[icinga-devel] ODBC support

Tomas Macek macek at fortech.cz
Thu Jun 11 15:02:36 CEST 2009

Hi, I'm new in here and I was not able to find this on google, hope this 
was not discussed here before.

I have read the "Vote for your favorite database" on index page and "We 
are planinig to provide other databases than MySQL within the next Icinga 
Versions. Would you like to vote for your favorite database so that the 
Icinga Project fits your needs.".

This means you don't go the way of unixODBC? unixODBC would cover all the 
DBs (I think) mentioned in the voting and almost everyone would be 
I think ODBC is more modullar solution than support of only certain 
databases. Or do you have any serious reasons why to do things this way?

Best regards, Tomas

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