[icinga-devel] multiple output of performance data

Marius Hein marius.hein at netways.de
Fri Jul 23 17:34:28 CEST 2010

Hi hi.

> I have written a xml parser plugin which prints some values as
> performance data.
> But it prints all data in one single line.

That sould be find, performance data is only a single line. More
information to the format will be found there:

> I tried the separate the single line into several but nagios_grapher
> cannot parse the output.

> I print after 5 Mailboxes a “\n” but now the nagios_grapher is not able
> the parse this string.
> Does someone have an idea what I have to use to separate the whole
> performance string.
> There is another weird thing:
> The performance data output prints the first 5 boxes correctly but the
> other lines are above the first one – does it have to be?

Please read the nagios plugin guidelines to provide a valid performance
data output format.

Do you use the nagios_grapher or the NETWAYSGrapher? The nagios_grapher
operates with regular expressions, so you can decide if you want to
extract the data from plugin output or perfdata. Also if you write your
custom regex, the output format is pretty marginal.

The nagios_grapher can not operate on dynamic keys, if you have changing
perf data key values (mailbox1, mailbox15) you have to rewrite your
template and delete the rrd file.

The NETWAYSGrapher parses the outputs automatically. If you providing
perfdata it will using this, if the format does not equals to the
perfdata guidelines it will miss the data.

Just to find some concluding words about that: Multiline output in the
plugin output is ok (but not really beautiful ;-)), the perfdata section
should equal to the guidelines to provide a generic way for all parser
coders ;-).

Kind regards,

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