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王建慧 wjhlgym2008 at 126.com
Fri Jul 29 12:48:59 CEST 2011

I'm a soft engineer in china. My company is very interested in icinga and we are using icinga to monitor local network of our company. We want to add configuration in the portal of icinga-web.
What we do is add 'action' to module 'Cronk' in icinga-web. the process is like this:
#./agavi action-wizard
#choose module name: Cronks
#action name: HostConfig
#view names: Input, Success, Edit, Error.
Hoever, we encounter a big question about linking fromInput-view to Success-view: we prepared Input-view and Success-view well, when we filled Input-view, we pressed "Save" button and the expected result is add contents  in Input-view  to database and change view to Success-view, but the result is wrong.
How should we do if we want to change Input-view to Success-view when push "Save" button(dont care data process)?Really need your help and very urgent!
Hope your answer online!
another email is: jianhui.wang at cs2c.com.cn 
If you don't understand clearly, please email me!
Thank you very much!!!
China Soft Standard Company
Jianhui Wang(English name: Andy Wang)

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