[icinga-devel] add gnulib to icinga

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Wed Jun 23 16:48:27 CEST 2010


since I am currently investigating some compilation issues on Solaris 
(refer to #521 reported by Alexander Swark), we figured that the 
snprintf.c/.h are rather old in comparison and not even used regarding 
current configure routines checking for *snprintf/*sprintf.

I've talked a bit with Ton and Holger on irc about that, the 
nagiosplugins make use of gnulib for that reason, shipping with a 
standardized toolkit (or similar phrase here).
For resolving issues on at least Solaris configure.in needs to be 
adapted - during this period of work time it would be great to discuss 
about adding gnulib to Icinga Core/IDOUtils. It's mostly asprintf 
failing but in regard of other stuff to come/to be used, this library 
will prevent more failures in the future.

What's your opinion on that?

(this is not something for 1.0.2 but afterwards!)

Kind regards,

DI (FH) Michael Friedrich
michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Tel: +43 1 4277 14359

Vienna University Computer Center
Universitaetsstrasse 7 A-1010 Vienna, Austria

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