[icinga-devel] graph_url next to action|notes_url

Christoph Maser cmaser at gmx.de
Thu Oct 14 08:31:09 CEST 2010

m Mittwoch, den 13.10.2010, 17:47 +0200 schrieb Sven Nierlein:
> Hi Michael,
> > On 13.10.10 17:05, "Michael Friedrich" <michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at>
> > wrote:
> >>  Hi,
> >>
> >> as I am currently working on finishing an Icinga productive environment,
> >> we came across the problem that action_url's are used for sth else, not
> >> allowing the pnp urls everywhere (multiurl patch is nice, but with the
> >> templating of pnp not really usable).
> >>
> >> it came to my mind, that implementing a new attribute would be such a
> >> killer feature which might be usable.taking care of the neb api and
> >> modules then, but i do think that this will be more benefit than
> >> everything else, having such things in classic ui and icinga-web then.
> >> optional in the first place, but users might migrate easier then. and it
> >> will enhance e.g. pnp(4icinga) too.
> i dont think its a good idea to add another url attribute. (And you would have to add a grapher_icon too).
> I was thinking about something like that in Thruk too, but i would like to have a more generic one. For example
> a _HTML_SHORT and _HTML_LONG custum variables. This way it would be still compatible to nagios and you dont
> have to add another attribute for every single link. The next person wants to have a wiki_url with wiki_icon and
> so on... till we end up with 20 different *_urls and *_icons.
> The _HTML_SHORT is for the status_detail page and the _HTML_LONG is for the extinfo page. This way you would have
> the full flexibility of html without the workarounds of using a grapher_url with quotes.
> Would be nice if we find a solution for both, Icinga and Thruk.
> Sven

But does it have to be so generic and flexible? If we hab fixed
documented new attributes everyone can use them right away. Its much
more concrete then a fluffy put-your-own-html-stuff here variable.
Personally I rather have 200 fixed configuration directives for


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