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Hendrik Baecker andurin at process-zero.de
Wed Oct 7 21:49:01 CEST 2009

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Dear Christoph,

please apologize my last message. Just found a 40 days old ticket about
su in ido2db script with a new note against icinga init script...

40 Days assigned to me against 5 mins of testing and 25 seconds to
resolve it.

I've done it ;)

Am 07.10.09 21:18, schrieb Hendrik Baecker:
> Am 07.10.09 20:23, schrieb Christoph Maser:
>> In the init script (daemon-init.in) line 135 is:
>> su - $IcingaUser -c "touch $IcingaVarDir/icinga.log
>> $IcingaRetentionFile"
>> What is the use of that? Can it be dropped? "su - $IcingaUser" will not
>> work with locked accounts (which is a usual setup for service-accounts)
> Might be an historical artefact.
> Normally the daemon opens the log after dropping privileges so it
> shouldn't be needed.
> Question back: Did you try to comment out this 'su' stuff? What happens?
> Does it all run properly?
> If your answers are: "Not until now.", "All things are working...",
> "YES" - send us a patch ;)
> -
> Hendrik

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