[icinga-devel] Feature proposal: external command

Berdelsmann, Lara Lara.Berdelsmann at lsv.de
Mon Mar 8 17:13:20 CET 2010

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Betreff: Re: [icinga-devel] Feature proposal: external command

Marius Hein wrote:
> Hello list.
> The following mail arrived just this morning. Should I create an issue
> for that?
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> It would be very useful, if logs contained information related to
> command execution by specific user. For example, at this moment we have:
> [1267601550] EXTERNAL COMMAND: DISABLE_SVC_CHECK;Serwer;Uptime It
> lacks user, who disabled monitoring
> --- SNAP ---

It has been discussed and requested a lot, but you are welcome to open an issue. I'm not sure how to implement that but maybe others can throw some ideas in here.

Basically such commands run through the cgis where the logged in user is already shown on the html code. so it will be held during the websession in a global variable, probably.
so the information pipe to logs must be extended, i believe that this wouldn't be that hard to implement. but beware of the syntax changing in the logs not to screw up existing log parsers.

Kind regards,

> Thanks to marek from Poland for this idea.
> Best regards,
>   Marius.

Very good idea!



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