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Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Fri Sep 18 17:08:47 CEST 2009


Hiren Patel wrote the following on 18.09.2009 14:00:
> fair enough. if/when things start moving a lot quicker in the project, 
> this could make sense to have though right?
yep, I'll keep that as a remark for the next meeting. currently 
everyone's busy working on the improvements and next to that, other 
company work has to be done too. But I'll keep that in mind.
> a defined freeze period and test procedure sounds good, I don't mind 
> looking at drafting a test procedure if this will be considered.
I'll keep that in mind too.
> a similar quick release was done by nagios in a similar situation, a 
> test procedure and defined freeze period for testing might prevent 
> this I'm thinking.
Well it was actually a little more than thinking about an internal 
freeze and test. I got the code up and running a few days before 0.8.3 
and just proposed a release after 0.8.3. But since the community is 
watching and asks for testing releases we decided to push the actual 
completely rewritten code for more rdbms into the 0.8.3 release. it is 
not stable til 1.0 so we had the opportunity to let the users test and 
get into it. And most of the bugs were kindly reported so we had the 
chance to fix them asap. Testing and reporting bugs is heavily needed, 
e.g. speaking of the Coreteam, it's just Hendrik and me at this time. 
And my Teststages contain only RHEL in a large environment and also 
Debian with a small standard config.
> sounds good.
> does icinga maintain its own versions of nrpe/nsca/plugins to that 
> from nagios?
Since those are other addons/plugins not solely related to the core just 
as *doutils those should remain compatible to Icinga (the cgi api is 
still the same). And they are way more stable than *DOUtils which will 
be heavily improved. Only by changing some prefixes and of course some 
code changes like the installscript for nagvis. Mainly it should be 
possible to install those addons with some adaptions. quickstart guide 
points to nagios plugins e.g. and the changed prefix and username.

If the community wants and commits compatability checks for other 
plugins we will be very happy about that. Just open up a ticket in 
https://dev.icinga.org in the docu section with proposals. Or like some 
time ago propose the plugin team a few adaptions for Icinga.
> agree, when I'm able to tell my place of work that here is the piece 
> of software, here is its release plan, here is the test plan and 
> roadmap, it's a lot more likely to be tried out.
Yep I understand that. My business concern is mainly IDOUtils Oracle and 
a nonblocking Housekeeper that is why I got the chance to provide my 
knowledge into Icinga. There are other goals to fix and it's a hard way 
getting there. But well, I'm enjoying myself working in this team :)
> I proposed this for nagios, the project didn't like a defined release 
> cycle.
The counter on the homepage is a bit stressing, to be honest. It still 
remains a project where other business work has to be done with higher 
priority. So spending spare time on it is sometimes difficult (I did for 
Postgres). It's also a bit hard to discuss what future plans will be 
after version 1.0 and what other features and improvements will come. 
Our main goal focuses on getting it done til the end of October and 
getting to the OSMC with Icinga 1.0 in the backpack. You may call it an 
initial test for future release plans.

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