[icinga-devel] icinga and sqlite (suggest NOT to implement that)

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Sat Oct 31 16:33:20 CET 2009


mex wrote:
> hi there,
> congrats for 1.0 rc 1, going to test w/ postgres 
> and i find some bugs ... 
utf8 vs string escaping is a tricky bug report "feature" ... It's on my 
todo list but Oracle needs to be running stable first.
> running some tests with an "alternate" interface to nagios,
> giving me the ability to monitor several nagios_instances
> from one interface i faced some problems, using sqlite, with 
> massive parallel write/update/delete-statements. 
An implementation of SQLite would be part of rewriting Postgresql 
procedures and getting SQLite procedures as side effect - kind of. It 
depends how much feedback would be here or if there anyone wanting to 
maintain that feature ... I am aware of the fact that you will get a 
massive load problem on such a db but thanks for testing :)
> i remember, from early discussions, sqlite would/could be
> an option, but i think it#s useable only in small-scall 
> environments.
we discussed about small test installs and having a small portable db or 
some thing like that. I am not really into SQLite so priority will be 
low (3 RDBMs are enough, too....)

Thanks for pointing to that!

Kind regards,

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