[icinga-devel] spec file

Christian Schneemann cschneemann at suse.de
Thu Jul 23 20:00:00 CEST 2009

On Thursday 23 July 2009 20:22:07 Martin Fuerstenau wrote:
> For Suse you can easily adopt the one from the Suse distros. But the
> main problem in the past was the patchmania of Suse. In the past there
> were a lot of patches in Nagios from Suse without any comments why these
> patches are necessary. 

Patchmania? Hm, must be before my time ;)
> Yust download a source rpm from Suse, change 
> Ngaios to Icinga an make an rpmbuild -ba specfilename in the SPEC
> directory.
You can find the current nagios spec file in the server:monitoring Project of 
the buildservice (http://build.opensuse.org) or without an account you can 
find a src package here: 

I will put a icinga package to that project soon, if noone else does it 

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