[icinga-devel] ODBC support

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Thu Jun 11 16:54:55 CEST 2009


I've checked the site and there are obviously MySQL and Postgre-Drivers 
available in the src-Package, but, and that is the advantage of libdbi, 
for commercial Drivers like Oracle, you have to pay for the Drivers from 
easysoft. (Oracle, 1 Machine, 1200 pounds)

If we start off getting the libdbi to work with all those more or less 
commercial RDBMs it would be a big advantage getting it for free ;-)

Kind regards,

Tomas Macek wrote:
> Hi, I'm new in here and I was not able to find this on google, hope this 
> was not discussed here before.
> I have read the "Vote for your favorite database" on index page and "We 
> are planinig to provide other databases than MySQL within the next Icinga 
> Versions. Would you like to vote for your favorite database so that the 
> Icinga Project fits your needs.".
> This means you don't go the way of unixODBC? unixODBC would cover all the 
> DBs (I think) mentioned in the voting and almost everyone would be 
> satisfied...
> I think ODBC is more modullar solution than support of only certain 
> databases. Or do you have any serious reasons why to do things this way?
> Best regards, Tomas
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