[icinga-devel] 3 interfaces work in unison

Marius Hein marius.hein at netways.de
Tue Jul 19 08:33:18 CEST 2011


> On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 18:18, Sam Gleske <sam.mxracer at gmail.com
> <mailto:sam.mxracer at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Recently I've been configuring Icinga a lot and came up with a
>     method for Icinga Classic, Icinga Web 2.0, and Icinga Mobile
>     interfaces to all work together smoothly.
>     A few years ago I wrote JavaScript to detect mobile architectures
>     which is how I achieved this.
>     Basically
>         * If JavaScript is disabled the interface defaults to the
>           Classic Interface
>         * If JavaScript is enabled and the user is using a mobile device
>           then it defaults to the Mobile Interface.
>         * If JavaScript is enabled and the user is not using a mobile
>           device then it defaults to the Web 2.0 Interface.
>     Please check out the code I've written for it as I think it would be
>     a valuable contribution to allow all 3 interfaces to be seamlessly
>     utilized.
>     Here's a link to the code/docs.
>     http://wiki.amahi.org/index.php/Icinga#Smarter_index.html
>     Sam Gleske (sag47)
> I should point out that most people choose between the Classic UI and
> the new Icinga Web based on their needs and preferences ahead of time.
> Having the Classic UI show up when they are expecting Icinga Web and
> vice-versa might cause a bit of consternation for many. Especially since
> this chooses what to display for them rather than letting them actively
> choose.
> Also, having the mobile interface automatically presented would prevent
> someone from accessing the regular UI to do important things if all they
> are stuck with at the time is their phone. Until the Mobile Interface is
> more fully formed to allow commands, it's probably easiest and best to
> just have different bookmarks on one's mobile device. 
> An interesting idea just the same and I would be interested in hearing
> other people's thoughts. That said, at the moment, for me it's a
> -1
> And that's without even getting into concerns of trying to keep up with
> the flood of new mobile devices that flood in every year.
> Matthew 
> Icinga Dev Team

Yes I agree. I think its a nice idea for special environments (Maybe web
hoster many customers). So you can browse to one starting point.

If it is a standalone redirect application (one php or js file) we could
provide the package as contrib code.

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