[icinga-devel] clearing & updating icinga_acknowledgements table

Bruce Pennypacker bruce.pennypacker at tufts.edu
Fri Jan 29 17:41:39 CET 2010

I've been digging a bit into how the icinga_acknowledgements table is 
used since we want to be able to use it for tracking acknowledgments.  
It appears (after applying the fix for bug #261 is applied) that data is 
inserted into this table yet it's never cleared even when ido2db is 
restarted.  At the very least it appears that a call to 
ndo2db_db_clear_table should be made for this table in 
ndo2db_handle_processdata where all the other tables are cleared.

Also, should acknowledgements be cleared from this table when a 
host/service returns to an OK state?  I would expect it to but it's not 
happening and I don't see any code that seems to do it.  Of course I 
could be missing something since I'm just starting to dig into the code 
a bit.



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