[icinga-devel] [patch] IPv6 support for nrpe and check_nrpe

Florian Obser florian at narrans.de
Sat Sep 4 12:00:27 CEST 2010


On 08/28/2010 11:20 AM, Michael Friedrich wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2010-08-22 11:25, Florian Obser wrote:
>> If the attachment is filtered / lost
>> you can pull from:
>> git://github.com/fobser/icinga-nrpe-ipv6.git
> Thanks a lot! In case you can't attach your patches, feel free to open 
> an issue on dev.icinga.org in the nrpe section.

I saw the issue tracker but couldn't figure out how to attach something
to on open issue or create a new issue. There is a "Sign in" link on the
top of the page so I think I need an account? But there doesn't appear
to be a "create new account" link.


> https://dev.icinga.org/issues/645
> Kind regards,
> Michael

Best regards,

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