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Marius Hein marius.hein at netways.de
Thu Nov 12 15:45:37 CET 2009

Hi hi.

> I installed icinga RC1 and tested the new web interface (both, from the 
> icinga RC1 and from git). When the "Log" iframe is reloading following 
> is in the httpd log error log:

Simply reduce the php error level like 'error_reporting  =  E_ALL & 
~E_NOTICE' to avoid notice messages (There is a bug issue too so we 
remove the undefined index messages and variables next time)

> I configured apache not the same way it is in the installation doc. My 
> configurations looks:

Why do you abused the apache rewrite config? You can use the original 
one and change only the RewriteBase with '/icinga-web' (And you needs of 
authority and authentification of course ;-)). All paths used with 
rewrite are relative.

One URL bug exists if you call the interface with /index.php the styles 
and scripts never found. Always start with a '/' e.g. icinga-web/. This 
get this application work.


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