[Icinga-devel] [1/3] doors are open

Bernd Erk bernd.erk at netways.de
Mon May 11 18:30:04 CEST 2009

Hello Axel,

we¹ll announce the availability on the list and will
also give the community the possibility to discuss it!


Am 11.05.09 18:19 schrieb "Axel Liljencrantz" unter
<axel.liljencrantz at freecode.no>:

> Hendrik Baecker wrote:
> ...
>> It wasn't the best idea to announce a fork without showing the
>> workprogress open to the public.
>> The git is open now for the icinga-core.git subproject. web and api will
>> follow as soon as possible - hopefully regardless of the first release
>> dates ;)
> Excellent. Thanks a bundle. :-)
> * Will you announce the availability of the api repo on-list, or should I poll
> the homepage?
> * Will design discussions happen publicly, e.g. on this list? I'd be
> interested in contributing to the early API work, but if all the discussion
> happens behind closed doors, it'll be far too likely to be meaningless double
> work...
> Axel

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