[icinga-devel] spec file

Christoph Maser cmr at financial.com
Mon Jul 20 17:36:20 CEST 2009

Am Montag, den 20.07.2009, 07:59 +0200 schrieb Hendrik Baecker:
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> Hi Christoph,
> Am 19.07.2009 12:31 Uhr, schrieb Christoph Maser:
> > I am an active member of rpmforge (www.rpmforge.net) and made a spec
> > file for icinga. I had a look at the spec in the icinga tarball and it
> > looks like its not really maintained anymore.
> >
> Yes, doing a good job with the spec file isn't the top on our todo list.
> I myself have to few experience with handling this and since I don't run
> a rpm based distro, I can't test them.
> Contributions are very welcome.
> > If anyone is interested have a look at:
> > http://svn.rpmforge.net/svn/trunk/rpms/icinga/
> >
> It looks like a massive rewrite of the spec file. I'm sure yours is
> running fine and you've tested it.


> Can you explain to a spec noob like me, why you need so big changes?

Actually it is a cleaned up reused version of
http://svn.rpmforge.net/svn/trunk/rpms/nagios/nagios.spec and
http://svn.rpmforge.net/svn/trunk/rpms/ndoutils/ndoutils.spec wich are
also maintained by me. So actually it has nothing to do with the current
spec file in git.

> Also it would be fine to send us a patch against the spec file the git way:
> https://dev.icinga.org/wiki/icinga-development/GitHowTo
> Doing it the 'git way' ensures that your name would be mentioned in the
> commit messages, Kudoh's to the workers ;)

I thought about it but there was 2 things keeping me of. a) i was not
sure it would be accepted and more important b) i don't feel like
maintaining the very same spec file in two places (rpmforge svn + icinga

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