[icinga-devel] Question about Icinga web-interface

Christian Döbler c.doebler at tinxx.de
Fri Jan 29 15:11:22 CET 2010

Hi Divan,

thanks for your suggestions. We are implementing a tactical overview at the
time and we will have a look at the info you provided.

The API is able to fetch data from livestatus already. But there's a lot more
to do to provide transparent methods which provide the the same data as the
database interfaces by using livestatus.



Divan Santana wrote:
> Hi Icinga Devs :)
> I was wondering if you knew if icinga will or does support these two features 
> which the default Nagios web interface lacks.
> only hard state option for cgis ("tactical overview page")
> http://ideas.nagios.org/a/dtd/7767-3955
> Treat passive checks the same in tactical overview (super useful/needed with 
> check_mk!)
> http://ideas.nagios.org/a/dtd/1909-3955
> The above two are really much needed with a "default web-interface/tactical 
> overview screen" and since Icinga sports a new web interface I was hoping it 
> supported this.
> It would be a great reason for moving to icinga sooner!
> PS: Intergrating check_mk, livestatus with icinga in the future would be great 
> too. check_mk really makes icinga/nagios a lot better. 
> Divan
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