[Icinga-devel] Icinga vs Nagios code structure

Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk roy at karlsbakk.net
Thu May 7 19:26:23 CEST 2009

>> Hi all
>> Back in the Nagios 1.x days, I remember asking if it was hard/ 
>> possible
>> to separate the nagios core with checks and so on from the web GUI,
>> since hardcoded HTML in C is rather ugly. I think this was just  
>> before
>> 2.0 was released and someone said the separation of the two was one  
>> of
>> the things that would make 3.x better. Now, that doesn't seem to have
>> happened. Nagios works well as it is, but it's a PITA to change the
>> web frontend.
>> Will Icinga try to change this? It'd be nice to have this in a  
>> client/
>> server model so that the frontend could be written in some higher-
>> level-language like PHP while the backend remains as it is. This  
>> could
>> also allow for separation of the two if wanted/needed, and perhaps
>> with a distributed backend in case of large systems.

> The Nagios 2.x codebase IS seperated.  There is no direct tie from the
> HTML web interface to Nagios core.  You don't need the web interface
> to run the core.  You can write a replacement UI right now in PHP and
> be just fine (I know, I wrote one for Groundwork Open Source).

Oh, ok. I didn't know that.

> I think Icinga will look towards leveraging ndoutils to make all the
> data readily available in database form.  In that case, you can use
> any high-level language (isn't C high level?), with database support
> to grab data.  I know, I'm writing one.  :)

C is high-leve, yes, but I wrote "higher-level", as in a little over  
C. C is fine for core stuff, but IMHO it's not well suited for this  

By the way, how does Nagios communicate between the web front and the  
core? Unix sockets?

PS: Top posting is ugly
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