[icinga-devel] question about releases

Hiren Patel hir3npatel at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 14:00:03 CEST 2009

Michael Friedrich wrote:
> Imho a release cycle depends on the "income" - if nothing committed it 
> doesn't really make sense to release e.g. every 3 month a new version. 
> But that is a good point to discuss before version 1.0 :-)

fair enough. if/when things start moving a lot quicker in the project, 
this could make sense to have though right?

> Concerning the freeze period - it's kind of developing itsself for what 
> I can tell. The development splits mainly into Core (including 
> IDOUtils), API, Web and Documentation. In those subteams ongoing 
> development is discussed deeply. Furthermore, there are regularly team 
> meetings online to discuss ongoing things and bugs and so on. Normal 
> procedure for an announced release would be at least one week of testing 
> and debugging (that would be more when leaving alpha/beta state).

a defined freeze period and test procedure sounds good, I don't mind 
looking at drafting a test procedure if this will be considered.

> Last 0.8.4. was a quick shoot since I wanted to get the latest IDOUtils 
> bugs getting fixed asap. 

a similar quick release was done by nagios in a similar situation, a 
test procedure and defined freeze period for testing might prevent this 
I'm thinking.

> But to continue with, the main goal remains to hold the master stable as 
> is and work in own GIT branches on several fixes and so on. That makes 
> debugging easier and if it works out, a freeze and tests are driven.

sounds good.
does icinga maintain its own versions of nrpe/nsca/plugins to that from 

> It's not really textual right now written on the website, but the 
> concerns and input we share altogether makes me feel that we are on a 
> good way ...

agree, when I'm able to tell my place of work that here is the piece of 
software, here is its release plan, here is the test plan and roadmap, 
it's a lot more likely to be tried out.
I proposed this for nagios, the project didn't like a defined release cycle.

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