[icinga-devel] ndomod_process_config_var() fails

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Sun Jan 10 20:05:22 CET 2010


Victor Gamov wrote:
> I try to start icinga-1.0 with misconfigured idomod.cfg (outputtype= 
> instead of output_type=) and icinga starting silently fails because 
> ndomod_process_config_var() does not report "unknown keyword founded 
> at config file"
> I think last "else" must be more verbosity
Thanks for reporting, I came into that recently too while testing new 
stuff for neb module loading. Problem is merely that if idomod fails to 
load (or dies quietly even if Icinga is running), the whole debug output 
stuff is useless. But with those fixes and more "logit(...)" output in 
case of failure we're on a good way :)

Just make sure to get the latest GIT master.

Kind regards,

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