[icinga-devel] Init script question regarding daemonchk.cgi

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Tue Feb 9 11:19:58 CET 2010


Patricia Jung wrote:
> a question regarding the icinga start/stop script:
> It refers to a daemonchk.cgi which I am not able to spot in the  
> repository. Placeholder for future development or why is it there?

I noticed that too while implementing this fix:

Basically it checks if the daemon is running by several routines.

daemonchk.cgi ist located in contrib currently. It has been added there 
long time ago but you need to enable that during configure.


Checking on contrib/Makefile.in

it leads to not working yet. So it might be that this cgi won't work.

But maybe Hendrik or Christoph know more about that.

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