cf05e5b3b6635ebee09

Author: Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at icinga.com>
Date:   Wed Nov  9 18:03:10 2016 +0100

Squashed 'modules/elasticsearch/' changes from ccb59c6..2e214ab

2e214ab Merge pull request #723 from tylerjl/xenial-tests
45154dc Merge branch 'master' into xenial-tests
e9bfcd6 Let ubuntu 12.04 fail for now, slowness issues only.
cfa5fee Fix dependency on stdlib for validate_integer() function
5237803 Merge pull request #728 from tylerjl/5.x-repositories
90849e5 testing: clean up xenial nodeset
2804bdf Handle repositories correctly in the absent case for apt/yum
144e043 Set artifact variables only if ensuring present on repo sources
4755e10 Add changelog note regarding 5.x repo support
3bbaf40 Support 5.x repository styles when managing yum/apt repos
4a5e34d Merge branch 'master' into xenial-tests
76d08b8 testing: punt on some shield relationship tests pending upstream fixes
5e5dd0a testing: update gpg key/source tests for >= 2.0 apt module usage
c3f4558 Merge 'sgaduuw/fix-apt-source-deprecation-warning'
031c38b Update version requirement for puppetlabs/apt
d202080 Update changelog
41519a8 Initialize empty changelog for post-0.14.0
6444de5 Update the apt::source call to not cause deprecation warnings
6e34e70 docs: add xenial support notes
ba67f4a Update support matrix to declare support for Ubuntu 16.04 xenial
7b8f64b tests: update pid check for systemd-based ubuntu releases
2f11b5e Test xenial in travis
cf7598a tests: add nodeset definition for ubuntu xenial
538d2be tests: provide optional skip_puppet_install config option for hosts
4b70788 test: remove supoerfluous pry require in acceptance setup
2f44fb2 tests: move to 1.7 in version tests rather than outdated 1.4
c05e307 Fix gem dependencies for xenial support in beaker
b23bab1 Initialize empty changelog for post-0.14.0
8b247b2 Release version 0.14.0
1655927 testing: fix uncovered resource problems
065d8ea Merge pull request #718 from tylerjl/plugin-absent-fix
ba224f6 Merge branch 'master' into plugin-absent-fix
2e1b583 Merge pull request #717 from tylerjl/fix-unused-proxy-param
b93c02b Merge branch 'master' into plugin-absent-fix
f421636 Merge branch 'master' into fix-unused-proxy-param
df9c3fd Add .gitattributes to union-merge CHANGELOG.md
07b12c1 Merge branch 'master' into fix-unused-proxy-param
d27a2b2 Merge branch 'master' into plugin-absent-fix
7f62f68 Merge pull request #716 from tylerjl/java-dependency
41b3c14 Merge branch 'master' into java-dependency
dfe3483 Merge pull request #715 from tylerjl/yml-unquoted-numerics
c853443 Merge branch 'master' into plugin-absent-fix
bc00c9d docs: add changelog note for elasticsearch::plugin proxy param fix
237076c Fix unused proxy parameter on plugin type in 2.x versions of ES
b57a1cc Add changelog note for java metadata dependency declaration
040dcd9 Add puppetlabs/java to metadata dependencies
94077f3 Merge branch 'master' into yml-unquoted-numerics
60e61e5 testing: add check for quoted numerics in config
9eebc6c Merge pull request #707 from sp-joseluis-ledesma/dev_rolling
a17a847 Merge pull request #708 from sp-joseluis-ledesma/debian-mkdir-init.d
375dc2f Merge branch 'beaker-pe-1.x'
34c3d1e Bump PE version tests to 2016.1.2
46190a0 Update default PE_VER for latest 3.8 minor version release (3.8.6)
5c93447 Updated Gemfile for beaker-pe major version bump to 1.x
2622a4c add documentation for added parameters on elasticsearch::instance class
2fbd573 templates: fix sometimes-quoted numbers
eeb3c65 plugins: fix broken file dependency when plugin => absent
686783a Add entry to CHANGELOG
61c6075 change mkdir in elasticsearch.Debian init script to take in account when DATA_DIR, LOG_DIR and/or WORK_DIR is an empty variable
6218422 add parameters to CHANGELOG
e869889 add me as a contributor
1903c05 add test for rollingFile and dailyRollingFile
2e06481 add parameters to instance.pp
2edc483 validate_int -> validate_integer
75db1ae missing initialization
0072e1c add parameters
a93350b docs: add changelog note for root => UID 0 change
7d618ce Merge pull request #704 from buzzdeee/root_group
fae4ff5 Merge pull request #703 from rhoml/RL_fix_logdir_creation
320db70 Fix logdir creation order when creating multiple instances of Elasticsearch per node
7ac41be Exchange all occurences of group => 'root' with group => '0', to make it more *BSD compatible. There the root group might have different names than 'root'.
2dd8661 docs: add changelog note for network target Wants=
baf198e Merge pull request #701 from node13h/master
c9a5d1c Add ordering directives to SystemD unit file
a98184e Merge pull request #694 from tylerjl/rest-provider-ca-files
fd64c50 Implement ca_file and ca_path passing to REST providers
8afd26b Merge pull request #692 from tylerjl/plugindir-mode
d89c0b6 Add changelog for plugindir mode fix
17c43e7 Explicitly set plugindir mode
5fd4125 Post-0.13.2 empty changelog initialization
b752b42 Release version 0.13.2
f3d321e Merge pull request #689 from tylerjl/fix-templates-https
60a605e Better error output and safety when handling rest requests
b018c9b Add changelog note for elasticsearch_template HTTPS fix
6375ef0 Set http.use_ssl in elasticsearch_template provider properly & test it
8dc014c Merge branch 'fix-plugin-conf-path'
af0048d Add changelog note about dependency ordering fix
8541c61 Fix es.path.conf setting when managing 2.x plugins
08554f8 Fix some autorequire dependency cycles when ensure => absent
fd8b7a0 Merge pull request #686 from tylerjl/es-5-plugin
4c1e3cd Merge branch 'master' into es-5-plugin
82846ca Merge pull request #685 from tylerjl/plugin-dir-mode
d7fc865 Add changelog note for plugin directory permission fix
fe5f18b Don't worry about non-existent DATA_DIR for now
0db8c4f Additional es_plugin_name inline documentation
7cf4c6a Fix es_plugin_name on older versions of ruby/puppet
b0a7f85 Add changelog note for elasticsearch_plugin provider in 5.x
8928638 Implement alternative elasticsearch-plugin based provider for plugins
3120a16 More generically applicable with_environment for plugin provider
6c28816 Refactor plugin provider into parent and child classes
0aefbb7 Explicitly pass DATA_DIR to avoid empty arguments to init invocation
fbff60b Cover plugin file resources in define spec tests
daffa6a Merge branch 'master' into plugin-dir-mode
15f39ba Exclude leftover vendor paths from puppet doc lint checks
e053bfe Implement plugin directory permission control in plugin defined type
b92952c Fix es_plugin_name function behavior w.r.t. undef values
598a5b6 Refactor plugin_name to library and parser function
9b0f8da Clean up some plugin provider logic and variables
42d833e Merge pull request #684 from tylerjl/template-configtimeout-deprecation
86d05d8 Added changelog notes for es_template and conn_validator changes
09fa315 Fix deprecated access to configtimeout in Puppet >= 4
65dbb85 Improve template flush end-user error reporting
cde9d06 Rakefile: fix trailing comma in excluded dirs list
1b3ccec Improve test-docs target to exit nonzero when catching undocumented code
14a6ffe Add empty changelog for post-0.13.1
e7b042c Release 0.13.1
b64a740 Mark compatability with puppet OSS < 5
3f96db4 Fix specs to work with puppet >= 4.5
5c58cf1 Revert fixtures to upstream java 1.6.0 module
eb84c11 Merge pull request #682 from tylerjl/plugin-instance-ordering
f00ac2d Merge branch 'master' into plugin-instance-ordering
e759ec4 Merge pull request #679 from tylerjl/fix-native-templates
7ae8408 Merge branch 'master' into fix-native-templates
209dfa7 Merge pull request #680 from tylerjl/template-3.4-compat
45b5e6a Merge branch 'master' into plugin-instance-ordering
d9007fb Merge branch 'master' into template-3.4-compat
97364b4 Merge branch 'master' into fix-native-templates
df46aec Don't mark non-tgz archives as corrupt when fetching artifacts
67229af Enforce user management before instance management
8a579f7 Merge branch 'master' into plugin-instance-ordering
7c058f4 Merge branch 'master' into template-3.4-compat
f172b1d Merge branch 'master' into fix-native-templates
45a33f3 Retry artifact retrieval if archives are corrupt
4c687d1 Merge branch 'systemctl-null-masking'
464bffa Merge pull request #676 from tylerjl/shield-system-key
0b91b24 Fix systemd file masking file backup errors
d260ec0 Merge branch 'master' into plugin-instance-ordering
53b0fa6 Add changelog note for puppet 3.6/3.4 compat fixes
04d4f1b Merge branch 'master' into shield-system-key
7734d5f Merge branch 'master' into template-3.4-compat
d6432dd Merge branch 'master' into fix-native-templates
57d6341 Enforce specinfra gem version to avoid singleton bug
615264a Lock beaker-pe at previous version to avoid timeouts
5a49f65 Fix elasticsearch_template settings.index insync? problems
41b8c64 Fix native template parsing for prefetched resources
f8643dd Various fixes for 3.4.x compatability
c374ccb Fix dependency cycle for absent plugins
12912db Add CHANGELOG note about fixed resource relationship ordering
5432159 Define all resource relationships at top-level explicitly
da2081e Merge branch 'master' into shield-system-key
1bc2c13 Merge branch 'master' into plugin-instance-ordering
022cb98 Merge pull request #671 from tylerjl/gpg-long-fingerprint
a8666a2 First crack at fixing resource ordering
79e17ba Fix tests for gpg shortkey check on SuSE
95b4624 Implement Shield system_key handling for instances
09cc590 Verify SuSE repo gpg key presence with short key fingerprint
dc95485 Add CHANGELOG note for gpg fingerprint update
b0b20d0 Add original author of gpg change to CONTRIBUTORS
ef528a4 Remove unneeded PE check; versions < 3.8 are deprecated
dd5831d Merge branch 'master' into gpg-long-fingerprint
fbfd89d Stop testing deprecated versions of PE (< 3.8)
1b7e5f2 Various silly badges
aba06a0 Create post-0.13.0 empty changelog markdown template
7668fb0 Release version 0.13.0
6420ea4 Make CONTRIBUTING.md reference local file
1adb982 Actually fix contributing.md link
2089824 Fix CONTRIBUTING.md link
3ec2c19 Some rewrites to README.md for clarity and new api_ parameters.
57b05f7 Added summary notes re: plugin and repo priority to changelog
e8b034b Add CHANGELOG documentation for PR#660
67fd02e Merge pull request #670 from tylerjl/proxy-auth-params
21ee07c Support proxy username and password authentication when installing plugins
77c4c50 Deduplicate elasticsearch_plugin provider specs
2cf3129 Rename plugin spec files to be consistent
4492762 Remove unused $plugintool parameter
fc808c7 Document missing ensure param on elasticsearch::shield::role
e064272 Merge pull request #669 from tylerjl/fixed-proxy-flag
93bdb76 Add fixed proxy flag CHANGELOG note
7e5bd47 Merge branch 'master' into fixed-proxy-flag
355ceb0 Merge pull request #663 from tylerjl/feature/native-template-type
1caef9c Merge branch 'master' into feature/native-template-type
9967974 Fix plugin proxy flag with correct Java flags
4707fc7 Fix es_facts config parsing to handle flat yaml structure
7fa342e Merge pull request #666 from tylerjl/feature/yum-priorities
12ce1cb Merge pull request #660 from bisscuitt/fix_plugin_install_dir
57d41f8 Allow override of module location
9415696 Merge branch 'master' into feature/native-template-type
54b4b14 Add changelog documentation for elasticsearch::repo_priority
84cb204 Merge branch 'master' into feature/yum-priorities
07881e5 Merge pull request #665 from tylerjl/feature/config-hiera-merge
70c90eb Add note regarding elasticsearch::config deep merging to changelog
f776c41 Put old template parameters in with deprecation notices
157065d Get template test coverage back to 100%
fdc6ef4 Implement repo priority pinning for apt and yum
9605ffb Merge branch 'master' into feature/native-template-type
70a9b52 Merge branch 'master' into feature/config-hiera-merge
e721e2b Allow OSS SLES tests to fail for now
5be2120 Permit hiera merging for elasticsearch::config
9d713e9 Add rewritten native template CHANGELOG documentation
ab1ceb6 Alter template type specs to only check for hash inclusion
98313ba Allow template $content validation to be more permissive
e219bef Fix template function call for ruby <= 1.8
fe5964c Merge branch 'master' into feature/native-template-type
5a6c202 Fix empty line handling in shield_user_roles provider
cb58cc0 Rename shield_user_roles provider specs so they're actually tested
56c0220 Make default intake test significantly less verbose
1cfc0c8 Refactor template acceptance testing with more native hash handling
24609a0 Fix out-of-sync elasticsearch_template content property
51484e4 Validate ES connections before invoking template type
1325423 Minor comment re-ordering for greater clarity
2d6c21f Break out deep_implode into a discrete puppet_x library
35b6786 SQUASHME remove pry
ed8064f Fully test template type, provider, and define
a7fc118 More flexibility on type (esp. when ensuring absent)
4711d94 Spelling fix on error message for content and source on template type
6654293 Unify naming for template type SSL validation parameter
e990cbb Clearer naming for API authentication credentials
02ad5af Removed redundant error in template provider exception
4fb8a62 Pass ensure to native template type
c42fa81 Clean up template.pp docs and error messages
d518848 Implement source parameter for native template types
5b7c6f5 Rewrite GitHub issue template for greater clarity and instruction
bfc8c79 Fix Makefile release target puppet invocation to use bundler
296dc0b Release version 0.12.0
7a8259a testing: initial update for template acceptance tests
bb22a6f elasticsearch::template: properly process $content types
14a7456 elasticsearch::template: rewrite with new native provider
f100beb init: define module-wide default API parameters
5f27736 init: re-order parameter documentation
26ac80c elasticsearch_template: add better validate for port
892b739 elasticsearch_template: change some parameters for API clarity
23a800e elasticsearch_template: properly handle host/port/ssl params
74e2726 type/elasticsearch_template: actually pass :timeout to net/http
29354b9 WIP: first draft of native elasticsearch_template provider
cb8d260 Merge pull request #656 from tylerjl/fully-qualified-config-yml
7e914a0 manifests/instance: don't concat_merge config hashes, just merge
212711a Merge branch 'master' into fully-qualified-config-yml
338e5c0 docs: add explicit note regaring template host/port default values
897d405 Merge branch 'master' into fully-qualified-config-yml
ecdc13d Merge pull request #657 from tylerjl/feature/separate-pinning-class
6c77acf docs: add changelog note
10902fd Break out package pinning into separate class
ba5297f testing: remove some unneeded OS duplication on shield rspec tests
8a86f2c Merge branch 'master' into fully-qualified-config-yml
c029be2 testing: get PE working on SLES 11
ae00f32 docs: add note about restart_ options in README
57035e6 Merge pull request #655 from tylerjl/feature/granular_restarts
fb9bef5 init.pp: simplify how restart_ parameters receive defaults
c94d309 Merge branch 'master' into fully-qualified-config-yml
5b63be8 flatten the configuration hash; more predictable hash merging
9bc31fd init.pp: validate previously-unvalidated $logging_config
8bc593f Merge branch 'master' into feature/granular_restarts
45f2312 Merge pull request #646 from tylerjl/bugfix/plugin_case_sensitivity
84165e6 docs: add restart_* notes to CHANGELOG.md
c2b9b03 rename Puppet_X::Elastic::Hash to Puppet_X::Elastic::SortedHash
2513cfe docs: added CHANGELOG bugfix for plugin forced downcasing
09aa6a6 Merge branch 'master' into bugfix/plugin_case_sensitivity
fa88347 testing: add IPv6 loopback address yaml tests
69731d1 break up restart_on_change into discrete params and change default
45bf57d config: remove unused restart_on variables in manifest
f6fde1b testing: fix missing coverage for yum cache cleaning exec
d75a05d testing: use forked java fixture ref for SLES 11 package fixes
b4fd058 testing: update minimum req'd version of puppetlabs-java in fixtures
dd2d938 testing: fix sles 12 augeas bootstrapping errors
750f984 docs: updated pull request template for clarity
a4ede18 docs: updated CHANGELOG with working changeset
4a8445f Merge branch 'master' into bugfix/plugin_case_sensitivity
003c6af Merge pull request #652 from tylerjl/testing/acceptance-speedup-v1
b919ec3 Merge branch 'master' into testing/acceptance-speedup-v1
58a7543 Merge branch 'master' into bug-606
a5bcf78 testing: test data path results more strictly (009)
1d52e91 testing: set bundler path env var for travis
4550e97 testing: let travis rely on rake/make logic entirely
1264c9e testing: fix inconsistent TLS clustering failure errors
982287a testing: consolidate upgrade tests (021, remove 022)
58cc37f repo: remove unsupported `ensure` on zypprepo
c7dad49 templates: do not set unneeded default env vars in Debian init erb
532db50 testing: ensure that versions/repos are purged between tests
d591419 repo: permit ensure => absent to cascade down to repos/version pins
9dc91de Merge branch 'master' into bug-606
460e6a1 Use 40 digit fingerprint for PE 3.8.0 and later.
33de93b testing: clean up a couple plugin test suites (004 and 021)
e0f258c bugfix: properly blow the yum package cache when changing repos
9e72d16 Support strict variable checks for $::is_pe
98f4259 testing: bump flaky shield test retry count up
f6bbba3 testing: clean up user permission spec (020)
859c7fd testing: clean up restarting testing specs (017)
93bd66b testing: remove overly verbose testing output
12aad73 Merge branch 'master' into testing/acceptance-speedup-v1
e8be8f1 testing: streamline pinning tests (016)
607ac71 testing: remove now-superfluous staged removal acceptance tests (015)
a12edee testing: add generous retry conditional and tack it onto flaky tests
4addae0 testing: fix case in reference to HQ plugin detection in acceptance test
42b663b testing: purge instances at the end of hiera tests
d594baa testing: streamline hiera tests (014)
3a5cd65 testing: remove unneeded config acceptance spec
5ecfb73 testing: slim down instances tests (012)
8ea8742 testing: get rid of superfluous acceptance test for init_defaults
618b662 testing: clean up pkg_url tests (010)
3dace0a testing: streamline datapath tests (009)
7dff3a5 testing: clean up plugin specs (004)
585fff0 testing: add :with_cleanup hook to streamline module cleanup
0898733 testing: clean up template tests and remove superfluous tests
cd6a287 testing: clean up basic 002 module tests
7f4a8bc testing: clean up crazy formatting on json fragments
01303ee testing: remove somewhat superfluous module check test
bbae889 testing: 001 clean up test format
3d078ff Merge branch 'master' into bugfix/plugin_case_sensitivity
3fd3444 testing: update some spots in testing where uppercase plugin names used
4acd913 lib: remove forced downcasing on plugin names
7131def testing: add checks for plugin case munging
f2ce7a7 Merge branch 'master' into bug-606
a3a669f Fix #606: Use short fingerprint only for Puppet Enterprise.

git-subtree-dir: modules/elasticsearch
git-subtree-split: 2e214ab0d764879bc2477e0425869d389d9c7a44


 .fixtures.yml                                      |    2 +-
 .gitattributes                                     |    1 +
 .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md                          |   31 +-
 .github/PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md                   |    6 +-
 .travis.yml                                        |   20 +-
 CHANGELOG.md                                       |  131 +++++
 CONTRIBUTORS                                       |    4 +
 Gemfile                                            |    9 +-
 Makefile                                           |    8 +-
 README.md                                          |  329 +++++++----
 Rakefile                                           |   67 ++-
 lib/facter/es_facts.rb                             |   21 +-
 lib/puppet/parser/functions/concat_merge.rb        |   47 ++
 lib/puppet/parser/functions/deep_implode.rb        |   43 ++
 lib/puppet/parser/functions/es_plugin_name.rb      |   39 ++
 lib/puppet/provider/elastic_plugin.rb              |  226 ++++++++
 lib/puppet/provider/elastic_yaml.rb                |    2 +-
 .../elasticsearch_plugin/elasticsearch_plugin.rb   |   22 +
 lib/puppet/provider/elasticsearch_plugin/plugin.rb |  172 +-----
 .../elasticsearch_shield_user_roles/parsed.rb      |    6 +-
 lib/puppet/provider/elasticsearch_template/ruby.rb |  205 +++++++
 lib/puppet/type/elasticsearch_plugin.rb            |    8 +-
 lib/puppet/type/elasticsearch_template.rb          |  194 +++++++
 lib/puppet/util/es_instance_validator.rb           |    9 +-
 lib/puppet_x/elastic/deep_implode.rb               |   28 +
 lib/puppet_x/elastic/deep_to_i.rb                  |   19 +
 lib/puppet_x/elastic/hash.rb                       |   10 +-
 lib/puppet_x/elastic/plugin_name.rb                |   16 +
 manifests/config.pp                                |  102 ++--
 manifests/init.pp                                  |  442 +++++++++++---
 manifests/instance.pp                              |  150 +++--
 manifests/package.pp                               |    4 +-
 manifests/package/pin.pp                           |   70 +++
 manifests/params.pp                                |   12 +-
 manifests/plugin.pp                                |  116 ++--
 manifests/repo.pp                                  |  108 ++--
 manifests/service/init.pp                          |    6 +-
 manifests/service/openbsd.pp                       |    2 +-
 manifests/service/openrc.pp                        |    6 +-
 manifests/service/systemd.pp                       |    4 +-
 manifests/shield/role.pp                           |    7 +
 manifests/shield/user.pp                           |    4 +-
 manifests/template.pp                              |  244 ++++----
 metadata.json                                      |   27 +-
 spec/acceptance/001_basic_spec.rb                  |    8 -
 spec/acceptance/002_class_spec.rb                  |  179 ++++--
 spec/acceptance/003_template_spec.rb               |  191 ++++--
 spec/acceptance/004_plugin_spec.rb                 |  611 +++++++++++---------
 spec/acceptance/009_datapath_spec.rb               |  480 ++++++---------
 spec/acceptance/010_pkg_url_spec.rb                |  224 +++----
 spec/acceptance/011_service_spec.rb                |   77 ---
 spec/acceptance/012_instances_spec.rb              |  238 ++++----
 spec/acceptance/013_config_spec.rb                 |   83 ---
 spec/acceptance/014_hiera_spec.rb                  |  214 ++++---
 spec/acceptance/015_staged_removal.rb              |   69 ---
 spec/acceptance/016_package_pin_spec.rb            |  164 +++---
 spec/acceptance/017_restart_on_change_spec.rb      |  144 -----
 spec/acceptance/018_shield_spec.rb                 |   40 +-
 spec/acceptance/020_usergroup_spec.rb              |  111 ++--
 spec/acceptance/021_es2x_spec.rb                   |  462 +++++----------
 spec/acceptance/022_upgrade_spec.rb                |   48 --
 spec/acceptance/basic_spec.rb                      |    7 +
 spec/acceptance/nodesets/sles-12-x64.yml           |    5 +-
 .../acceptance/nodesets/ubuntu-server-1604-x64.yml |   18 +
 spec/classes/000_elasticsearch_init_spec.rb        |   93 ++-
 spec/classes/001_hiera_spec.rb                     |   12 +-
 spec/classes/005_elasticsearch_repo_spec.rb        |   91 +--
 spec/classes/099_coverage_spec.rb                  |    2 +-
 spec/defines/003_elasticsearch_template_spec.rb    |  119 ++--
 spec/defines/004_elasticsearch_plugin_spec.rb      |  232 +++++++-
 spec/defines/005_elasticsearch_instance_spec.rb    |  336 +++++++----
 spec/defines/007_elasticsearch_shield_user_spec.rb |   98 +++-
 spec/defines/008_elasticsearch_shield_role_spec.rb |   86 ++-
 .../defines/010_elasticsearch_service_init_spec.rb |  179 +++++-
 .../011_elasticsearch_service_system_spec.rb       |  120 +++-
 .../facts/{facts_url2.json => Warlock-nodes.json}  |    0
 .../facts/{facts_url1.json => Warlock-root.json}   |    0
 spec/fixtures/facts/Zom-nodes.json                 |    1 +
 spec/fixtures/facts/Zom-root.json                  |   13 +
 spec/functions/concat_merge_spec.rb                |  168 ++++++
 spec/functions/deep_implode_spec.rb                |  111 ++++
 spec/functions/es_facts_spec.rb                    |  132 +++--
 spec/functions/es_plugin_name_spec.rb              |   65 +++
 spec/functions/plugin_dir_spec.rb                  |   63 +-
 spec/integration/integration001.rb                 |   14 +-
 spec/spec_acceptance_common.rb                     |  147 ++---
 spec/spec_helper_acceptance.rb                     |   31 +-
 spec/templates/001_elasticsearch.yml.erb_spec.rb   |   97 +---
 .../elasticsearch_plugin_spec.rb                   |   28 +
 .../provider/elasticsearch_plugin/plugin_spec.rb   |   30 +
 .../elasticsearch_plugin/shared_examples.rb        |  166 ++++++
 .../elasticsearch_shield_role/parsed_spec.rb       |   97 ++--
 .../parsed_spec.rb                                 |   83 ++-
 .../provider/elasticsearch_shield_user/esusers.rb  |   68 ---
 .../elasticsearch_shield_user/esusers_spec.rb      |   63 ++
 .../elasticsearch_shield_user/parsed_spec.rb       |   67 +--
 .../elasticsearch_shield_user_roles/parsed.rb      |   51 --
 .../elasticsearch_shield_user_roles/parsed_spec.rb |   45 ++
 spec/unit/provider/elasticsearch_template/ruby.rb  |  160 +++++
 spec/unit/provider/plugin_spec.rb                  |  144 -----
 ...plugin_spec.rb => elasticsearch_plugin_spec.rb} |   11 +-
 .../type/elasticsearch_shield_role_mapping_spec.rb |  101 ++--
 spec/unit/type/elasticsearch_shield_role_spec.rb   |  101 ++--
 .../type/elasticsearch_shield_user_roles_spec.rb   |   79 ++-
 spec/unit/type/elasticsearch_shield_user_spec.rb   |   93 ++-
 spec/unit/type/elasticsearch_template_spec.rb      |  227 ++++++++
 templates/etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml.erb  |   84 +--
 templates/etc/elasticsearch/logging.yml.erb        |    9 +-
 templates/etc/init.d/elasticsearch.Debian.erb      |   14 +-
 templates/etc/init.d/elasticsearch.systemd.erb     |    2 +
 110 files changed, 6424 insertions(+), 3861 deletions(-)

Diff:   https://git.icinga.org/?p=icinga-vagrant.git;a=commitdiff;h=633ed5062e26789e74655cf05e5b3b6635ebee09

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