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> and speaking of performance how should this work out then? the IDO as
> is a critical task to gain performance while reading data from Icinga
> adapting the format and then writing into a database.
> the libdbi is free of charge, the only thing is, that several drivers
> still experimental and parameter bindings are not possible, too.
> but if you consider the following way of
> icinga -> ido -> perl -> dbd -> db
> instead of
> icinga -> ido -> dbd -> db
> i think there's one step too much which could lead into measurable
> performance lacks. even though i dislike coding c and calling perl
> from there.

OK, I hadn't thought that far ahead...  but one way to get around it,
and potentially realize performance gains no matter which way you do it
(and I admit that I haven't delved into the C code to see how it's done)
would be to queue up database updates until there are either a certain
number of pending operations, or a certain number of system clock ticks
have passed, or system load levels are low, and flush everything out to
the database then...  Unless there's a requirement to have every single
update be as near to real-time as possible.
> the only licsensed code you are using is e.g. from oracle the sdk to
> the oci (oracle call interface) to let the libdbi driver send the
> requests using this interface.
> libdbi is an open source project and not depending on any commercial
> driver.

Good to know; I wonder if this project didn't have the same sort of
genesis as the Perl DBI project.

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