[icinga-devel] graph_url next to action|notes_url

Bernd Erk bernd.erk at netways.de
Wed Oct 13 20:02:45 CEST 2010

Svens idea is also good but i don't like the idea using a custom variable as a standard... It looks like a workaround for me..

It would also like to have something for an external visualisation and config tool.

Regards Bernd

Am 13.10.2010 um 18:06 schrieb "Michael Friedrich" <michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at>:

>  Hi Sven,
> Sven Nierlein wrote:
>> i dont think its a good idea to add another url attribute. (And you would have to add a grapher_icon too).
>> I was thinking about something like that in Thruk too, but i would like to have a more generic one. For example
>> a _HTML_SHORT and _HTML_LONG custum variables. This way it would be still compatible to nagios and you dont
>> have to add another attribute for every single link. The next person wants to have a wiki_url with wiki_icon and
>> so on... till we end up with 20 different *_urls and *_icons.
> You are right, that makes only sense in a special use case, and won't 
> bring that much benefit for everything else. having custom variables 
> being honoured in several ways would fullfil the target a bit more.
>> The _HTML_SHORT is for the status_detail page and the _HTML_LONG is for the extinfo page. This way you would have
>> the full flexibility of html without the workarounds of using a grapher_url with quotes.
> Hmmm, I would tag that either
> Main problem is where to place those attributes within the view. All 
> together, or seperated. So the basic idea would be to define a subset of 
> possible definitions being recognized by all available GUIs, right?
> That's not so modular as you described, but it fits onto custom 
> variables with are really optional. and having such variables predefined 
> for the most common use cases would make that easier for users to add 
> such things (having a direction what to define is easier than just a 
> blank _HTML_SHORT variable).
>> Would be nice if we find a solution for both, Icinga and Thruk.
> Sure. Sorry for only focusing on Classic UI and Web, that's just my 
> current status quo in deployment plans (testing Thruk and other 
> (gui)addons still remains on my todolist).
> Kind regards,
> Michael
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