[Icinga-devel] Review & IDOUTILS (trying SQLite)

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Wed May 13 22:43:22 CEST 2009

Hi Hendrik, 

>> at first i changed mysql.sql,which was no so tricky, to work with a
>> sqlite_database; 
> Not so tricky meaning you have not to change something?

oh, there was a lot like COMMENTS Type=MyISAM and so on to be deleted (see http://www.code2design.com/tutorial/convert_mysql_tables_to_sqlite_tables)
but not really tricky; you 'll find the modified template in the attachement

>> at least, no other database-backend than mysql/pgsql implemented
>> yet, and since sqlite is a file_based bms and not server/client_based
>> the source of at least ido2db.c has to be modified 
> Yes. I guess we need an extra config option to define the path to the
> sqlite file instead of the IP Address of a database host.
> Interesting thing, I will dive into it.

yes, for sqlite you need no host/user/pass etc; the database is a
plain file and you either need read or read/write - acces to read or
alter the database. 

2 config_options => 


would be fine at first for sqlite_access; 
the rest, than, is pure sql.

if you need more info on sqlite, 
i use it from time to time when i don't want to set up a big 
rdbms, since its fast and very handy.




Markus Manzke

MARE System Kiel   .:.   http://www.mare-system.de

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