[icinga-devel] question about releases

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Fri Sep 18 10:34:05 CEST 2009

Hi Hiren,

Hiren Patel wrote the following on 18.09.2009 10:05:
> hi guys,
> with regard to stable releases, will icinga follow a set release cycle, 
> freeze period before release on the tree for testing, and have a test 
> procedure?
Imho a release cycle depends on the "income" - if nothing committed it 
doesn't really make sense to release e.g. every 3 month a new version. 
But that is a good point to discuss before version 1.0 :-)

Concerning the freeze period - it's kind of developing itsself for what 
I can tell. The development splits mainly into Core (including 
IDOUtils), API, Web and Documentation. In those subteams ongoing 
development is discussed deeply. Furthermore, there are regularly team 
meetings online to discuss ongoing things and bugs and so on. Normal 
procedure for an announced release would be at least one week of testing 
and debugging (that would be more when leaving alpha/beta state).

Last 0.8.4. was a quick shoot since I wanted to get the latest IDOUtils 
bugs getting fixed asap. But if you regard the GIT commits, you may 
notice that the SSL Patch for IDOUtils has been applied - for a short 
time, too. Since the patch was taken from NDOUtils CVS it should/could 
have worked fine. Unintentionally it caused segfaults to IDOMOD, Core if 
disabled, and didn't push any data over the TCP sockets when enabled. 
That's why commit was reverted and set to more debugging needed. Some 
fetched Nagiospatches surely need a deeper look since the goal of 
getting a patch and applying it untested is not really my intention to a 
stable master (but hey that's cvs, not git ;).

But to continue with, the main goal remains to hold the master stable as 
is and work in own GIT branches on several fixes and so on. That makes 
debugging easier and if it works out, a freeze and tests are driven.
> I didn't see a release/test plan on the website, and am aware that the 
> project is new and doesn't have a stable release yet.
> any information helpful.
It's not really textual right now written on the website, but the 
concerns and input we share altogether makes me feel that we are on a 
good way ...

That sounds philosophical - but hey, I need to go on coding Oracle 
support :-)

Besides, I have read your latest postings on the nagios-devel lists. If 
you have any patches to provide or suggestions, you are very welcome to 
apply them for Icinga (in case you want to try it out :-)).

Kind regards,

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