[icinga-devel] I would like to extend the escalation functionality

Vitali Voroth VitaliVoroth at web.de
Thu Oct 1 12:14:50 CEST 2009

Hello icinga developers!

My name is Vitali. I am a German student writing my bachelor thesis about Nagios.
To be more exact, my task is to extend the escalations functionality needed by a customer. It is needed to have different escalations depending on the state of an alarm. Right now I am trying to learn more about Nagios architecture and analysing the source code in order to find out the possibilities to implement the planed extensions.

One main goal is to implement the changes in a way that they can be given back to the community and (if possible) committed to the trunk. It is preferable that (if I really have to change the core) my developments will be accommodated in order to keep future updates easy.

I wanted to join (in some way) the nagios project and wrote to Esthan but (as you might guess) he didn't answer. A few days ago I was really happy to find out about the icinga fork and its active developer team. We are already checking the possibility to use icinga instead of nagios for the project.

By now, I think nagios can be extended by
 - plugins
 - addons
 - NEB modules
 - changes within the core

I am quite sure that I cannot do it with a new plugin. I am not sure what addons are but they seem to be all from Esthan and I suppose that they are in fact NEB modules. So I believe to have the choice between developing a new NEB module and changing the core. Unfortunately there is no NEB API documentation for nagios 3 although there were changes since 2.x.

Thank you for your attention so far ;-) Now my questions..

Can I join your project? (I already registered as Vitali2000 at dev.icinga.org)
Would you suggest to change the core or to develp a new NEB module?
Do you insist on English on this mailing list? 

I'm looking forward to your answers, Vitali
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