[icinga-devel] PostgreSQL supported Icinga v 0.8.3 is out

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Wed Sep 2 12:30:29 CEST 2009

Hi there,

PostgreSQL supported Icinga v 0.8.3 is out!

We heard the call 
<http://www.icinga.org/2009/06/08/vote-for-your-favorite-database/> and 
we answered: Icinga is out with PostgreSQL <http://www.postgresql.org/> 
support with working queries, sequences and all. Good news for users who 
have been looking for a Nagios based open source monitoring system which 
has database flexibility for not just MySQL but also Postgres. A big 
hand to Michael and Hendrik <http://www.icinga.org/team/>!
Applause should also go to Lara and Wolfgang 
<http://www.icinga.org/team/> for their hard work on the Icinga 
documentation, as we also have the first edition out in Docbook format.

A big release <http://sourceforge.net/projects/icinga/> before the first 
Alpha in October, we hope you like it and share your thoughts with us. 
This version's proof that your ideas count.



0.8.3 - 09/02/2009
* idoutils: add PostgreSQL support
* new Icinga documentation in docbook and html format
* fetch current Nagios patches
* fix support links after make
* idoutils: add note if install desired but not enabled
* idoutils: fix installing of rc.ido2db in make install-idoutils
* idoutils: add db/pgsql.sql, adapted table scheme for postgresql
* idoutils: add time conversion functions for postgresql
* idoutils: add try update, if affected rows=0, then insert queries for postgresql
* idoutils: modify insert queries, normalized to sql-standard
* idoutils: add insert-or-update functions in dbqueries.c, prepared for more rdbms
* idoutils: modify insert-or-update queries, build data array for functions
* idoutils: fix string escaping for postgresql
* idoutils: fix last insert id for postgresql - needs defined sequence id for table 
* idoutils: modify command_line in commands table to varchar(1024)
* idoutils: add more debug output
* idoutils: Support 8192 chars of perfdata

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