[Icinga-devel] Review & IDOUTILS (trying SQLite)

Hendrik Baecker andurin at process-zero.de
Wed May 13 22:23:06 CEST 2009

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mareadmin schrieb:
> at first i changed mysql.sql,which was no so tricky, to work with a
> sqlite_database; 
Not so tricky meaning you have not to change something?

> next steps was trying to get ido2db working; 
> running as icinga_user bin/ido2db -c etc/ido2db.cfg from icinga_install_dir 
> works so far, but db_servertype=sqlite will not work ... 
> from ido2db.c / line 332ff
> 	else if(!strcmp(var,"db_servertype")){
> 		if(!strcmp(val,"mysql"))
> 			ndo2db_db_settings.server_type=NDO2DB_DBSERVER_MYSQL;
> 		else if(!strcmp(val,"pgsql"))
> 			ndo2db_db_settings.server_type=NDO2DB_DBSERVER_PGSQL;
> 		else
> 			return NDO_ERROR;
> 	        }
OK, you got me.
I'll open a tracker if there isn't already one and try to expand to
sqlite support asap.

> at least, no other database-backend than mysql/pgsql implemented
> yet, and since sqlite is a file_based bms and not server/client_based
> the source of at least ido2db.c has to be modified 
Yes. I guess we need an extra config option to define the path to the
sqlite file instead of the IP Address of a database host.
Interesting thing, I will dive into it.

> so far, so good. 
> if no one cries HERE!! I DID IT i'll check ido2db/postgres next time
Yes! Feedback is half of the money. As long as postgre guys telling me
what might be wrong, I'll try to fix it.

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