[icinga-devel] Feature request: undo/modify/subsequent acknowledgement comments, was: clearing & updating icinga_acknowledgements table

Patricia Jung pju at censhare.de
Mon Feb 1 09:30:23 CET 2010

Am 30.01.2010 um 02:48 schrieb Michael Friedrich:
> Bruce Pennypacker wrote:
>> restarted.  At the very least it appears that a call to
>> ndo2db_db_clear_table should be made for this table in
>> ndo2db_handle_processdata where all the other tables are cleared.
> I don't really understand why this table should be cleared at ido2db
> restart. Imho this table is related to historical data, not
> config/status which will get deleted at startup. The reason why no
> updates are issued is pretty clear - if you do an acknowledgement, you
> cannot undo that so it will go straight into the neb module and
> therefore into the rdbm.

What I'd like to discuss with you now is the following question: Is it  
useful that acknowledgements can't be undone (not talking about the  
workaround of manually triggering a passive check in this context as  
this has the disadvantage of falsifying state history)?

Quite frequently we encounter the situation that the colleague who  
initially acknowledged a problem hands it over to another colleague.  
The original explanation of the problem in the acknowledgement comment  
is no longer valid or the case has gotten a new ticket ID which should  
be added in the acknowledgement comment. Of course it is possible to  
add a new comment, but this comment won't disappear automatically when  
the service state returns to normal, so this is a workaround, too.

So from my point of view undoing acknowledgements would not be  
necessary. Instead I would like to see subsequent acknowledgements to  
one problem becoming possible.



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