[Icinga-devel] Hello Icinga. This is Taylor from the Lilac/Fruity project.

Taylor Dondich tdondich at gmail.com
Wed May 6 17:45:13 CEST 2009

So I've read up on the notice that you've forked Nagios, and it has
piqued my interest.  I can completely understand your frustration at
the lack of development progress on the Nagios project and how it
stands on the shoulders of primarily just one individual.

I wanted to reach out and formally give you support in your endeavor.
I, myself, have been already working on a replacement UI for Nagios,
which ties in functionality from both Nagios and Cacti.  As such, I've
been developing a PHP API already against the NDO datastore.  I'd like
to assist you in your efforts in any way possible.

As the owner of Lilac, what I believe to be the most compatible
configuration tool for Nagios 3.x, I'd like to make sure it can
support Icinga as well.  I think the biggest program your project will
face immediately will be adoption.  If there's any way I can assist in
that, please let me know as well.  My company, Lilac Networks, a
start-up working to support Nagios, could very well switch directions
to formally support and be a partner of the Icinga project.

Please let me know how Lilac Networks, and I, can assist Icinga, so we
can make sure your project is a success.


Taylor Dondich
Check out Lilac, a configuration tool for Nagios 3 at

Check out my Shortcut with O'Reilly Press:
Network Monitoring with Nagios:

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