[icinga-devel] Question about Icinga web-interface

Divan Santana Divan at s-tainment.co.za
Fri Jan 29 14:23:23 CET 2010

Hi Icinga Devs :)

I was wondering if you knew if icinga will or does support these two features 
which the default Nagios web interface lacks.

only hard state option for cgis ("tactical overview page")

Treat passive checks the same in tactical overview (super useful/needed with 

The above two are really much needed with a "default web-interface/tactical 
overview screen" and since Icinga sports a new web interface I was hoping it 
supported this.

It would be a great reason for moving to icinga sooner!

PS: Intergrating check_mk, livestatus with icinga in the future would be great 
too. check_mk really makes icinga/nagios a lot better. 


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