[Icinga-devel] Antwort: Re: Review and IDOUtils (Oracle) Part II

Sascha.Runschke at gfkl.com Sascha.Runschke at gfkl.com
Wed May 13 15:12:36 CEST 2009

> What I wouldn't do is to call a useradd during configure itself, I
> would do it later during 'make install' which normaly runs as
> privileged user.
> I don't know much about other systems than linux, but I can't imagine
> they might not share a overall command to add a user/group. So a
> solution should fit to all... doing things userfriendly is sometimes
> harder than writing a "Prepare your job" Howto...

I'd rather say: let configure check for the existance of the user
supplied as parameter (or the defaults if none are supplied) and
throw an error/warning at the end:

WARNING: configure found problems preventing a successful install:
- user icinga not found on your system.
- group icinga not found on your system.

Or something similar, you get the figure.


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