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Thu May 28 17:23:33 CEST 2009

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> mareadmin schrieb:
> > A Monitoring-Software, that delivers perfomance-data by default
> > but doesnt process this data and displays results by default
> > is some kind of half-finished. And the performance-data
> > is already there ...
> I wouldn't say it as hard as Martin, but I wouldn't like a software
> that would dictate which graphing addon I should use.

Perhaps a hybrid approach is appropriate, which may benefit newcomers to
the platform:  Incorporate a "standard" solution into the base install,
but leave a very obvious, labelled option that allows it to be disabled
and another slotted into its place (either at compile time or

Just a thought.  I'm all for a faster, easier, more comprehensive
solution, but I'm also big on choice.

I'll stop straddling the fence now.  :)

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