[Icinga-devel] other API than PHP planned?

Elias Probst mail at eliasprobst.eu
Thu May 7 20:18:48 CEST 2009


as I've often ran into trouble with RPC/SOAP based interfaces I'd really love 
to have a RESTful interface.
If there isn't a specification yet for the interface, I'd vote for considering 
this seriously - IMHO RESTful interfaces tend to way better designed and 
maintainable than RPC/SOAP.

Regards, Elias P.

On Thursday 07 May 2009 20:11:03 Henning Sprang wrote:
> Having worked with multiple languages over the years, I came to the
> conclusion that Java is (to me, and my taste!) the one I like most for
> many reasons.
> I see messages running by here about a PHP API.
> What about Java or non language-specific support, like XML-RPC or SOAP?
> Ans, any hints what exactly is meant in terms of this API? Are there
> docs about what will be accessible with this?
> Henning

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