[icinga-devel] Icinga web interface

berny1 at users.sourceforge.net berny1 at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jun 2 15:22:42 CEST 2009

Hello everybody,

> > Providing an API which other people can build a quality web interface
> > from seems to be the most flexible solution; requiring people to
> > configure things through the Icinga web interface "only" would be a
> > mistake, most things like Centreon are *horrible* and nasty.
> >
> > It's very difficult to provide a web interface which copes with the
> > requirements of a large environment, particularly all the masses of
> > service dependencies and host dependencies you may have :)
> Thanks for the explanation, but my boss want web intarface configuration, so
> i 
> will stay with Centreon :-) It seems quite well so far.

For big installations, I think, most admins would prefer config files because configuration can be done in less time. You can easyly copy and past or you can generate parts of the configuration files by script e. g. from an inventory database or so.

For installations with only a view servers and view changes maybe someone might find a GUI helpful, because he does not need to know about the syntax of the config files.

So I think, the idea Julian posted is a very good idea.


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