[icinga-devel] Draft - making NDOutils/Idoutils obsolete

Martin Fuerstenau mf at maerber.de
Sat May 16 11:50:40 CEST 2009

What about kicking out ..doutils? I talked last year on the Nagios
Konferenz with Ethan about that. I think using the event broker
mechanism causes too much load in larger installation. I am running
nearly 1300 hosts with nearly 9000 services on one machine and it works
fine. Enabling ndoutils will bring down the performance to a point where
nothing will really work. 

So looking at the database model we have 3 areas.

a) actual status data
b) historical data
c) configuration data

We do not need the same mechanism for all.

a) We have according to my informations (and I am not a really good C
programmer) one module for writing status data (statusdata.c). If we
patch this 575 line module to write to a database we have all the
information needed for alternative web interfaces.

b) This could be done patching the log writer mechanism using some code
from the ndoutils

c) Nearly same as a.

I think splitting up the NDOutils in 3 directly integrated things will
solve most problems.

Using a switch in nagios.cfg the admin can decide

- to file
- to database
- to both.

What do you think about that little idea? Think about it. My idea
regarding to the major change in timeperiods was not so bad. Perhaps
this is too. :-))

Martin Fuerstenau
Senior Systems Engineer
Oce Printings Systems

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