[icinga-devel] suggestions

Christian Döbler c.doebler at tinxx.de
Fri Nov 20 15:43:37 CET 2009

Hi Koen,

thanks for your suggestions. It's always good to get some feedback.
We'll discuss it soon and then we'll see what we can do.
Some others have mentioned the double-clicks, too.

If you can code in PHP and Javascript, you're also welcome to send
patches. :)



koen van der rijt schrieb:
> improvements:
> - the tabs are awesome. I Really see myself using them alot. ( being 
> able to jump to pnp graphs in the same browser tab)
> - the design is nice.
> Things I would change:
> - When the bottom log window minimized I can only see 9 services across 
> a couple of hosts.. So it lacks a bit what the original interface was 
> very powerfull at. Seeing in 1 go the overall status of a host.
> - Double clicking in a webinterface feels weird.
> - put all the stuff from the top part ( the top menu bar, search bar and 
> the overall status) into the main interface. This gives us more space 
> for a bigger overview. I woulnt minder to see the upper menu bar in the 
> left menu seeing I would hardly use it. And as for the overall status 
> bar ( the one below the top menu bar) I think its better to put it in 
> the first tab of the main window. I already noticed I'm not looking at it.
> - I missed service problems ( this is configurable by yourself ? ) its 
> the window I use the most.
> - I would have used textlinks instead of pictures in the menu. ( at the 
> moment they align weird which probably still needs some attention)
> Its of course easier to find the weakspots but I really like it. It of 
> course also depends on what I can configure for my personal settings in  
> a later stadium etc. But keep up the good work!

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