[Icinga-devel] other API than PHP planned?

Rosecrans, William O william.rosecrans at alservices.com
Thu May 7 21:39:10 CEST 2009

Is there a plan for having Icinga actually read from the database?  My
understanding of the current NDOUtils implementation was that Nagios
considers the database to be essentially "write only."  So, any "front
end" access to the database can be done with an account that has only
read permissions since you can't communicate back to the monitoring
system via the database.  That eliminates any reason to try to do
anything that would cause data inconsistency, and removes the ability to
do so.

Focusing on a specific protocol for getting data from the database
before database storage is really working right seems like putting the
cart before the horse.  It also introduces an extra layer of complexity
that can potentially break and slow things down, etc.

Obviously, different people are working on different types of projects.
So, my interests don't make anybody else's wrong!  :)  But, I am most
interested in database integration, and direct access to the DB.  We
currently have some in-house utilities that interact with our Solarwinds
monitoring database, and I'm very interested in having a SQL database
for Nagios so that we can further integrate our two main monitoring
systems.  (Solarwinds is a commercial monitoring system.  Conceptually
not that different from Nagios but it stores everything in an MSSQL
server, runs from a Windows server, and primarily monitors SNMP.)

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That means, a programmer/integrator can act on the data and maybe also
configuration without knowing too much details of the database design,
and by encapsulating it, you can save the data from being manipulated
in a way that breaks the whole system due to data insonsistency and
similar funny things.


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